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How many games are played in the Division Series in MLB?

Up to five games are played in the Division series in the MLB. The first team to win three games advances to the next round. The final two rounds, the League Championship seri

How many games does MLB play?

25-30 spring training 162 regular season up to 14 during the playoffs up to 7 during the world series

Has there ever been an undefeated MLB team?

No. Since 1900, when MLB has been playing schedules of 140 or more games per season, the fewest losses in a season is 36 by the 1906 Chicago Cubs (116-36).

How many games are in the MLB playoffs?

There are three total rounds of game series in the MLB playoffs. AL & NL Division series: Best out of 5 games AL & NL Championship series: Best out of 7 games World Series:

Who is the oldest person ever to play in a MLB game?

  Satchel Paige (P), played at age 59 for the Kansas City Athletics in 1965. Although, he did spend most of his time playing in the Negro leagues. Saturnino Orestes Armas

How many games do teams play out of division in the MLB?

  It depends on the division, in the AL east each of the five teams plays the other four in their division 18 times, for a total of 72 games. So in the AL east they play a

How many playoff games in MLB?

The playoffs currently have a format: Division League Series - Best of 5 League Championship Series - Best of 7 World Series - Best of 7 Only 4 teams from each league

How many triple plays have there been in MLB history?

    According to the Society for American Baseball 692. The last was made by the Yankees against the Orioles at Yankee Stadium on April 12, 2013. It was the second fo

Why does the MLB play 162 games?

In 1961 and 1962, when first the A and then the NL expanded from 8 to 10 teams, the schedule was increased from 154 geams (equal to 22 games, 11 home and 11 away, against each

How many innings was the longest MLB game ever played?

The longest professional baseball game ever played was a 33-inning minor league baseball affair between the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Sox that took place on Ap

Has there ever been an MLB game that ended with a score of 0-0?

In the 1976 Baseball Research Journal, James Watkins had an article entitled "Nothing to Nothing in Overtime," that listed all 20th Century scoreless, extra-inning ties. Jim W