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How many players are on a college football team

Most college teams have around 125 players on average; a mix of walk-ons and scholarship players. The NCAA limit on scholarships is 85. Keep in mind, when they practice during (MORE)
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Stretch at Your Desk: Office Yoga Poses

Spending eight hours a day slumped over a computer can cause a host of postural problems, from rounded shoulders to tight hips. And that in turn can lead to pain and chronic i (MORE)

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What is a harp loan?

HARP is an acronym for "Home Affordable Refinance Program". The HARP refinance program was originally a program that was designed for homeowners with loans serviced by Fannie (MORE)

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When are raspberries in season?

Normally raspberries can be harvested from June until mid August. It's pretty much the same as strawberry season.
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Women in Flight: 5 Famous Female Pilots

Since the time of the first flight, women have played an important role in aviation history. From stunt pilots to air racers to military aviators, these women are some of the (MORE)

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Can you get Ebola twice?

Yes, it is possible to get ebola twice. Although your body will immunoglobulins against the virus from the first infection (if you survive), the virus is so destructive that i (MORE)