Does David Beckham play Striker?

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No, David Beckham plays as a right midfielder.
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Who does David Beckham play for now?

He started playing for Manchester United when he was 17 years old. From 2003 to 2007, he played in Spain for Real Madrid. After he moved to the US, he played for L.A. Galaxy.

Who did David Beckham first play for?

His First Team Was Manchester United in 1992 When He Was 17 He Went On Loan In 1995 To Preston North End Then Play For Real Madrid In 2003 And Now He Plays For Los Angeles Gal

Who has David Beckham played for in his career?

Divd Beckham has played for Manchester United, Loan to Preston north end and it 2003 he went to play for real Madrid and after that is It was Lost Angles and had. He went loan