Maggie Higgins - the First Female War Correspondent

Marguerite Higgins Hall (3 Sept 1920 - 3 Jan 1966) was an American war correspondent who covered World War 2 the Korean War, the civil war in the Congo, and the Vietnam War (MORE)

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How do you get into gymnastics?

There are many gymnastics schools throughout the United States, assuming that's where you live. The process is very simple, ask your parents to help you locate a school with a (MORE)

Automotive Throttle by Wire Problems

Automotive throttle by wire systems have come a long way in the last five years. Although the system is now more reliable than first-generation systems, there remains plenty (MORE)

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Why would someone feel cold all the time?

There are many causes for this. The most common being overly tired. Others include iron deficiency, anaemia, and a slow metabolism.
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