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What is Alexander Ovechkin's girlfriend's name?

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Valeria Sokolova
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What is Alexander Ovechkin's fan mail address?

>16 lakegrander road Washington d.c. 10210 According to the Washington Capitals web site, the current fan mail address is: Washington Capitals Attn: (Player's Name) 627 N

What is Alexander ovechkin's line?

Ovechkin is on the 1st line of the Washington Capitals with Backstrom and Semin. Glad to help! P.S Go capitals and Ovechkin! Boo penguins and Crosby!

What' the name of ALexander ovechkin's sister?

He doesn't have a sister. He have one brother. he had two but when ovechkin was 10 he died in a car accident. he was the one who makes possible that ovechkin can play icehocke

What is Alexander Ovechkin's religion?

Alexander Ovechkin's religion is Russian Orthodox, the largest of all the orthodox religions in the world and second to the Roman Catholic church among all the Christian churc