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What does heading means in soccer?

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Heading is a term used for when the ball is in the air and a player hits the ball with the top front part of their head, causing the ball to fly in a different direction. Players usually use their forehead to most effectively head the ball, also, using the forehead hurts less.
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What is the meaning of heading in soccer?

Heading in soccer is when a player using their head to move the  ball in the direction they want the ball to go, rather than using  their feet. To avoid the ball going in th

What does the term 'booked' mean in soccer?

If a player commits a foul which is worthy or either a yellow or red card, he is 'booked' whereby the referee writes the players details and details of the foul in his noteboo

What does it mean to get a caps in soccer?

A player is "capped" for each international match played. Some "friendly" games also count. A player who has played in 50 international matches has fifty caps. The origin It

What does soccer mean to you?

  Soccer is everything to me!!! It is a game of fun, it is a really great game and I think all of you ppl would really like it!

Can you head the ball back to your goalie in soccer?

Yes, then he or she can handle it. If you just kick it back to him or her then they can't handle it and must kick it. If an opposing team member has made contact with the ball

What does a red flag mean what in soccer?

Do you mean a red card? When a Referee gives someone a red card in a soccer match, that player is sent of for that match AND the following match. If a player gets 2 yellow ca

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its used in league tables format goals for shows how many goals the team has scored over the season goals against shows how many goals the team has conceded say rangers

How would one head the ball in soccer?

To head the ball in soccer do the following: 1-keep your eyes open 2-look at the ball 3- shoulders back 4- arms out (pretend your in a jail cell) 5-watch the ball hi