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The bill of lading lists everything that has arrived in a shipment. It allows the recipient and the sender to see everything that has been shipped and is useful in inventory control practices.
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What does bill of lading mean?

  The Bill of Lading is the basic document between a shipper and a carrier. It describes the condition under which the goods are accepted by the carrier and details of the

Why you are using revenue stamp in bill of lading?

    Bill of   lading is legal contract document. Without revenue stamp it mere a contract and   it has no legal document but after putting (affixing) revenue sta

What is a Switch bill of lading?

"Switch" bills of lading are a second set of bills of lading issued by the carrier (or by the carrier's agent) in substitution for the set issued at the time of shipment. The

Why bill of lading is required?

it is an accurate written document showing the work povided by one source for another. this record provides a customer with written documentation for services that he/she has

Explain what is surrender bill of lading?

  Under a term import documentary credit the bank releases the documents on receipt from the negotiating bank but the importer does not pay the bank until the maturity of

Are named Bill of lading and straight bill of lading the same?

A named Bill of landing is a negotiable Bill, capable of transferring title to the goods covered under it by its delivery or endorsement. Its terms provide that the freight is

Who should be the Shipper on a Bill of Lading?

The company that is PHYSICALLY shipping the freight (the company whose dock the freight is leaving).

What is dirty bill of lading?

A bill of lading containing note of conditions of good.For instance number of brocken goods, socked goods,and torn good before they are accepted by shipping officers

What are the disadvantages of bill of lading?

  it is not negotiable at a bank or any other institution and cannot  be exchanged for money, it is just a receipt of cargo   release is not as secure as an original b

What is Split Bill of Lading?

One of two or more B/L's which have been split from a single B/L.

What does bill of lading number mean?

Each Bill of Lading has a set of numbers that differentiates each  BOL from each other. Basically to match the number to a customer's  name when researching it for example.