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What 2 sets of hormones have opposing actions?
Insulin, which signals for energetic substrate such as sugar to be taken into...
In: Biology
Answered: 7 minutes ago
What is a piece of land with one vowel?
A piece of land with one vowel could be a "plot", a "hill", a "bank". "Desert"...
Answered: 7 minutes ago
If a plant's stomata close on a hot dry day how could this affect the plant's rate of photosynthesis?
Plants need to take in carbon dioxide to convert it into sugar, and that being...
In: Biology
Answered: 9 minutes ago
Why is ATP important for?
ATP is a phosphate group carrier (it has three), which would basically be...
In: Biology
Answered: 10 minutes ago
What is one major negative effect are burning oil and coal have on the environment?
Coal and oil consist of carbon and hydrogen and in the process of burning,...
Answered: 11 minutes ago
What is the difference between reproduction cycles of viruses and reproduction cycles of living things?
Viruses don't have their own metabolism so they simply can't reproduce without...
In: Biology
Answered: 12 minutes ago
What jobs do you use algebra for to solve problems?
for 99.99% of jobs, you will never need to know algebra or the formulas or how...
In: Algebra
Answered: 15 minutes ago
When is earth used with the?
Whenever you want. However, use of the word "the" before Earth or earth can...
In: Grammar
Answered: 15 minutes ago
Why must the enzyme exist in a specific type of environment in order to function properly?
Enzymes that are sensitive to changes in their physical or...
In: Biology
Answered: 22 minutes ago
What jobs use algebra and how does that job use algebra?
Almost NONE. 97% of all jobs use a 6th grade level or less to do their jobs....
In: Algebra
Answered: 24 minutes ago
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Earth Day

Gaylord Nelson, former US Senator, was the founder of Earth Day. He believed strongly that education is the key to changing people's attitudes about the environment and he devoted much of his energy to that challenge. He died at age 89 in July 2005.

Quote from Bill Clinton in 1995 regarding: THE PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM
"The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest honor given to civilians in the United States. Twenty-five years ago this year, Americans came together for the very first Earth Day. They came together because of one American - Gaylord Nelson. As the father of Earth Day, he inspired us to remember that the stewardship of our natural resources is the stewardship of the American Dream. He is the worthy heir of the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt, and I hope that Gaylord Nelson's shining example will illuminate all the debates in this city for years to come."

It raises awareness about the earth's condition. It encouragespeople to reduce their pollutants and recycle more. The idea is tomake this planet better for this generation and more to come.

It is so that everyone can participate in an attempt to make ourglobal environment better. Everyone is supposed to turn of theirlights for one hour.

It was created so there would be more awareness about the needto clean up the Earth.

Home Improvement

When it comes to moss or mold on a roof, the culprit is actually ablue-green algae which is most commonly found in warmer, humidclimates. Although it does not damage the roofing the black stainsit leaves do not look good.

One solution if there are only a few shingles involved, would be toreplace the discolored ones with new shingles to match. This meansthat you would either have to have some extra shingles lying aroundor that you could find them at a local supplier. However, if youshingles are pretty old, this may not be possible.

Your options then would be to try to find the closest matchavailable or take shingles from another area of the home that wherethe shingles are less visible and use the old shingles in the spotsthat you want to replace the bad ones and then install the newshingles that don't match as well in the spots where you took theold shingles from. Please see my earlier response to the topic"Shingles" for more on this procedure.

Of course, this problem is going to show up more on lightershingles, so replacing them might be your best option. Howeverthere is a method of cleaning that might just do the trick.

One of the suggestions out there that has been used for years is toget a garden sprayer and mix a 50/50 solution of water and bleachand spray wash the roof to get rid of the algae. Keep in mind thata garden sprayer is not a pressure washer. Do not use a pressurewasher because you can blow the surface of the shingles right offthe roof and thus damage the shingles.

Due to the very delicate bond between the composition shingle andits protective layer of marble chip granules, the use of a pressurewasher is NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. If one insists on the use of apressure washer, the spray tip nozzle MUST BE KEPT far enough awayfrom the shingles so that the pressure does not exceed that of anordinary garden hose.

Once even a small percentage of the granules are gone from theshingles, the effect of direct sunlight will accelerate thedegradation of the underlying shingle and destruction of theshingle will occur long before the normal life expectancy of theshingle

A better solution would be to use one of the deck cleaners outthere that are safe for the environment. Products containing oxygenbleach clean well and will not harm the plants. Anytime you can usean product that is good for the environment, the better off youare.

Input from a roof cleaning professional:

There are a few schools of thought on how to properly clean a roof.Based upon my research, years in business and tried and truemethod, nothing is more effective than using sodium hypochlorite,more commonly known as bleach. With this chemical (applied atapproximately a 6% solution with other surfactants) you do not haveto rinse the roof at all. This mitigates all danger of damage fromthe use of pressure. Any pressure is too much. The difference willbe instantaneous. After the first good rain, dead lichen and anyremaining haze will be washed away leaving your roof looking nearlynew.

Here is a common sense thought to add. Hire a professional. I amall for DIY and saving money but sodium hypochlorite will burn yourskin and it can wreak havoc on lungs. It will also kill plant lifeand surrounding vegetation on contact. Professionals will useprotective gear (respirators, safety harnesses, roof protectors onladders, special climbing shoes, etc) as well as protect yourlandscaping from damage.

If the buckling isn't too bad you would detach the board or boardsbut leave in place, and add weight to flatten upward buckling, orturn the board or boards over for downward buckling and then applythe weight.

*If the buckling is due to cupping of the hardwood floor boards asa result of moisture changes, you will never permanently flattenthem with weight. If they are buckled at the joints because theycannot move (expand/contract with seasonal humidity changes) buttheir surfaces are still flat, you might be able to correct thebinding problem and re-lay them. However, if they were properlynailed down, you will not get them up without damaging them. Insuch cases, to fix the problem will require removing and layingdown new boards, being sure to eliminate the problem that causedthis in the first place.
e a spade bit attached to a drill to drill a hole in each end ofthe buckled plank. Set a circular saw to cut no deeper than thethickness of the wood flooring. Plunge cut along the length of theplank from one hole to the other. Make a second cut parallel to thefirst one. Repeat for all damaged planks.

Crafts for Children

Supplies: 2 Popsicle sticks, paper (as many pieces as necessary) , things to color with (all colors is best) (optional, googlie eyes (optional, 1 pair of scissors, and something sticky (glue, tape, or staples).
Directions: outline a face, outline a top hat separate, color (circle/oval like a face, top hat black), outline a body (optional), cut body (if chose a body), color body black like a suit (if chosen body), add tie (if chosen a body, optiona)l, cut through face at mouth line (if you want it to talk), glue top of head to one Popsicle stick (if talking puppet), glue bottom of head to a Popsicle stick (if talking puppet), lastly, glue body (if chosen) to bottom of face.

Corn Dolly!

Well, I can make a yarn dolly. They should be pretty similar.First, you take a long stalk of corn, and wind it around a piece ofcardboard an inch in width as many times as it will allow. Removethe cardboard. Next, tie another piece of straw in the place youwant the neck to be and one about a centimeter from the top of thehead. Cut the fold of straw at the top and bottom of the dolly.Take 3 strands of straw below the neck. Make a tight braid foreach. It should now look like a doll with a head, two arms, and aghost-like body. Tie a piece of straw where you want the legs tobegin. Braid all remaining straw into two legs below the new tie.Tada! You should now have a straw dolly!


Currently, Beyonce is not pregnant. She gave birth to her first child, Blue Ivy Carter, on Saturday, January 7, 2012 at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.
All the films Beyonce has been in are as follows:
  • Carmen: A Hip Hopera
  • Austin Powers in Goldmember
  • The Fighting Temptations
  • The Pink Panther
  • Dreamgirls
  • Cadillac Records
  • Obsessed

Spring Break

Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa is by far one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Richard Branson, John Cleese, Samuel L Jackson, Client Eastwood, Nicolas Cage, Robert de Niro, Leonardo di Caprio, Prince William and Prince Harry, Paris Hilton and Lincoln from Prison Break have all spent time there.

Voting to any of the beach as the best in the world entirely depends upon personal criteria. I personally like Miami because of variety of attraction it offers. South Beach is the quintenssential Miami hot spot. Miami MetroZoo is fast becoming one of the best zoos in the nation. Its climate allows it to keep a wide variety of animals from Asia, Australia and Africa like no other zoo in the country. The Miami Seaquarium is located right in the middle of the tourist area, on the causeway between downtown Miami and Miami Beach. It's a fabulous stop where you can witness an outdoor aquarium experience that's only possible in this tropical climate. Everglades National Park is one of the most unusual public parks in the United States. The Miami SkyLift is an interesting new attraction located in downtown Miami's Bayfront Park. You'll gain an interesting perspective on our city when you ride 500 feet into the air in a helium balloon suspended above the park. DREAM Nightclub is located at 1532 Washington Avenue. Aero Bar at 247 23rd st suits the needs of any Night Club connoisseur.Of course there are great beaches outside of Florida, too. For example, Hawaii is wonderful -- if you feel like spending the extra money, there is nothing like it! Each Hawaiian island has special features: for a description of the top beaches in Oahu, including Waikiki, see; for a description of the best beaches on the Big Island see; for great Kauia beaches see; and for Maui's best beaches see
  1. Beach ball
  2. Volleyball
  3. Tag
  4. Freeze dance or dance off
  5. See who can collect the most shells or something of the sort
  6. Sandcastle contest
  7. Frisbee
  8. Toss a ball back and forth
  9. Fly a kite
  10. Bring a board game?

Spring Cleaning

If you go to any hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes you can buy a can of rust remover.
WD40 is good example of a rust remover. It is a simple spray.
Lemon juice and baking soda are also simple household products that can help remove rust from metal.
Cola soda is a good all round metal cleaner. It might take a bit longer than proprietary brands. Put the hinge in a bowl of the stuff and be patient.
Garbage disposers clean themselves if used properly. Do not put lye or other chemical drain pipe cleaners into the disposer.
Periodically, and always after disposing of fibrous food wastes, purge the drainline by filling the sink with two or three inches of cold water. Turn on the food waste disposer and allow this water to run through with no wastes added.
Before leaving your home for several days, check to be sure all wastes have been flushed out of the disposer to avoid the creation of odors. If odors should occur through an oversight, they can be removed by running orange or lemon peels or ice cubes through the disposer.

[Info from the Home Maintenance And Repair Database at the Michigan State University website]

Citrus peels are great also you could try pouring baking soda in the drain then pour vinegar over the baking soda and wait a few minutes before rinsing.
Pressurized drain cleaning products, like CLR Power Plumber, offer an alternative to chemical drain cleaning. One of the CLR products is usable 10 or more times. The 4.5 oz replacement cans can be found at for around $8. The actual pumping action product is usually priced at around $30. Plumb-Away is a similarly operated and priced device, also able to be found on

They generally advertise the pressure can clean:
50' down a 1.5" diameter pipe
40' down a 2" diameter pipe
35' down a 3.5" diameter pipe
25' down a 4" diameter pipe
18' down a 5" diameter pipe

A quick, cursory search on Google for either product name, in quotations, will yield many forums of happy customers.

According to the author of Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean, Linda Cobb, fill the sink with 3 inches of warm water and mix in 1 cup of baking soda. Drain with the disposal running. This should keep disposals fresh and free-flowing.

I've found the best way to clean it is to run the hot water tap until the water is hot, then reduce the flow to a trickle and turn on disposal. While the hot water and the disposal are on, add a big squirt of liquid dish detergent (NOT automatic dishwasher detergent) down the disposal, and let both of them run until all the soap has been flushed away.

The hot water and the motion of the disposal "whips" the detergent into a frothy suds, which cleans not only the disposal, but the underside of the rubber guard in the opening of the disposal, as well.  It also helps by the suds 'floating' up food particles such as celery stalk strings that have wrapped around the grinders, then flushing them away.


The simplest identifier is they do not turn their head when their name is called. Other normal babies look up from what they are doing when their name is called; autistics don't. When my child was born he would not even open his eyes to look at us. He sucked on his hand and hummed from the moment he was born. As the weeks and months passed he displayed behavior that was different from other children. He never anticipated that food was coming. Typical babies stop crying when you pick them up to feed or change them because they learn that care is coming. My first two anticipated that care was coming. My autistic child did not. When he was a toddler he did not grip when I held him as my first two did. He was dead weight. From the time he very small,as young as four months, he did not like switching from long sleeves to short. He avoided eye contact from the time he was born. Typical children seek eye contact. We felt that he did not need us in any emotional way like our first two did. He was very content with himself except to be fed and changed. He hummed himself to sleep from the time he was a few months old. He never seemed to take information in by observing. Everything we taught him had to be hand over hand.AUTISM is also called "Autism Spectrum" because someone with autism can be highly intelligent and author books on autism, or they can be severely disabled and need total care. And everywhere in between. Some early symptoms can be early speech, then not a word thereafter. Other symptoms include lack of eye contact, lack of affection (hugging them is actually "painful",) "flipping or flapping" their hands or objects, crying and being self abusive, obsessed with certain objects or activities, repetitive behaviors, not meeting "normal" milestones, odd eating rituals (will eat only 3-4 food items) and many other behaviors. There is no magic cure. Do some research, love your child and work to have them achieve what "professionals" say they will never do.On a recent course I learnt that a severally autistic child lives completely in their own world. they are usually unaware of their surroundings and people are just objects. They learn to 'use' people to get what ever it is they need but they do not usually form any type of bond. There is little eye contact and they be obsessive with objects. some autistic children can speak, other will not, but as a parent you may be able to teach your own method of communication, so that it is easier for the child to 'communicate' their needs and for you to understand them. An autistic child needs to have a very structured routine. They only feel safe when they know what is coming next. When learning a new routine it may be useful to carry out the same procedure many many times in different rooms as autistic children do not generalise (they dont take what they have learnt to any other place other than the place it was learnt in). establish routines and stick to them. do not introduce new things until complete familiarity has been establised Be patient, improvements will happen, really hope that this helps.I feel that the above answer is very misleading. There are degrees of Autism from mild or high functioning to severe. And yes there is no "magical Cure" but a child can recover. Children with Autism do not make eye contact, but some of them do show emotion and some do develop language. My personal belief is the some children with Austim have been injured by a variety of factors in there environment. For example, with my child it was partly genetics, he was born with a compromised immune system, then he had RSV Virus as an infant, he was given too many antibiotics as a baby for various ear infection to the point where he bled out of his colon and the vacines were the final attack on his system. Basically, like a computer, he crashed and his systems (primarily his brain function and nervous system) just couldn't take any more. My baby was saying some words at 6 months , he was making eye contact and pointing at objects. At 18 months however, the language disappeared as did the eye contact, he was ritualistic and repetative For instance, he loved anything that spun and could sit and spin objects for hours. Ceiling fans facinated him. His twin brother was right on target and so I became frantic when in my heart I new what was going on. I was devasted when I got the diagnosis but determined not to let him stay this way. First he began intense therapy of about 30 hours a week of ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis - this is a miracle worker), Speech and Occupational Therapy. I started to research and read everything I could and found out about special diets such as the gluten free / caesin free diet. This did not work for my son (it doesn't work for every child and its a miracle with some children). I learned about vitamins, probiotics and supplements. I started him on supplements as soon as I could and this was the turning point for my son. Amongst the supplements that I gave him, I purchased this really expensive juice called Mon Avie which has antioxidants and phytonutrients (the original formula) and saw subtle improvement. Then I started him on DMG and Acidophilus and saw some pretty significant change. I am going to try a vitamin supplement now called Super Nuthera from Kirkman Labs (they will happily guide you and answer questions). I also want to start methyl B12 vitamin strips. One thing at a time. Today he is a happy vibrant 3 year old who attends a typical nursery school with some support which we hope will not be needed soon. He talks and has an amazing personality.
Autism is a brain abnormality. Its primary symptoms are communication problems, difficulty with social interactions, and extreme sensitivity to physical contact. Some autistic persons are gifted in some way- they have the ability to perform something extraordinarily well. Not all autistic persons are gifted, and only a small percentage of gifted persons are autistic.

Destination Weddings

Maldives is one ofthe most popular tourist destinations. Soft blue seawatersurrounding islands with white beaches can make anybody's tripmemorable. Maldives can satisfy all your holiday needs. Whether itis honeymoon, wedding destination, relaxation, family trip, andadventure trip or just to spend time far from the material world,Maldives can fulfil all. Capital tours and travel can satisfy allyour holiday needs with their wide range of travel services.


A beach wedding can be a great wedding that is sure to be different. There is something about getting married under the open skies with the sound of the waves crashing in the background that is somehow very appealing and tempting. It can be real fun to plan a beach wedding, albeit very different from planning a regular wedding. Here are some ideas to help in planning a beach wedding.

  • Keep in mind that since the beach is an open venue, there is always a chance of it raining on the big day. Either have a tent put up on the beach to accommodate all your guests; or if you don�t want to do that then reserve an indoor venue as a back-up.

  • If you are having a real intimate wedding, then you need not arrange for seating for the guests. However, if you are expecting a lot of guests or if you expect the ceremony to be a long one, then you need to make seating arrangements. Beach seating can be a very challenging affair as the legs of the chairs sink in the sand. To make seating and walking easier, rent flooring for your beach wedding. Flooring is quite easy to rent and is also not very expensive. It could be anything from simple carpet to parquet.

  • Try and schedule the wedding for early morning or in the evening so that you do not have to deal with the harsh sun. Have iced drinks circulated amongst the guests as this will help them stay cool and refreshed. Rent some large electric fans for the wedding and having small paper fans for guests to use is also a good idea.

  • Having bug spray and sunscreen handy for the guests to use is good consideration for your wedding guests.

  • If you are having the wedding at a public beach; see that you have the requisite permission and that you follow any public rules or regulations. Hiring a wedding service is great if you want to keep any curious onlookers on the beach away from your wedding site.

  • The bride should ideally dress in a nice and comfortable wedding dress that reflects a beach wedding. It is not possible to look graceful while walking in high heels on the soft sand. So wear flat shoes or the best idea would be not to wear any shoes at all! A casual yet classy hair style is better than leaving your hair loose at a beach wedding.

  • Remember to have your wedding license handy to give to the person officiating the wedding.

And most important of all � have fun and cherish the memories of your beach wedding forever!

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Paul Walker's death left a question mark hanging over "Fast & Furious 7." That question mark evaporated last month when the filmmakers revealed they'll use CGI to finish the actor's missing scenes. Now, Universal has confirmed via the movie's Facebook page that Walker's two brothers, Caleb and Cody, will be involved with that process as well.
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Ironnica is one of our top Supervisors in the areas of Chemistry and Math. He has a special talent for chemistry in particular and is currently doing a PhD in the subject, and he is just 25 years old! To pay his way through school, he bartends and he also works with undergraduate students at …

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