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Method for computation of frequency and severity rates for Industrial Injuries and Classification of Industrial accident?

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Frequency Rate = # lost time injuries X 200,000 divided by hours worked Severity Rate = # DAYS lost due to work injuries X 200,000 divided by hours worked This gives you the number of injuries (or days lost) per 100 people working The terms were used by the National Safety Council unitl the early 70's when they were replaced by "incidence rates"
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Industrial injury compensation is this taxable?

Amounts you receive as workers' compensation for an occupational sickness or injury are fully exempt from tax if they are paid under a workers' compensation act or a statute i

What was the UK construction industry accident frequency rate for 2008?

In statistics on accidents reported on UK you can check it at http://www.statistics.gov.uk/CCI/nscl.asp?ID=8094, this site will give all info about how many accidents occurr

Classification of small scale industry?

CLASSIFICATION OF SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY UNIT1) Manufacturing Industries Manufacturing industries are those industries producing complete articles for direct consumption and al

How do you prevent chemical or industrial accidents?

Some of the common things that employers should look at in the workplace to avoid industrial accidents are : 1. Exposed electrical wiring's and outlets 2.Unguarded heavy machi

Classification of industries?

Industry is classified in 4 types:- 1.Extracting Industry 2.Genetic Industry 3.Construction Industry 4.Manufacturing Industry By Shreyansh Dugar The Assam Valley S

What are the effects of industrial accidents?

industrial accident greatly effect human environment as well as physical environment the fumes and smoke that blow increases the rate of pollution , the reputation of industri

How can you help prevent industrial accidents?

You can help prevent industrial accidents by paying attention to your surroundings. This means the people and machines working around you and the general environment of the ar

What is a industrial accident?

An accident that happens normally at a place of work. Industrial accidents are normally referred as that if there is a wide scale accident.

How do you calculate the accident frequency rate?

No. of Accident*(Ref.Value)/(total working man-hours)    Ref. Value=100 (Number of worker) * 45 (number of working hours per week) * 50 (number of working weeks a year)

What is accident frequency rate?

An accident frequency rate is the number of accidents that occur  within a specific company during a defined time period. This rate  is often used to find areas within the c
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Why do industrial accidents occur?

Well first off, an industrial accident is just that, an accident. There is however quite a few more common reasons these accidents occur. These include failing to train new em