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What does cornstarch do to a cake?

Cornstarch makes cakes lighter and more moist. Since cornstarch absorbs more liquid than flour does you only need half the amount of cornstarch as flour in a recipe. It works (MORE)

Can you use a student ID to get discount at Gamestop?

Some Gamestops will give you 5% off software (but not hardware) when you show a student ID, so don't expect a discount on game systems. Depending on how much you typically buy (MORE)

Is there a GTA 4 jetpack cheat?

There isn't a jetpack cheat in GTA 4. There is a jetpack in GTA: San Andreas. To spawn it in the Playstation and XBox versions, you have to use the D-pad. Enter: Left, right, (MORE)


HR Managers, Avoid These 3 Employee Communication Mistakes

From informal hallway conversations with employees, to the communication of strategic organizational shifts, a significant amount of an HR Manager's time is devoted to communi (MORE)

What is contra in stock trading?

When you buy stocks, the actual stocks get delivered to your trading account only after 3 business days and you pay for the stocks only when they are delivered BUT you are alr (MORE)