10 Guns That Shaped American History

Guns, whether you like it or not, along with the valiant Americans that wielded them have played an integral role in shaping the history of the United States. While there are (MORE)
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When did the NBA start and where

A group of team owners met on June 6, 1946, in New York to talk about a league they would name the Basketball Association of America. This meeting was the beginning of what we (MORE)

Teaching Your Preschooler Responsibility

Being responsible is a learned trait. It doesn't happen on it's own and it requires years of practice. But, even very young kids can learn that they have a role in their fami (MORE)

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Can you consolidate your defaulted student loans if your tax refund was garnished?

In the US, it depends on whether your loans are with DIRECT or FFELP. If you have FFELP loans, you are eligible to consolidate. If you have direct loans and have never consoli (MORE)