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Who designed the American flag?

We do not know who designed the first American flag. There have been many historians who have researched this question, and none has been able to come up with a definitive ans (MORE)

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What is a Zombie Bank?

A Zombie Bank refers to a financial institution with an economic net worth that is less than zero, but which continues to operate because its ability to repay its debts is sho (MORE)

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How many apples are there in apple pie?

While it depends on the size of the apples, recipes I've seen call for 3-6 fresh apples cut or diced to make 3-7 cups. The average 9" pie plate can hold about 4-5 cups of heap (MORE)

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Why was Mount Rushmore built?

South Dakota State Historian Doane Robinson had the idea to carve the likenesses of western heroes in the Black Hills to promote tourism. His idea was to carve the Needles.
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The intersection of a row and column in a table is called?

A cell. In Excel, you use cells to input information, either numbers or text. You can also enter formulas into cells to make calculations for you, such as =13*19 or =SUM(C1:C8 (MORE)
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13 Celebs and the Siblings You Never Knew They Had

Obviously, good looks run in the Diaz family. Chimene Diaz, older sister of actor Cameron Diaz, has the same shiny blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and wide smile as her cel (MORE)