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The triangle is the strongest geometric shape, as it holds its shape and has a base which is very strong. The triangle is common in all sorts of building supports and trusses.

If all three sides of a triangle are made of rigid material, the angles are fixed and cannot get larger or smaller without breaking at the joints, unlike a rectangle, for example, which can turn into a parallelogram and even collapse totally. If you take a rectangle and place one diagonal piece from corner to corner, you can make that strong and stable, too, but doing that makes two triangles.
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What is Geometrical shapes?

Answer . geometrical shapes are shapes resembling or employing the simple rectilinear or curvilinear lines or figures used in geometry.

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Triangles and octet-trusses are used alot in bridges become they hold their shape well when subject to a variety of stresses. However hexagons and lorimerlite frameworks are u

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What is the strongest geometric shap?

We generally consider the triangle as the geometric shape with the greatest strength. A classic example is a bicycle frame. The "basic" triangle in the frame is composed of

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Is heart shape a geometric shape?

yes , a heart is a geometric shape Yes. (We're not talking about the primary organ of the circulatory system here. It's a math question.)Draw a heart on a piece of paper.