Is there any injurs in the colts?

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the most notable injury for the colts is Dwight Freeney (ankle).
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If you are a head injured person getting back into work would that have any impact on the workplace's insurance as they can't disclose anything to you?

Answer . \nGenerally speaking, If your workplace offer insurance options, you cannot be denied because of a pre-existing condition. Now is you were to apply for insurance through your own methods separate from your workplace you could be denied based on what information you have supplied in orde (MORE)

If you are at fault in an auto accident and the other driver said at the scene he was not injured and didn't appear to have any injuries how long does he have to claim injuries later?

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Can you find any records about a colt saa revolver that was purchased by Winchester from colt in 1878 serial number 39440?

Based on your serial number, the gun was actually manufactured in 1877. To locate the original purchaser of the gun, you will need to order an archive letter (also called a factory letter) directly from Colt. The link below contains the specific ordering information. \n. For the Colt Single Actio (MORE)

What is colts?

The technical deffinition for it is a male horse under 4 or 5. However, some people call all young horses, regardless of gender, a colt.

Why does the 92 dodge colt not have any power when taking off?

Well , the Colt has a very small engine and a smaller amount of horsepower compared to a Sedan or a truck. It's body weight to horsepower ratio is not very good resulting in poor acceleration. There are a few things you can do but not much. \n. High octane gas, making sure engine is tuned ( changin (MORE)

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Any information about the Colt Silver Snake python?

This is a stainless steel special edition from 1983. It is a 6 inch barrel with a coiled "python " etched on the left side of the gun and other laser ethings on the barrel (both sides). It also came with Colt custom shop Pachmayer Presentation rubber grips, carrying case, historical letter, and only (MORE)

Were any people injured during the building of the Sphinx?

Of course there were! Many people, men and women, were injured because of heavy lifting and non-stop working. Many had severe arthritis and broken bones, because of, like I said, heavy lifting and non-stop working. There may have been more reasons but I cannot think of them at the time. I did a book (MORE)

Can any 410 shot gun shoot 45 colt rounds?

NO!!! There ARE some firearms that are made to fire both, but the standard .410 shotgun is not. You are trying to push a .45 caliber bullet through a .41 caliber barrel. This is extremely dangerous. Can it be done? Yes. How many times can it be done before you blow the gun up? No one knows THAT answ (MORE)

Did Secretariat father any colts?

He sired these horses - Lady's Secret who was the 1986 Horse of the Year. Risen Star which won the 1988 Belmont and Preakness Kingston Rule which won the Melbourne Cup in Ausralia. And also Tinners Way which won the 1994 and 1995 G1 Pacific Classic. Read more: (MORE)

Have any of secretariats colts won races?

He sired these horses - Lady's Secret who was the 1986 Horse of the Year. Risen Star which won the 1988 Belmont and Preakness Kingston Rule which won the Melbourne Cup in Ausralia. And also Tinners Way which won the 1994 and 1995 G1 Pacific Classic.

What will happen to the organism if any of the parts of the heart were injured?

It depends on the severity of the damage, but it has the potentialto cause death to the organism. The problem with this question is that you haven't actually told us what "these parts" are. But leaving that aside, damage to the parts of the heart will generally cause the heart to stop beating, which (MORE)

What do you think will happen to your cell tissues if any of these parts were injured or diseased?

In the case of damage the cells will undergo apoptosis. Then other cells in the organ will replicate and begin to repair the organ. This can take different lengths of time depending on what tissue it is and how severe the damage is. In the case of a disease either your body will fight off the inf (MORE)

What will happen to the plant if any parts that make up the shoot system were injured or diseased?

The plant could die without necessary nutrition. However, the plant will do its best to repair the injured part andthe diseased part will struggle for its survival. In some of the cases a callus of cells will be formed anddifferentiation of tissues will take place to form a new shoot.This happens (MORE)

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Will rainbow dash EVER like any colt?

As of now, look for fanfic for that sort of stuff. As of in theshow, that is for the writers to decide, but knowing that the mainfandom they have is over 80% guys, they probly won't be making tomany episodes on loving relationships, do to the fact that mostprobly wouldn't be that interested in that. (MORE)

Were any people injured or killed in the empire state building process?

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If part of the kidney were injured or diseased, metabolites willaccumulate. There will be a lessening of the creation oferythropoietin, which is needed to force the long bones to createred blood cells, necessitating the intake of epoetin alfa (Epogen,for example) to artificially stimulate red blood (MORE)

What would happen to your kidneys if any of their parts were injured or diseased?

You have two of them, and they are able to take over from oneanother. So if one kidney is so severely damaged or deseased thatit even has to be removed, the other kidney will simply take over.If both kidneys are so severely damaged or deseased that they stopfunctioning you can live on, but you will (MORE)