How many people die a day from war?

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There cannot be a correct answer to that question. Some days there will be 1,000 deaths and the next day no one would die. It is impossible to know the exact.
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How many people die a day?

About 250,000 - 300,000 people die per day. Calculations: 7 billion people on earth. Average life expectancy is about 66.12 years ~ 24150 days 7 billion people ÷ 24,150 days is just less than 300k However, life expectancy is increasing, and population isincreasing, so the actual number should be lower than 300k.

How many people die per day?

The world's population is 6,525,170,264 (July 2006 est). The death rate at 8.67 deaths/1,000 population. 154,889 deaths as a daily average.

How many people die in a day?

More than 150,000 worldwide each day. Around 1,000,000 people die a day from different causes, such as drugs, poverty, murder, suicide and cancer and other related sickness. Take 6,000,000,000 people live on earth today, The average life span of a person is 75 years, So Multiply 75 years * 365.25 days per year=27393.75 days in an average persons life. Answer, Divide 6,000,000,000 by 27393.75 will give you an answer of 219,028 people per day. That is, there are 219,028 people born today, 219,028 that are 1 day old, 219,028 that are 2 days old... all the way up to 219,028 that are a full 27,393.75(75 years old) days old. In this answer, every person on earth lives until they are 75 years old - Average of 75 years.

How many people die a day in the Iraq war?

The number of people who die in a day in the Iraq war variesgreatly. In total however, the Iraq war cost more than 500,000lives by the end of 2013 according to the UN.

How many people die during war?

The number of people who die during a given war is not static.However, the number is usually large bearing in mind the weaponsthat are used and the atrocity that is committed during the war.

How many people die because of war each day?

A lot of people die each day from a variety of events. The two main threats are hunger and war. Hunger kills about 35,000,000 people each year while war kills about 29,000,000 each year.

How many people will die in a nuclear war?

A large nuclear war could kill the entire population of the world (which is currently about seven billion people) but there could also be a smaller nuclear war, which might kill only a few million people.

How many people die a day'?

There are about 1.5 billion zillion people that die a day in just Iowa alone. If any one is reading this I just made something up because i really don't care about this question. I would sit around counting the people that die, like: Oh there goes another two thousand people, no, i actually spend my days staying active unlike half the population of the world.