Will & Kate's Most Adorable Moments

Will and Kate watched royal cousin Zara Phillips compete in the equestrian cross-country phase of events at the London Olympics. The Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Cambridge (MORE)

14 Celebs Who Dissed the Kardashians

During her acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards, Reese subtly dissed Kim Kardashian. She stated that when her career was just starting, people were embarrassed, and hid (MORE)
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Is prazolamine the same as soma?

No. Prazolamine is a management system that combines Soma (carisoprodol), a muscle relaxant, and Theramine, a medical food product to aid in nutritional management of pain.
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What is the fiscal cliff

The fiscal cliff is a term coined by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to describe a set of laws expiring December 31, 2012 that will result in major spending cuts and tax (MORE)

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Can you take both pills in a two-dose morning after pill at the same time?

Next Choice, Postinor, or Plan B's two-pill pack can be used by taking both pills at the same time, taking them 12 hours apart, or taking them up to 24 hours apart. All of the (MORE)