What does serotonin do for depression?

Serotonin is a brain chemical which we all have in our brains. It has 3 actions in the brain: 1. It gives us self-confidence, a feeling of safety and security. 2. It causes u (MORE)

How is Epic Endings different from your first album?

Our first album was great and it launched us to a certain extent but honestly, we were still just figuring out who the hell we were. I came in rather late in the project and j (MORE)

Which MLB teams have never won the World Series

Through the 2013 season: San Diego Padres - 2 appearances (1984, 1998) Colorado Rockies - 1 appearance (2007) Houston Astros - 1 appearance (2005) Washington Nationals/Montr (MORE)

Structural reserve in real estate?

A "structural reserve" is used by a financial institution or an investor when underwriting investment real estate, and is used as a reserve for major structural items on the b (MORE)

What vegetables go into vegetable oil?

None. It is called "vegetable" oil, because there are no ANIMAL oils in it, only plants. But the plants from which vegetable oil is extracted are not, technically, vegetables. (MORE)

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Five Tips to Help Avoid Training Burnout

Training for a long distance race, such as a half or full marathon, can be very time consuming, as well as physically and mentally exhausting. Many runners experience a condi (MORE)