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What is one word for an area where the race horses are paraded?

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Horse racing do they hit the horse?

The jockey will sometimes carry what is called a "bat" which is about 2 feet long with a flat leather end. They will use this to smack the horse on the flank (just behind the

How much horses race in a race?

The Kentucky Derby has 20 horses. But yeah, it's different from race to race. It's rare that there is more than 20 horses, but it happens. Usually 10-20, but sometimes only 2.

What is the name of horses that ride in Christmas parades?

There is no specific breed of horse just for parades. I have seen many different breeds. Arabians make wonderful parade horses because they are so beautiful and animated. The

Can any horse be a race horse?

I am sure any type COULD be a racehorse but not all horses are cut out to be one. Most racehorses are quarter horses or thoroughbreds. A quarter horse is the fastest horse but