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How much is a 10 karat ring worth?

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My estimate is $23 at a pawn shop.
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How much is a 2 karat diamond ring worth?

It depends on what the band of the ring is made out of and the  diamonds quality. It can be taken to a jeweler to find out a  estimated value.

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What is the value of a 10 karat ring?

Well, the 10k ring if not has diamond can costs $30 Dollars per  gram has to be " PURE SOLID WHITE GOLD FORMULA " Because it is the  best quality ! The Soft yellow gold it's (MORE)

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How much is 1 gram of 10 karat white gold worth?

The popular 10k white gold formula have stable price in the world  market today the cost is $30 to $35 Dollars per gram if it's scrap;  but if it's good used jewelry or new (MORE)

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What is a ring which is 14 karats and weighs 7.3 grams worth?

Pure gold is 24 karat. 12 karat gold contains 1/2 pure gold (12/24=50%). 14 karat gold is 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts other metal. 14/24 = .5833 So, 14 karat gold i (MORE)

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How much is a 10 karat white gold ring worth?

well, in pawn shops your lucky if you get $30.00, usually they'll only give you $20.00, but to buy a 10k gold ring is worth alot. you could sell it for anywhere from $50.00-$1 (MORE)

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Price of a 10 karat gold ring?

Hello,well, the price of 10 Karat gold alloys metal ring depent how  sale and the desing in the jewelry inductry's... Because in the  world market the yellow gold metal 24k (MORE)

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Is it better to wear 14 karat gold ring or 10 karat?

It depends by what you mean "better". 14 karat gold is a higher purity of gold and it will therefore be more expensive and have more gold in it. 10 karat gold will have less g (MORE)

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How much is a 63 karat gold ring is?

Pure gold is 24 karats, there is no such grade for gold at 63 karat. No matter how much gold you have you cannot have a higher purity for gold than 24 karat
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