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How many square feet are in 12 feet x12feet?

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There are: 12 times 12 = 144 square feet
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12 feet by 17 feet is how many square yards?

12' x 17' (204 square feet) = 22.66 square yards.

How many square yards are there in 60 feet by 12 feet?

You can convert from linear feet to linear yards and multiply, or you can multiply the linear feet and then divide by 9 square feet per square yard.. Method 1 . 60 feet =

How many square feet in .12 acres?

.12 acres = 5,227.2 square feet. Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula 0.12 acres   * | 43560 ft² 1 acres     =   5,227.2 ft² /

How many square meters is 24 feet by 12 feet?

288 square feet = 26.756 m2 *You could estimate this as the number of square yards, which is 8 x 4 = 32, but square meters are about 20% larger.

How many square feet is 12 by 20 feet room?

240 square feet. Multiply the length by the width. The result is the area in square feet.