What are the advantages of different kinds of skateboard wheels?

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Bigger wheels make it easier to roll over cracks in the road.
softer wheels are good for riding vert because they grip the ground alot better than hard wheels.
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What is the best skateboard wheel size?

it depends on where u live...if u live somewhere rocky, the bigger the wheel the better, if u have smooth ground i would get 52mm's i live in England where it is mostly rough ground and i skate 49mms so it doesn't really matter

What are skateboard wheels made of?

Well it really depends on what kind your talking about. Sometimes they are made of plastic but if you're buying pro wheels like spitfire then they are hardend rubber

How do you make skateboard wheels smaller?

Well there are many ways. :If you have a metal grinder on a workbench in your garage or workshop, use that. :If you have a belt sander, BELT only because a spin sander wont work. :Or if you have a treadmill, try buying a huge piece of sandpaper and wrapping it around then put your board and s (MORE)

How do you put wheels on a skateboard?

well first you have to make sure you have the bearings in the wheel on both sides. then you just put them on and tighten the bolt that goes on the end of the truck. dont tighten it to much or your wheels wont spin, so make sure the wheels can spin and continue to spin, but not able to fall off

Best wheels for skateboard?

1.Spitfire 2.Autobahn 3.Hubba 4.Toy Machine Bullet, Spitfire, Hubba, Speed demons. - VooDoo 13 - Ricta, OJ III ( my favorites), but it 's all prefference. Different sizes and hardnesses are for different styles and purposes.

Who invented the skateboard wheel?

Don't know if there's a special inventor for that. First they used wheels off roller skates, then eventually someone started making wheels that were almost roller skate wheels, but just a little adapted to do better on a skateboard.

What are the advantages of skateboarding?

There are lots of advantages to skateboarding! Some of these include:. Improvement to balance . Learning of a new skill . Sponsorships . Popularity . Fun . Adrenal Bursts . I'm sure there are many more, but always remember safety when skateboarding!

How do you break in skateboard wheels?

There really isn't such a thing as breaking in skate wheels but if i am misunderstanding what you are saying what the only thing i could say is just ride them.

What is inside skateboard wheels?

Bearings, They are in the metal wheel in the middle of the wheel to make it rotate around the truck axel. the wheels are usually solid if that's what your asking.

How do you get your bearings out of your wheel on a skateboard?

1.put the wheel half way were you put the wheel on the skateboard then push the front of the wheel down and the back of the wheel up and one will come off .do the same with the other if they don't come of put wd40 on them and let them rest a while and do the steps again. if you have any questions go (MORE)

Why do you freeze skateboard wheels?

the reason you freeze your wheels is to try and make them last longer. If you freeze them make sure you let them warm up before you skate or they will chip very easly

What is the hardness of a skateboard wheel?

It depends, harder skate wheels are designed for sliding like reverts or finishing a full cab. Softer wheels (gummy wheels) are designed for grip making it alot harder to slide

Are fireball skateboard wheels heavy?

I assume you mean Spitfire brand, and no they are great. If you are concerned with weight of products, you probably need to skate for a few years more. and anyway you shouldn't even be thinking about those you should be buying RICTAS!

What are good street skateboarding wheels?

I would suggest spitfire wheels for street skating but to be honest the brand doesnt matter as much as the hardness of the wheel. For street skating you would probably want a hardness of about 95a to 100a.

What skateboard wheels are good?

well dude, there are lots of so called reliable brands, but i'd hang with zero, zoo york, and spitfire, theyre wheels don't get scuffed up and get those annoying potholes in the wheels.

Skateboard wheels best for sped?

The best wheels to get is normal not gel .gel wheels will make you slow down not able to feel the wind in your face unless its windy.

How do you fix your skateboard wheels when they are rusty?

Easiest fix is to replace the bearings. Unbolt the wheels, pull them off the axle. Poke something through the axle hole at an angle to push the bearings out. Bring some to the store to get the right kind when you buy replacements. Keep track of the spacer that has to go between the bearings.

How much are skateboard wheels?

I've always gotten mine for about $20 (for a 4 pack haha). They might be a bit more expensive depending on the brand and their quality. The people working at skate stores can also probably help you choose what's best for your board.

How do you remove bearings from a skateboard wheel?

put your wheel half way in your the pointy thingy on you r trucks where you put you wheels and bend it so your bearings can come out or you can use a screw driver but the best way to get it out is the trucks way

What are the wheels of the skateboard?

Wheels on skateboard can be as little as 50mm and go as big as 70mm (longboard wheels) and the softness rating verys. Smaller wheels are better for flip tricks, while bigger wheels are better for ramps and cursing . Harder wheels are better for tricks, while softer wheels are better for multi terrai (MORE)

How do you choose skateboard wheel bearings?

There are many different types of board bearings, but if you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on pro bearings, Bones Reds Bearings are your best choice at about $10-$30.

How do you take berrings out of skateboard wheel?

By "berrings" i assume you mean "bEArings". Anyway, its kinda like opening a bottle of beer. Take the wheel with the bearings off the trucks, and use the end of the hangar of the truck to prize out the bearing. Easy as pie!

Are HKD skateboard wheels fast?

with skateboards its not the wheel that make the board go faster its the bearings the fastest ones out there are bones ceramic swiss

Do skateboard bearings come with wheels?

hahaha only if your buying a complete board if your only buying wheels then no, never, ever. No they do not you must buy them seperate. The tires are called wheels on skateboards though.

How do you change skateboard wheels?

Well, after wiping your bottom until it is fully clean, pick up your freshly made logs and 'pop' them in the oven. Take them out just when your Guardian comes out yelling and say that 'the elephants are just too in need of an ivory refrigerator'.