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If a certain measurement of a polygon is 612 inches squared what does that mean?

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It means that the surface area of the polygon has an area of 612 square inches.
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Does cubic inches mean squared?

No  THIS IS SQUARED - 22  THIS IS CUBED- 23Squared means length times width, or X2. Cubed means length times width times height, or X3.

What is the square root of 612?


Why is area measured in squares inches?

When calculating area we multiply length and width ( in the instance of a square ). If we had an area 5 in long and 5 in wide the area is 25 in^2 because we also multiply the

What is 3.5 squared mean in inches?

3.52 in. would mean 12.2 inches 3.5 in.2 would mean a square where each side is 3.5 inches long. Any shape with the same area as the square would have 3.5 in.2.

How do you get diagonal measurement of a 17x17 inch square?

You use the Pythagorean Theorem, which says that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is the sum of the squares of the other two sides. Two adjacent sides of a squ

How do you find the outside dimension of a polygon expressed in linear inches from the area of the polygon expressed in square inches?

You cannot. There is no simple relationship between the area of a polygon and its dimensions. For example a rectangle with an area of 1 sq inch can have any length, L, of 1 o
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What can you measure in square inches?

As square inches are a measure of area, you can measure any area  you like in square inches.    However, depending upon the size of the area:   square feet may be