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Is red pepper the same as cayenne pepper?

I think a red pepper is the spicy peppers and the pepper is just a sweet pepper. Both red peppers and cayenne peppers are in the same family, but cayenne pepper is much more s (MORE)

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How can you convert an IRA into a roth IRA?

Yes, this can be done. Typically, the account-owner simply opens a new Roth account and requests the custodian to move the funds at the request of the traditional IRA owner. (MORE)

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What is an onion brulee?

Onion brulee (pronounced broo-lay) is an onion that is cut in half and charred on a hot dry surface such as a flat top griddle or a dry fry pan, used to impart a rich color to (MORE)

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What is circular debt?

Circular debt is when, to give a three-person example, A owes B, who owes C, who owes A. Circular debt relates to subsidies which the government in Pakistan is providing to t (MORE)

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What does shortening do to cake?

Shortening provides rich flavor and pleasing mouth-feel to cake. Different types of shortening, whether butter, solid vegetable shortening, or different oils, will contribute (MORE)

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What is virtual banking?

Virtual banking, also known as cyberbanking, e-banking, home banking or online banking, includes provision of, and access to, various banking activities conducted virtually (f (MORE)