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How do you get an Unassisted triple play without the defense touching the ball?

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I believe this did happen, pretty much exactly as described below. I hear about it while listening to a Giants game probably in the '70s. I think it was in Yakama WA in the minors. I was searching for that when I came across this.
Here's how it would have to happen, and it would have to happen EXACTLY this way, because of a few stipulations in the rule book. There'd have to be runners on at least first and second so that the infield fly rule would be in effect.
There'd be a towering pop-fly hit in the infield, somewhere near second base. Once the fielder settled under the ball, and the umpire judged that the ball could be caught with ordinary effort, that'd be your first out right there, and the ball hasn't even fallen to the ground yet.
Secondly, while the ball was in the air, we're assuming that the runner from first base was running on contact, while the runner on second stayed close to the base. As soon as the runner from first base passed the runner on second base, then the runner from first base is automatically out for passing the runner on second. That's two outs, and the ball still hasn't hit the ground yet.
Thirdly, the outfielder, for some reason, would have had to misjudge the ball, or else just completely step away from it, allowing the ball to fall untouched to the ground. If the runner on second base was standing just a little bit off the base, and that ball took a bounce when it hit the ground and bounced up and hit the runner on second, that would make him the third out. There's your three outs, with no member of the defense touching the ball.
A couple of notes on this...the runner on second base being hit with the ball would HAVE to be the last out. The ball is dead as soon as a runner is called out for being hit with a batted ball. Therefore, the theory that you can have a triple play with no defenseman touching the ball by having a hit ball bounce off of three different runners is impossible. Even if that did happen, only the first to be hit would be called out, and the play would be dead. Also, the runner on second base would HAVE to be standing just off the base when he was hit. Note under NORMAL circumstances that if a batted ball strikes a runner, whether or not he's standing on a base, he'd be out...as the base is not a sanctuary in this case. However, on an infield fly, even though the runner is still out if a batted ball contacts him when he is off the base...he is NOT out if the ball contacts him while he is on the base. The infield fly rule is the ONLY time a batter is protected from being called out when hit by a batted ball if he is on base. Now you all are just a little smarter, thanks to one of the best umpires ever to call balls and strikes on the diamond...and that'd be me!
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