9 Rappers Who Were Born Rich

One of three children to famous actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jaden Smith was born into a wealthy family due to his parents' music and acting careers. After playi (MORE)
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10 Bizarre and Disturbing Beauty Practices That Thankfully Went Extinct

How far would you go for beauty? In the past, people have done things that by today's standards seem pretty strange. For example, in ancient Egypt, cow's blood mixed with cru (MORE)

Does Playing Violent Video Games Daily Increase The Risk For Depression?

For many years researchers have focused on the link between playing violent videos and aggressive behavior. Research on watching a model act aggressively and the impact this (MORE)

20 Hacks for Easy Bachelor Living

The bachelor is the king of his own castle. This has its perks, as well as its drawbacks. However, any man can master the art of living alone with a few simple, but handy, ho (MORE)

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What alternatives are there to femoral hernia repair?

There are no medical or surgical alternatives to a femoral hernia repair other than watchful waiting. There is some risk that the hernia will enlarge, however, which increases (MORE)

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Equate 22000 dollars a year to dollars per hour?

$22,000 a year calculates out to approx. $11.46 per hour for a 40 hour work week. This would be a gross income of $458.33 per week. However, after taxes you would be looking a (MORE)