5 Steps to a Lasting First Impression When Networking

Leaving a positive first impression with someone whom you think can help you identify new job opportunities requires you showing up to your meeting on time, connecting with th (MORE)

Six Questions Every Trainer Should Answer Before the Training Starts

Need to conduct a training session or long presentation? Heed this motto by Bob Pike, founder of Creative Training Techniques: "Remember, adults are just babies in big bodies. (MORE)

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What does a secured loan and unsecured loan mean?

A secured loan is a loan in which there is physical collateral, meaning there is a physical item of worth that can be taken by the bank if the loan is not paid. Examples of th (MORE)

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Do you need to refrigerate spaghetti sauce?

If it's bought and unopened in a can or a jar, then no. If it has been opened then yes you have to refrigerate it. If it's in an opened can, transfer the contents to another c (MORE)

10 Tips for Running Shoe Shopping

Before you even start a walking or jogging program, you need the right shoes for the job. Here are 10 shoe-shopping tips to help you hit the road to success.Many people are we (MORE)

10 Ways to Use Greek Yogurt in Your Weight Loss Effort

Greek yogurt is a dieter's friend because of its low calories, high protein, and thick texture. The low calories helps you stay within your calorie allotment, the 15 g of prot (MORE)

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Which is healthier potatoes or sweet potato?

Sweet potato and yams are packed with more nutrition, but the regular old Idaho potato does have some good B vitamins. It is the processing of white potatoes into mashed mixes (MORE)