10 Celebs You Didn't Know Are Virgins

Whether it's because of religious beliefs or just because they believe in waiting, these celebrities have chosen to abstain from having sexual relationships. Jordan Sparks m (MORE)

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How do you get floating notifications on LG G3?

If you go to the notification drawer, go to the quick toggles, and pick QSlide. So when you click an app, it will display as a floating window. You can tweak the size they dis (MORE)

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What does vertical drop mean in skiing

the term "vertical drop" is a word used by ski resorts to describe how "tall" a ski resort is. If the top of a ski resort is 13,000 feet and the base area of the resort is 10, (MORE)

Creaking Noise in Ford Front Suspension

Extremely annoying creaking noises from your Ford front suspension is a common complaint. Learn about the popular models affected most. Review symptoms and solutions to solve (MORE)
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18 Restaurants That Forgot How To Restaurant

Name fails. Advertising fails. Sometimes restaurants just need to stop and think before they get themselves onto the next list of major fails. What were you serving before b (MORE)