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What is the difference between a referee and an umpire

Generally, an umpire is a judge of events during a match, and a referee is an arbiter of rules and of disputes. Historically, umpires were match officials tasked with assertiv (MORE)

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Who won the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars?

The Greek cities won the Persian War, the Peloponnesian League won the Peloponnesian War against the Athenian Empire, with the help of Persia. Later the Persians re-establishe (MORE)

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How can nutrition prevent stress and diseases?

In the particular case of humans, a healthy diet can prevent diseases of over nutrition (obesity, type II diabetes, atherosclerosis due to dyslipidemia) and under nutrition (s (MORE)

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What is a 203k loan?

HUD is broken into two entities... FHA (guarantees lenders will be repaid) and VA (loans the money) An FHA loan guarantee that everyone has heard of for many years is typical (MORE)

Six Reasons Why It Doesn't Make Sense to Pay Off Your Mortgage before Retirement

The largest liability for most people is the mortgage on their home. Typically most people take out a 30 year mortgage in their younger years but due to refinancing or moving (MORE)

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Can cats have peanut butter?

Yes, they can, although there's no reason to feed a cat peanut butter unless he/she likes it and it is a treat. I would suggest less than a half teaspoon no more than 3 times (MORE)