Is Mickie james Dating Brutus Magnus?

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It's been rumored that they are, but there's no definate anwser yet
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Is mickie James dating John Cena?

No John cena has annouced that he is engaged to a woman named Liz, and wants to get married later this year . he also said he wouldn't have sex or date a diva. him and Liz

Is mickie James dating anyone?

this might not be true but i heard she had dated john cena and by what happened on a recent show they were very flirty i believe its true. why else would they mix cena and mic

Did mickie James date Jeff hardy?

NO, or at least i dont think they dated, but im pretty sure they didn't. sry if im wrong. July 31, 2008. No Jeff and Mickie have never dated. Mickie is dating Cena and Jeff

Is mickie james and john cena dating?

No. In real life, he goes out with his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. He announced his engagement to his girl friend Elizabeth Huberdeau in the year 2009. The couple got married on

Does mickie james date black guys?

no she doesn't because if you look at her video's then you will see that she didn't or she did not date girls they made her do that and if you see her with two black guys she