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What is the average annual rate of return for the SP 500 over the past 12 months?

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What companies are on the SP 500?

  3M Company   Abbott Labs   Abercrombie and Fitch   Adobe Systems   Advanced Micro Devices   AES Corp.   Aetna Inc.   Affiliated Compu

What is the average weight of a 12-month-old?

The average weight of a 12 month old child is three times the birth weight of that child. At 6 months they should be double their birth weight!

Formula for average rate of return?

Average rate of return=Average profit /Initial investment*100% or ARR=Average profit /Average investment*100% or ARR=Total profit /Initial Investment*100%

List the objectives you set out to achieve in the past 12 months?

first I want to complete that task which yet still pending. like my MCITP is still pending ,I have to complete my Linux course too. Objective means what goals you set out fo

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Average Rate of Return?

The accounting rate of return (ARR) method may be known as the return on capital employed (ROCE) or return on investment (ROI). The ARR is ratio of the accounting profit to th

SA Jibar rate for last 12 months?

would it have been an advantage to link my home loan to the JIBAR instead of the Prime rate on 9 February 2009?