How do you get to Shadyside Ohio from StClairsville Ohio?

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  1. Take I-70 EAST to I-470 EAST to BELLAIRE and WASHINGTON, PA at EXIT 219.
  2. Take I-470 EAST to OH-7 to BELLAIRE and BRIDGEPORT at EXIT 6.
  3. Turn right off of the exit ramp onto OH-7 SOUTH to BELLAIRE. Take OH-7 SOUTH to Shadyside.
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How can you get information about Ohio?

Answer . I've added a site with some information to the links on the left side.. Answer . You can order books from the library and you can also get a lot of information on the internet.. Answer . The Ohio Historical Society (link listed below) has a great deal of information about Ohio's (MORE)

Who is the Governor of Ohio?

The current Governor of Ohio is John Kasich (R).Kasich assumed office as Governor of Ohio on January 10, 2011. Ted Strickland served as Governor January 8, 2007-January 9, 2011.

What is Ohio?

Ohio is the 17th state of The United States of America, and is one of the midwestern states. It is also the 36th largest state, and has about 11.5 million residents! Ohio's nickname is the buckeye state, resembling the buckeye tree.

Where is Ohio?

Ohio is in what is called the "midwestern" part of the UnitedStates. It is located between Ohio and Pennsylvania in thenortheastern part of the continental US.

Is Ohio in the west?

Ohio is in an area of the United States called the midwest. It borders stares like Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia.

Who are are Ohio senators?

Ohio has approximately two senators that are elected into office.As of June 2014, the senators are Republican Rob Portman andDemocrat Sherrod Brown.

What is the area of Ohio?

The area of Ohio is 44,825 square miles. It is the 34th largeststate in size in the United States.

What is Ohios nickname?

Ohio's nickname is the Buckeye state due to the prevalence of Ohio Buckeye trees within the state's borders.

Who is the mayor of Ohio?

There is no mayor for the state of Ohio. Mayors lead individual cities and towns. The current governor of Ohio is Ted Strickland.

Are there coyotes in Ohio?

Yes, in every one of our 88 counties. I live in Stark County (North Canton, Plain Township) and have been watching a large one for about a week now (December 2008) and have gotten it on video to show some neighbors that don't believe me. I'm seeing it in the corn field behind my house in the mid mor (MORE)

Where are the McDonald's in Ohio?

If you are on the highways, McDonalds can be found off of many highways. A tip is to look before you want to go for the green food signs to indicate that there is a McDonalds nearby.

What gangs are in Ohio?

Most gangs that are in the state of Ohio are in cities such as Cleveland & Cincinnatti, very few are in the city of Columbus.... Ohio has such gangs as the......... West Side Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods Sex Money Murder Bloods Bounty Hunter Bloods M.o.b. Pirus(Piru gang)-affiliated with (MORE)

Does Ohio own the Ohio river?

No, Kentucky owns it. It was just named the Ohio River because tons of people in the late 1600's came down that river to come to Ohio so that's why its called the "Ohio River" but Kentucky officially owns it. But Ohio owns the whole bridge. -Hope this helps!-

Are there rodeos in Ohio?

With rodeos being a popular pastime across the nation, there are rodeos in most, if not all, of the states, including Ohio.

Can you have a monkey in Ohio?

it depends on were you live like in an apartment or in a house. you should ask your landlord or whoever owns the house . there might also be laws in your state saying that you cant own any specific exotic animals. but im pretty sure there are no laws in any state that say you cant own a spider monke (MORE)

Where is wilmington Ohio?

Wilmington, Ohio is located about 45 miles away from Cincinnati and about 50 to 60 miles away from Columbus. The mayor of Wilmington is David Raizk. Wilmington is prodominately Republican. It is a farming community and right now is suffering from DHL moving.

How do you get to Florida from Ohio?

Using Google maps w/o GPS or considerations of speed, scenery etc, One basic route is I95 to I26 to I77, with the 2 junctions being in South Carolina, the latter in Columbia. All three roads are interstate highways.

Why does Ohio not have hurricanes?

Because there is no water close enough to produce the hurrican and all hurricanes are produced near oceans so by the time the hurricane would ever reach it would have died down to much to even notice im smart

Is Ohio a state?

Yes, it is located in the Midwest region of the United States between Indiana and Pennsylvania

Who discovered Ohio?

No one discovered Ohio just lik no one discovered the ding dong .... someone just happened to find one and thought it was a he started eating it and then suddenly white stuff started coming out... so he named the thing a ding dong which is something tyler Lawrence and phillip szaruga and (MORE)

What is in Ohio?

Ohio is the 17th State in the United Stated of America. The capital is Columbus,Ohio. The state bird id the cardinal.The state animal is the White-Tailed Deer. The state reptile is the Black Racer.The state Insect is the ladybug. go to this website. The state flower is the Scarlet Carnation or the (MORE)

Where is Ohio University?

The Ohio University is found in southeast Ohio, in the city of Athens. It is the oldest university west of the Appalachian mountain range in the United States of America.

Why was Ohio named Ohio?

Ohio means beautiful river in native American and when the native Americans saw the Ohio river they called the area Ohio.

Where is the Ohio river in Ohio?

It's along the southern border, between Ohio and West Virginia/Kentucky. The southern edge of the state is defined by the river.

Are there wetlands in Ohio?

Yes, there are wetlands in Ohio, but between the 1780s and 1980s, they decreased from about 5 million acres to about 483,000 acres.

What can you do in Cleveland Ohio?

SO MUCH! Cleveland Museum of Art, Westide Market, Natural Museum of History, Severance Hall (see the orchestra), Playhouse Square (theater/performance), we have multiple concert venues, Great Lakes Science Center, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, tons of local restaurants on East & West side, lots of outd (MORE)

What can you do in Ohio?

There's alot to do starting with all kinds of malls, Kalahari in Sandusky, Casta Way Bay, Cedar Point, and go spend a nice evening on the Lake Erie beaches. :)

Is Ohio cold?

Some of the time it is like winter the beginning of spring and in the end of fall.

The regions of Ohio?

Lake plains, glaciated appalachian plateu, till plains, unglaciated appalachian platue, blue grass. hope this helped.

Who are the prestidents from Ohio?

Hayes, Rutherford B. Grant, Ulysses S. Garfield, James Abram Arthur, Chester Alan Harrison, Benjamin McKinley, William Taft, William Howard Harding, Warren G. Ohio has had the most, out of all the states, presidents come from it. Tied with Virginia.

What did the Irish do in Ohio?

my great great grandparents came to ohio from ireland, and they were crop and livestock farmers. my great grandparents were decided to focus on mostly on dairy farming, along with my grandpa, and now my uncle and cousin still run the family dairy farm, it is the only dairy farm left here, and in the (MORE)

What is Ohio border-Ohio h20?

lakes and rivers are the natural boundaries to the south (Ohio River), on the east, the Ohio River runs between Ohio and West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania connect with a political boundary separating them, then Lake Eerie to the north. The west is a political boundary with Indiana decided as part (MORE)

When was there an earthquake in Ohio?

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has free information for the public on the topic at its Website, including a great map that shows the locations of all the recorded earthquakes in Ohio with their dates and magnitudes

Has Ohio had a tornado?

Yes, tornadoes are not uncommon in Ohio. One of the worst, if not the worst tornado in Ohio history was the F5 that struck Xenia on April 3, 1974 killing 34 people and causing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage.

How are Ohio summers?

Spring is rainy with average temperatures in the high 50s to mid-high 60s. Summer starts slowly with temps in the high 60s to mid 70s through late May. The 70s temps can continue into June, however, the temperature can climb to 80 in a single day-- and thus begin hotter, summer temperatures. Ohio (MORE)

How cold can it get in Ohio?

The lowest recorded temperature in Ohio was -39°F in Milligan in 1899. The average high temperatures in January (the coldest month of the year) in Cleveland are around 30° F the average lows are around 17° F In Cincinnati the average highs are around 38° F and the average lows ar (MORE)

Is Ohio in the US?

Is elton john homosexual? yes Ohio is in the U.S. You dipthong! I mean who doesn't know that. Such an Artard.

How do they dress in Ohio?

Well we don't really care how we dress The teen's have a few trends here and there I mean in the summer of course people where short then again alot of us love wearing sweatpant's were used to it. And anything really you just adapt to your own likes and dislikes

Is Ohio democart?

Ohio is considered a "battleground state". This means that Ohio can swing democrat or republican depending on the actual candidates and issues.

Is mesa in Ohio?

The city of Mesa is located in Arizona. There is also a Mesa in Ohio.

Is it sunny in Ohio?

Ohio is humid, particularly in the summertime. Winters are cold tocool, but rarely freezing. there are some severe weather in Ohiosuch as tornadoes, but these are uncommon. Ohio is generally a sunny and warm state, with the highest recordedtemperature being 45°C (113°F). Some subtropical liza (MORE)