How did you feel when you found out you had secured your first major acting role when you were cast as Lola Montez in ABC's "One Life to Live"?

It was bittersweet for me because it was the first time I was leaving home. I grew up in Miami, then all of a sudden my mom, sister and I were moving to New York City - it was (MORE)

First off--congrats on the recent renewal of "Beauty & the Beast" for its fourth season! We're excited for the summer premiere of season 3...what new twists and turns can we expect from this upcoming season?

Well thank you. It was definitely a surprise to get a season 4 before season 3 had even aired but with regards to season 4 -- I don't know anything about season 4 other than t (MORE)

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Who was secretariat in secretariat

secretariat was actually played by three different horses. three thoroughbreds and a quarter horse. each horse got a "makeover" in order to look exactly like secretariat.
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15 Celebrity Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Apparently, it is really hard to keep a secret in Hollywood. With continuous tabloid headlines, media scrutiny, and the latest updates on social media, the most hush-hush fac (MORE)

5 Reasons Why Bad Managers Are a Big Liability

When the employee complaints start rolling in the human resource department says, "he's just a bad manager." When the complaints reach the corner office the CEO says, "but, he (MORE)