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10 Foods You Should Never, Ever Keep in the Refrigerator

While it may seem as if refrigerating coffee would keep it fresh, it can lead to condensation that can dilute the full flavor of the beans. Instead, store coffee in a cool, (MORE)

15 Ways You've Been Shampooing Your Hair Wrong

Everyone wants thick, vibrant and beautiful hair. Fifteen bad habits, though, could wash those dreams down the drain. Use a clarifying shampoo, rinse and follow up with a m (MORE)

Children's Thanksgiving Table Activities

For Thanksgiving, set a separate kids' table from the adults, one they'll love and get to enjoy, with fun crafts and ways to remind the little ones of the significance of the (MORE)

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What do the brushes do in curling

Sweeping creates uses friction to warm the ice surface, creating a (very - as in pretty much microscopic) thin layer of water on which the stone 'glides'. Contrary to popular (MORE)

10 Camping Tricks That Will Make Your Head Spin

No one wants to be bitten by a mosquito, the bites itch and the bugs may carry disease. When outdoors, crush the leaves of an elderberry bush and rub the liquid against your (MORE)

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What happens in third nerve palsy?

Third nerve palsy prevents the proper functioning of the medial, superior, and inferior recti, and inferior oblique muscles. As a result, the eye cannot move up, down, or in. (MORE)

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How is property market different from stock market?

They are the same when it comes to pricing cycles. When property or stocks are over bought or over sold, the market corrects it's self by moving in the opposite direction. You (MORE)