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What is the prime number nearest 80?

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It is: 79
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What is 80 as a product of prime numbers?

80 is an even number, thus it is divisible by 2; 80/2 = 40. 40 is also even, so it too is divisible by 2; 40/2 = 20. The same applies to 20; 20/2 = 10, and to 10; 10/2 = 5. Si

Is 80 a prime or composite number?

Answer:   80 is not a prime number. It is a composite number.    Definition:   A prime number has exactly two factors: 1 (also known as unity) and  itself. A c

What prime numbers equal 80?

The only number that equals 80 is 80, and it's not a prime number.

Why are 70 and 80 prime numbers?

ANSWER: 70 and 80 are not prime numbers. They are composite numbers: 70 is a composite number because the factors of 70 other 1 and itself (70) are 2, 5, 7, 10, 14, and 35.

What are prime numbers of 80?

To find the prime factors of a number, start with any two factors  and keep factoring the numbers until all factors are prime.    80   2 x 40   2 x 2 x 20