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How Recruiters Use Social Media to Find Potential Hires

If you think the only way to find a job is to apply for one, think again. In a recent [Jobvite survey]( (MORE)

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How do you earn your LPGA Tour Card

There are several ways to earn an LPGA Tour Card. One is by going through the qualifying tournament, known as Q-school, a grueling multiday tournament. Another is by placi (MORE)

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Why is pizza greasy?

In regular cheese there is milk fat (the percentage is shown on the package) when the cheese melts it releases the fat. The same thing occurs with meat, which is normally adde (MORE)

8 Mysterious Photos That Have Yet to be Explained

There are many strange things in this world that have yet to be explained. Among these strange phenomenon are these eight photographs that defy explanation. During the 1963 (MORE)
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What do checking accounts do?

A current account; a bank account from which money can easily be transferred, by check(US)/cheque(UK) or other means. A transactional account (North America: checking account (MORE)

You're a model, DJ, playmate, television personality, and now you're adding designer to your repertoire with the launch of your loungewear collection. What gave you the idea to create your own line of sexy loungewear?

I previously owned a lingerie store, which I wore none of so I decided to make a line that was more "me." I'm a sweat pants and t-shirt kind of girl since I spend a lot of my (MORE)

The Cast of DC's "Suicide Squad" Has Been Announced!

DC has surprised everyone with the announcement of the cast of "Suicide Squad", a movie about super villains doing impossible missions for the government in exchang (MORE)
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