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Answers CEO David Karandish talks about the importance of the upcoming midterm elections.

Every day from October 15th until the election you can take a quiz to learn about the issues and be entered to win an iPad!

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How many models of iPhone have there been?

The iPhone 5 was the sixth model of iPhone to be released. The models were iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4G and iPhone 5. There was no iPhone 2.
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Homework Success: 5 Tips for Parents

Homework is a reality of life for most families with school age children. Ensuring that it gets done correctly and in a timely fashion is your child's responsibility as a stu (MORE)

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Is a wrinkled potato a bad potato?

Not a bad potato but an older one. A wrinkled potato has lost some of its moisture and so the skin becomes wrinkled, it is still fine to eat.
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8 Things to Avoid When Weight Training

When you are putting the time and energy into a good weight routine, you want to make sure each rep counts. Unfortunately, many people are wasting time making these common mis (MORE)

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How did the Detroit Red Wings get their name

In 1933 , the Detroit Falcons were bought by James Norris. Norris had been a member of the Montreal AAA club way back in the early years of the 20th century. They were also (MORE)

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What is a summary of the Battle of Chancellorsville?

Joseph Hooker commanded the revitalized Army of the Potomac, 132,000 men of all arms. He moved south, to threaten Lee's army of only 60,000 men, Longstreet and 12,000 men bein (MORE)

Six Ways to Write a Winning Sales Resume

If you read a resume that said, "Consistently produced excellent sales results," would you be persuaded to call this candidate for a sales position? Would you feel differentl (MORE)