What are the collect a books NFL pro set worth?

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What is the 1992 Pro Set Racing Cards set worth?

Try 2009 Beckett Annual Racing Price Guide #16 with Bonus Alphabetical Checklist. There's a lot of price guide for you to look at, just look for pricing guide online. Have
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Are collect a books worth anything?

When they don't sell them anymore like in 10 maybe 20 years, then they will be worth a lot of $
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What is the value of NFL Pro Set card?

Not much, they were overproduced............ 3 bucks at most, and that would be for a mint Favre rookie. Most can't even be given away.
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How much is a nfl pro jersy worth?

i know a Pittsburgh Steeler team shirt costs $300.00 with your name on. The next one down in cost with the name of a player which is also a good quality is $150.00.