25 Incredible Celeb Transformations You Won't Even Recognize

These celebs look so different post-transformation you won't even recognize them! The first Jessica Simpson transformation. Jessica went from super slim and sexy to putting (MORE)

How To Support a Partner Through a Job Loss

Becoming unexpectedly unemployed can be one of the most devastating things a person can experience. Feelings of worthlessness, humiliation, and personal failure are common. M (MORE)

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Are peppers a fruit?

Peppers, like tomatoes, meet the biological definition of fruit, which is, an edible portion of a plant containing seeds (strictly speaking, some fruit don't contain seeds bec (MORE)

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What is a Settlement Loan?

A Settlement Loan or Settlement Loans are cash advances and part of lawsuit funding services offered to plaintiffs. A settlement loan is a cash advance for a plaintiff when th (MORE)
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12 Totally Unhealthy Snacks from Your Childhood That Went Extinct

French Toast Crunch was a cereal shaped like little French toasts and was sickeningly sweet; in other words, every kid's dream. The cereal was discontinued in 2006. Dunkaroo (MORE)

Five Sweet Spices That Can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Regularly consuming processed foods and beverages (candy, cakes and pastries, white bread, regular pasta and soft drinks) can cause sugar cravings to soar. In addition to tri (MORE)