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What is a wedge salad?

A wedge salad is when they take a wedge of Iceberg lettuce and put it on a plate, with tomatoes, cheese, egg, ranch etc. on top of it.
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The Health Benefits of Kudzu

Kudzu is a medicinal herb that has one of the longest recorded uses in traditional Chinese medicine. The kudzu plant belongs to the pea family, Fabaceae, and is a climbing p (MORE)

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How do mosquitoes spread diseases?

Mosquitos feed on blood. When they bite they inject some fluids into the site to keep the blood from clotting (and which later cause the itchy hive). Some infections, such as (MORE)

15 Tragic Things That Have Happened To American Idol Contestants

We all know that fame doesn't make you immune to personal tragedies. But when terrible things happen to the young stars on American Idol, it almost feels like it's happening (MORE)
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A Retirement Checklist: Five Questions to Ask Yourself

There are no absolute answers for many of the questions regarding retirement. Some people look forward to retirement as a potential nirvana while others approach retirement w (MORE)

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Who is playing in Super Bowl XLIX?

The New England Patriots will play the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, February 1st, 2015. It will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Ariz (MORE)

In your 12-year career as a running back you played for 5 NFL teams, including the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, and Kansas City Chiefs. Which city has been your favorite to represent?

I was blessed to play in 5 great cities during my 12 years in the NFL. It's difficult to say which city was the best because each city provided me life long experiences. I pla (MORE)