How do you catch the ball on ESPN NFL 2K5?

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Are there any codes to the game NFL 2K5?

Easy sack Turn off all penalties, then get right next to the QB when you play defense. When he hikes, sack him, or wait until he drops back to get more sack yards. This is

What are some cheats to NFL 2K5?

type in and where it says search type in ESPN nfl 2k5 the game sytem you have it for. u have to go to "features" then to "vip" then "manage" the go down to "e
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Who are the anchors for ESPN NFL?

The anchors for ESPN NFL are Jay Crawford, Steve Mason, Chris Carter, Jonathon Coachman, Robert Flores, Tim Hasselbeck, Jeremy Schaap, John Anderson, Ron Jaworski, Jay Harris,