5 Reasons to Lose 10 Percent of Your Body Weight

Over 169 million adults are overweight or obese, according to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you are one of the 69 percent of the adult p (MORE)

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Can crohn's disease cause gallstones?

While Crohns itself may not cause gallstones. It is thought to be related to depletion of the bile salt pool due either to terminal ileal disease or after ileal resection. Bil (MORE)

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When troubleshooting a computer, what do you do if the computer does not boot?

To answer this question, one must know the exact part of the boot sequence that does not happen successfully. It can be as simple as a loose power cord, or something more exte (MORE)

9 Celebrities You Won't Recognize Without Their Iconic Look

Avril Lavigne's look traditionally includes heavy black eye makeup, dark clothes, and hair hanging down. With hair wavy and heavy eye makeup removed, however, she looks like (MORE)
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What causes potters syndrome?

Generally it is the lack of loss of amniotic fluid in the womb. Amniotic fluid is used to nourish the foetus as well as provide safety so it does no bounce around everywhere. (MORE)

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What is banking and what are the advantages of banking?

In essence, a bank is designed to be a safe place to keep your money. If you keep it at home instead, there is a greater chance that it is going to be lost or stolen. But that (MORE)

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How do potatoes reproduce?

Each potato contains multiple "eyes." If you leave an unpeeled raw potato at room temperature long enough, the eyes will begin to sprout. Each sprout becomes a new plant that (MORE)