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How many countries play in Davis Cup?

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In 2005, there were 134 countries represented in competition.
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In which sport do they compete for the Davis cup?

Tennis. It is the most important annual competition in mens tennis played between teams of male tennis players representing their country. Dwight F Davis purchased the ori

How many play in the ryder cup?

Each team consists of 12 players. On Friday and Saturday there is a fourball match (4 teams of two for each team), and a foursomes match (again 4 teams of two for each team),

How many countrys play NFL?

The NFL is only played in the United States. If you mean how many countries play American football, there are 52 countries registered with the International Federation of Amer

How many matches will be played in the world cup cup?

There are 64 matches total in the tournament. There are 48 matches in group play. 4 teams in each of 8 groups play a round robin consisting of 6 matches. The result of group p

How many countries play curling?

The World Curling Federation (the international governing body for curling) currently has 50 member countries, so the answer is: at least 50.

How many countries play football?

There are 207 countries in the FIFA World Rankings. Spain is number 1. Turks and Caicos Islands are number 207.

How many countries play hockey?

There are 127 playing-member nations of FIH
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Who is the captain of the Davis Cup team?

The Davis Cup is an international tennis event played between male players of those countries entering. Therefore, each country will have its own captain. In the US, for the

How many countries play baseball?

this is an idiotic question, all country's play some sort off baseball.. but the best country's are America, Japan, Australia and Canada The answer, I'm afraid, is rather mo