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What is the difference between total revenue and operating revenue?

Operating revenue is revenue generated from prime activity of business, or the typical activity that is reoccurring in nature. on the other hand Non Operating revenue is the (MORE)

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Can salad be frozen?

Not with any real success- ice crystals form in the fresh vegetables, damaging their tissues and destroying the flavour and texture. Even prepared salads such as coleslaw, pot (MORE)

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Where is the Kentucky Derby held

Churchill Downs is where the Kentucky Derby is held. The historic racetrack is located on South Fourth Street in Louisville, Kentucky. Its original name was the Louisville Joc (MORE)

Do Brand Promises Create Unreasonable Expectations?

Branding has traditionally been one of the most powerful tools available to marketers, since it can add value on top of that which arises directly from functional benefits. Th (MORE)