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In softball what is a fly ball?

A fly ball is when the ball is hit high up in the air. A fly ball is almost always caught, so a line drive is the best thing to hit in softball.
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15 People Who Made Poor Life Choices

These people needed to quit while they were ahead. Whoopsie! Narm. Noooooooo. Derp a der? That's one way to keep your friend from wandering off. That moment when the ni (MORE)

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What is market growth?

In general, when a company says there is "strong market growth", they mean that the overall demand for the product they are selling has increased. In other words, there is a l (MORE)

Cat Found Sneaking Into Zoo Befriends Lynx

Cats can be house pets or cats can be predators. This pet cat was found in a zoo snuggling up next to a lynx. Big or small, cats are cats. Apparently this cat has been sneak (MORE)

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Is guacamole healthy?

The original guacamole recipe consists of mashed avocados, some minced onion and salt. If you don't add too much salt, it should be a healthy food, as avocado and onion togeth (MORE)