Ten Questions to Ask the Wedding Caterer

One of the most important details in a wedding is the food, and every couple wants their guests talking about their delicious meal long after the big day is complete. Once th (MORE)

Is Ricky Van Shelton dead

No, Ricky Van Shelton is not dead. He retired from country music in 2006 after a thirty year career in the music business. His last album, "Fried Green Tomatoes ", was release (MORE)

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31 Celebrity Marathon Finishers

Completing a marathon is a resolution and life goal that thousands of people make every year, and celebrities are no exception. Be it for a charity fundraiser, or simply to t (MORE)

Norse goddess of fate

There isn't one, but multiple; The Norns are female entities that rule over the destiny of men as well as other gods. Supposedly the Norns appear when a person is born and det (MORE)

What is a pantry cook?

The pantry cook is responsible for the proper presentation and preparation of all cold appetizers, soups and salads. He/she also ensures that all items are prepared as specifi (MORE)