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How much does one trillion dollars weigh?

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A trillion dollars in one dollar bills would way about 1.1 million tons, or 2.2 billion pounds. If you were using 100 dollar bills it would way about 11 thousands tons
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How much does one million dollars in one hundred dollar bills weigh?

Each note no matter what the denomination weighs one gram.There are  454 grams to a pound.So one pound would have 454 notes.A million  dollars in ones you take 1,000,000 dol

How much does one million dollars weigh?

In one dollar bills it is 1 tonne (2000 lbs - 900kg). According to US treasury. Video on youtube...minute physics It would depend on the type of currency. For example a millio

How much does one dollar in pennies weigh?

I weighed out a dollar's worth of pennys and what I got was 50c @ 9 oz and a dollar's worth @ 1 lb 2.5 oz . Never mind this gram and metric stuff, some of us humans still wor

How much does 12 trillion dollars weigh?

According to the Federal Reserve, a single US banknote has a mass of about a gram, so 12 trillion of them would be about 12 billion kilograms. If they were in $100 bills, it w

What does trillion dollars in 100 bills weigh?

US bills weigh 1 gram each so the answer simply involves dividing  some powers of 10 (remember exponents from high-school math?):    1 trillion is 10^12 and 100 is 10^