What are some everyday examples using lateral faces?

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What are some examples of everyday chemical reactions?

Photosynthesis in plants, digestion in our own bodies, decay of any biological matter from plants to dead animals. There's also oxidation of various materials exposed to the atmosphere, from paint on cars getting hazy to metals corroding. Also less natural things like the chemical reactions in the b (MORE)

Give an example of a problem faced by the consumers in everyday life?

Answer . the greatest problem one would encounter everyday is the ability to survive each day. the ability to face each day with a lot of demands,each day you have to spend for your fare,food,etc. ts a lot tougher when you don't know when to get money to meet these demands.

What is lateral faces?

The lateral face for a prism or pyramid is any edge or face which is not part of a base.

What are some examples of polymers you use and see all the everyday?

Some examples are: polycarbonate, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyvinylacetate, polysulphone, polythene, polytheneterephtalate, polyamide, polymetaacrylate and many others. Specific examples are: The rubber in your erasures. The rubber bands in the braces of some students. The plastic overhead trans (MORE)

What are some everyday examples of temperature effects on rate?

I assume you are talking about rates of reactions? In which case cakes bake faster at higher temperatures as well as many other reactions in cooking food. Then there are reactions in your body. As warmblooded animals we regulate our body temperatures so that the chemical reactions in our cells (eg r (MORE)

What are some everyday uses for algebra?

Archetechs and calculations of buildings, finance and economy(Especially banks), video/computer games(they usually consist of very complex algebraic equations to calculate position, points, etc., I know that since I am a game developer sometimes), and ESPECIALLY MACHINERY. (Just to name very few)

What are some examples of everyday elements?

Some examples of everyday elements are: . the oxygen we breathe . aluminum cans and cookware . copper pipes . iron skillets and fences . a diamond or the graphite in a pencil (carbon) . the chlorine in bleach . gold jewelry . a silver tea set . calcium or potassium nutritional supplements (MORE)

What are some everyday examples of synesthesia?

I'm not quite sure this is what u wanted but..... (this is from a website) These are my color and pitch perceptions : C-white C#/Db navy blue, somewhat metallic D-gray-green D# yellow-green; Eb gold, metallic E-bright yellow F-crimson red, tending toward magenta. Very vivid and rich. (MORE)

Can you give me some examples of everyday databases?

Many of your activities throughout the day use databases. Here are some common examples. If you purchase something at the grocery store, the price is being looked up in a database based on the UPC (Universal Product Code) When you watch TV, and see the stock market prices at the bottom of the (MORE)

What are some everyday uses of filters?

Coffee Filters for some types of coffee preparation . Internet Filters to block access to some websites (used in schools & workplaces) . Photographic Filters can be used to change the photo taken slightly

Examples of ratios in everyday use?

Many people use ratios for many reasons in everyday things we preform. Cooking, for example, because you have to measure the ingredients.

What are some everyday examples of gay lussacs law?

Gay-Lussac's!-- your automobile or home airconditioning system compresses a gas and then pipes the high pressure gas into a radiator where it expands and turns cold which cools the air flowing past the radiator fins and this cooled air is directed into your car or house.

What are some everyday uses of magnets?

A few magnets that could be around the home are: . compass needle; for navigation . fridge magnets . inside a microwave . bag belt buckle . a credit car (magnetic stripe) . inside the earth . a car There are many more !

What are some examples of radiant energy in everyday life?

Radiant Energy is electromagnetic energy that travels in traverse waves. Radiant energy includes visible light, x-rays, gamma rays and radio waves. Light is one type of radiant energy. Sunshine is radiant energy which provides fuel and warmth that make life on Earth possible.

What are some everyday uses for magnets?

Magnets are used in computer hard drives, recording tapes, cabinet door latches, electric motors, certain types of bearings, MRI machines, and stereo speakers. In addition, the operating principle of compasses that guide people in navigation is based on the magnetic field of the earth. Everyday u (MORE)

What are some everyday examples of convection?

When you are boiling water, it's an example of convection because the water at the bottom of the pot gets warm and becomes less dense causing it ti rise to the top and it then makes the cold water warm and the cycle continues. This is known as a convection current.

What are some everyday examples of atomic energy?

Atomic energy? If you're talking about chemical energy (from the bonds between atoms) then anything on fire is an example. If you're talking about nuclear energy (from the nucleus in an atom) , that can be found in nuclear power plants or in the sun. There aren't really any everyday examples of nucl (MORE)

What are some everyday uses of sulfur?

Disinfection of empty wine barrels by burning elementary sulfur Anti dandruff shampoos Tyre rubber additive Black powder for fireworks (besides KNO3 and C)

What are some everyday uses of beryllium?

There really aren't any. Beryllium is fairly rare for and kind of pricey. It's used as a dopant in electronics manufacture, and that's probably the most "everyday" usage of it that there is. (Unless you are an NMR technician, in which case you probably have a set of expensive beryllium - copper al (MORE)

What are examples of simple machines you use everyday?

cars, the sink, and blowdrier a washing and drying machine hair straighners hair crumpers, housephone cellphones, ipods, ipads, the COMPUTER, iphones, tablets the TV a yard mower a leafblower and a whole bunch of other things

What are some examples of irony in everyday use?

On the show survivor, Dalton told one of the girls that she could burn up in the fire or go out on a stretcher, that he didn't care. Ironic , He got appendicitis and was taken out on a stretcher, Ironic? or Karma?

What are some everyday uses of mirrors?

There are quite a few i can think of of the top of my head . for looking in! . when you go the dentist . in cars to see behind you . at the hair dressers to check they have messed up! I actually posted this question as I have a physics exam at mtgs and we didn't cover the topic any improvement (MORE)

What are some examples of face tanner?

Clarins Self Tanner for Face and Decollete, Jergens Natural Glow, Kate Somerville Face Self Tanning Pads, Xen-Tan face tanning products and St Tropez Tan everyday face tanner.

What are some everyday uses of caffeine?

Mainly caffeine appears in several drinks: caffeine appears in plants such as coffee, tee, yerba mate , guarana, and others, and it is artifically added to some drinks such as Coca Cola.