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Who is the single season Japanese baseball home run leader

Hideki Matsui The Japanese baseball record is 55 held jointly by Sadaharu Oh of the 1964 Yomiuri Giants, Tuffy Rhodes of the 2001 Kintetsu Buffaloes, and Alex Cabrera of the (MORE)

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Calories in McDonald's cheeseburger and fries?

A McDonald's cheeseburger and regular fries has a total of 680 calories. (300 for the burger and 380 for the medium fries). If you get a small fries the calories drop to 530 t (MORE)

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What is capital expenditure budget?

Capital Expenditures is referred as amount of money needed to spend on capital items or fixed assets such as land, buildings, roads, equipment, etc. that are projected to gene (MORE)

8 Dog Breeds That Shouldn't Exist

No matter how much you love dogs, you have to admit there are some breeds that are so bizarre, they shouldn't exist. Some of them, you just have to see to believe. The Chine (MORE)

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What is cradling in lacrosse

Cradling is moving the stick back and forth in a half-circle around your head making it harder for the other team to take control of the ball by checking it out of your stick.
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How to Support an Aging Parent

Our parents cared for us when we were young, but there may come a time when we need to take care of them. Elderly adults have unique needs and may need the help of their adul (MORE)