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What happens if the tennis ball hits a player outside the court without a bounce?

Here is the link to the official USTA tennis rules: Under Section 24. Player Loses Point (page 19), The point is lost if: The ball in play touches the player or anything that the player is wearing or carrying, except the racket; This rule does not specify whether the player is inside or outside of the court. This means that it doesn't matter if the player is inside or outside of the court. As long as the player touches the ball with his body or clothing, s/he loses the point. This interpretation can be verified at the following site: Under section g., there is a comment on this rule, which states: USTA Comment: This loss of point occurs regardless of whether the tennis player is inside or outside the bounds of his tennis court when the tennis ball touches him. Writer's comment: Even though the ball is clearly out if the player was hit by the ball when s/he was standing outside of the court, the player whom was hit by the ball still loses the point because s/he touches the ball with his body or clothing, which ends the point.
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In Tennis What Happens If The Ball hits the net during play?

If the ball hits the net and goes over during a serve, it is called a let and is not counted as a fault. If it doesn't go over it is counted as a fault.   In play, if the b (MORE)
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What makes a tennis ball bounce?

The tennis ball is distorted from its round shape when it hits the ground, which means the volume inside is reduced or the air inside is being compressed. The air then pushes (MORE)
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When does a tennis ball loses its bounce?

  When it is manufactured, the tennis ball has a bit of pressure inside it. It is sealed in a pressurized container to keep the inside pressure "up" and make the ball play (MORE)
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What makes a table tennis ball bounce?

On the way down it is gravity, on the way up it is the weight and material composition of the ball that compresses and expands due to kinetic energy build up.
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