Five Sweet Spices That Can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Regularly consuming processed foods and beverages (candy, cakes and pastries, white bread, regular pasta and soft drinks) can cause sugar cravings to soar. In addition to tri (MORE)

Celebrity Lookalikes From The Past

Every once in a while, the Internet comes across a picture of someone from the past who looks like someone from the present. These are the most uncanny celebrity lookalikes e (MORE)

Three Reasons to Worry About Your Airbag

The automotive airbag is receiving a lot of media attention lately. Discover a reliable way to find out if the inflatable restraint safety recalls apply to your automobile. I (MORE)

13 Celeb Couples Who Live Surprisingly Modest Lives

Wealth and fame have a way of luring people into lavish lifestyles. Actors, musicians, and athletes can become superrich overnight, with no preparation for the stresses and r (MORE)

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In Linux

Why did Linux Torvalds begin to create Linux?

Linux was Linus Torvald's college project. He started this because at that time there was no free open source kernel available, only open source kernel was mimix, which was no (MORE)

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What is the world record in weightlifting for the squat

The record with unlimited equipment is 1250 lbs (566.9 kg) held by Vlad Alhazov. The IPF record (singly ply squat suit only) is 457.5kg (1008 lbs), held by Shane Hamman (USA) (MORE)