Who invented the mobile phone and when was it invented?

Cell phones started in the 1920's with the first radios. Features were put into radios in the 1940's and used by police, but the concept of the cell phone was developed in 194 (MORE)

Why is it important to have a government?

For populations, especially on the scale that we know them today, societies must have a set of rules in order to function. The government passes the laws, provides law enfor (MORE)

Is money mutual a scam to get peoples money?

Yes. What they do is charge you interest fees the week AFTER you get your loan. So lets say your spent your entire 1000 bucks the first week because it was an emergency, the (MORE)

In a communist government what is the role of the government?

Communism, as the name suggests, provides a communal pot of goods and services that everyone on the country has access to, despite social status. The Government's job, hypot (MORE)