Incredible Movie Mistakes Peter Jackson Made in The Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson made some of the best films in movie history: The Lord of the Rings trilogy. While we appreciate his attention to detail, we couldn't help but notice some serio (MORE)
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10 Shocking Last Words Of Death Row Inmates

It is said that people are the most honest when they stand in the face of death. In the case of death row inmates facing the death penalty, many are said to plead their inno (MORE)
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Troubleshooting Rough Idle on Older Cars

Sometimes it's hard to find a logical place to start troubleshooting rough idle on older cars. Discover a list of common symptoms and problems associated with them. Bring ord (MORE)

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In Archery

What is the difference between end and round in archery

An "end" is the amount of arrows shot before going down to the target to score, normally 3 indoors and 6 outdoors. A "round" is the complete competition, for example a FITA Ro (MORE)

10 Celebs You Had No Clue Were Married To Each Other

We've been watching these stars on movies and television for years, yet we don't really know much about their personal lives. These little-known celeb pairings will surprise (MORE)
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In Health

What is the chief function of hemosiderin?

Haemosiderin is a wear and tear pigment of the cells. It has no function of its on as such it colors the tissue yellow can signify ageing of the cells.
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What are unlisted investments?

Listed securities are those that have met the conditions to be listed on a stock exchange. U.S. exchanges, for instance, frequently require a minimum size and stock price as w (MORE)