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How long does nicotine stay in your bloodstream?

The nicotine should be out of your system within 3 - 4 days after your last cigarette. But the cravings for it will last quite a bit longer since nicotine is addictive both ph (MORE)

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How do penny stocks work?

Penny stocks work just like any other stock except that there are some differences you should be aware of. The definition of a penny stock varies depending on who you ask. Som (MORE)

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What are the health benefits of Jasmine tea?

Health benefits of Jasmine Tea Since Jasmine tea is basically Green, White, or Oolong tea (less commonly, black) as a base with Jasmine included, to enhance the smell and tast (MORE)
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You Won't Believe What Scientists Have Discovered

Scientists and archaeologists often find some of the most interesting things that give us a unique look into moments of our past that were unknown to us before. These discove (MORE)

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Which food is richest protein food?

The natural food that is highest in protein are egg whites. There are many foods which contain iron, the highest of course is lean red meat, followed by egg yolks. By includin (MORE)