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15 Disturbing Ingredients That Are Hiding in Your Fast Food

Before heading to your favorite fast food spot, you probably want to consider just what it is you are eating. Disgusting, but true, many of your fast food favorites come with (MORE)

The Ultimate List of People Who Have Broken Taylor Swift's Heart

People get their heart broken all the time, but Taylor Swift takes it to a different level. The pop star is known for turning her heartache into catchy songs that make it to (MORE)

Fun and Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

While traditional wedding photos will always be appreciated, more and more couples are choosing to incorporate some especially fun and creative wedding photo opportunities. (MORE)

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Why is the Super Bowl called the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was created as part of the merger agreement in 1966 between the National Football League (NFL) and its competitive rival, the American Football League (AFL). On (MORE)

The Best People of Walmart

Walmart always seems to have the most interesting customers out of any other store in the country. Here are the best people of Walmart. An interesting shirt to say the least (MORE)

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What is systemic strep?

Systemic strep is a streptococcal infection that has spread through the blood (bacteremia). Complications can include meningitis and subacute bacterial endocarditis (heart val (MORE)

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What percent of income tax would be owed on a withdrawal from 401-K pland after age 59.5?

The taxable amount of the distribution will be subject to your marginal tax rates when the taxable amount of the distribution is added to all of your other worldwide gross inc (MORE)