What were your thoughts on your role as Holly Herkimer when you first read the "Shameless" script?

When I first read the script, I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I just love how brazen Holly is with everything. She's so amoral and inappropriate, like it's all just so (MORE)

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What do you do in Tae Kwon Do

In taekwondo... You learn to kick and punch so you can defend yourself. You do lots of exercise - (you get very fit!) There's lots of stretching to help you get flexi (MORE)
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15 Reasons PlayStation 4 Dominates Over Xbox One

There is a constant debate about whether the PlayStation 4 is better than the Xbox One. It is true that there are some definite advantages to the PlayStation console. The Pl (MORE)

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When does inflation occur?

In general it happens when demand for products and services by consumers is stronger than the supply of the desired products and services. For example, in the current world ec (MORE)