How many innings does a pitcher need to pitch to get win

A starting pitcher needs to pitch at least 5 innings to get the win. Any subsequent pitcher can get the win even if he only retires one batter (or base runner). If the start (MORE)

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How long can cooked pasta be kept?

To keep cooked pasta, you have to put sauce or oil on it first. Do not keep pasta without something on it for more than a very short time or bacteria will grow and it will mak (MORE)

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What happens in third nerve palsy?

Third nerve palsy prevents the proper functioning of the medial, superior, and inferior recti, and inferior oblique muscles. As a result, the eye cannot move up, down, or in. (MORE)

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What is thyroid fever?

You may be referring to thyrotoxicosis, thyroid storm. In this case, thyroid hormone is quickly dumped by the gland into the body causing severe hyperthyroid symptoms which ma (MORE)