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5 Tips To Eating a Gluten Free Diet

Whether you have Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, you're trying to avoid gluten in your diet. Gluten is a protein commonly found in wheat that gives baked goods elasti (MORE)

10 Hottest Trends Worn by Kendall Jenner

Like it or not, Kendall Jenner has been rising to superstar status. Despite how easy she has it with her famous family tree, the youngster has a lot to offer-her hard work et (MORE)
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5 Tips on How to Manage a Long-Term Job Search

Leveraging technology and the expertise of others are the keys to managing a long-term job search. Setting up alerts on your computer will tell you about job listings as they (MORE)

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What are the three most popular bowling balls used by the pros

Due to constant changes in the bowling industry, there isn't a common or popular ball always used by professional bowlers. Many professional bowlers may have an equipment spon (MORE)

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Does 'pre-ejaculate' fluid contain sperm?

In a study from 2011, designed to establish whether sperm is released in pre-ejaculate fluid and if the sperm is motile (capable of causing a pregnancy), samples of pre-ejacul (MORE)

15 Things You Never Knew About Scott Disick

The Kardashians seem to go like boyfriends and husbands like most people go through a loaf of bread; well, most of them anyway. Throughout the years, one guy has remained a m (MORE)

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Is a wrinkled potato a bad potato?

Not a bad potato but an older one. A wrinkled potato has lost some of its moisture and so the skin becomes wrinkled, it is still fine to eat.
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