How much is a 10 karat ring worth?

Answer My estimate is $23 at a pawn shop.
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How much is a 1 karat sapphire worth?

Any were from US$ 1 to US$ 5000 and more depending upon the colour, size and clarity.   The cost of sapphire gems varies depending on their color, clarity, size, cut, and (MORE)

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How much is 18 karat gold worth?

24 karat gold is pure gold. So, 18 kt gold is 18/24th's pure or roughly 75% pure gold. If Gold is selling for $1000 an ounce, $750 an ounce might be a fair price for 18 Kt gol (MORE)

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How much is a 10 karat white gold ring worth?

well, in pawn shops your lucky if you get $30.00, usually they'll only give you $20.00, but to buy a 10k gold ring is worth alot. you could sell it for anywhere from $50.00-$1 (MORE)

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What is a ring which is 14 karats and weighs 7.3 grams worth?

Pure gold is 24 karat. 12 karat gold contains 1/2 pure gold (12/24=50%). 14 karat gold is 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts other metal. 14/24 = .5833 So, 14 karat gold is 58 (MORE)

Is it better to wear 14 karat gold ring or 10 karat?

It depends by what you mean "better". 14 karat gold is a higher purity of gold and it will therefore be more expensive and have more gold in it. 10 karat gold will have less g (MORE)

How much is one karat of pyrite worth?

Pyrite is not very valuable for just the minerals. However, some people collect mineral specimens and might offer quite a bit for an excellent sample of pyrite. I just did a s (MORE)

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