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Can you bake bread with olive oil?

Absolutely you can; there are numerous bread recipes that actually call for olive oil. But you can also use your own basic bread recipe and subsitute olive oil for the shorten (MORE)

10 Simple Weight Loss Cheats That Work

Cheats are a common way to gain an advantage in the video game arena, but not a very good way to succeed at your diet. However, like most things in life, there are exceptions (MORE)

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What is a 'no decision' in baseball

This can be the case for any starting pitcher whether his team is winning, losing, tied at the time he exits the game. Basically the term "No Decision" is used for a starting (MORE)

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What does it mean to have your taxes audited?

Answer While there are several different types of audits...as well as several different types of taxes..generally: For an individual, it means the information you submitted (MORE)

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Can salad be frozen?

Not with any real success- ice crystals form in the fresh vegetables, damaging their tissues and destroying the flavour and texture. Even prepared salads such as coleslaw, pot (MORE)