What uniform numbers did Jon lester wear?

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Lester currently wears #31 for the Boston Red Sox. He has worn a jersey with a 2 in the past. I'm in search of that number and why he changed.
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Why is it important to wear your uniform properly?

To show proffesionalism in your appearance and Esprit de Corps. You would not likely go up to someone with his/her shirt hanging out, shoes unshined, cap on crooked and stains on the uniform for assistance. Or, maybe you would if you were in need of help and recognized that person as a US military service member who had slogged through the mud to get to you.

Who was the first major league baseball player to wear a number on his uniform?

Earle Combs number 1 . The answer to this question would have to be what team wore the first uniform numbers on their jersey, because no single player wore a number first without the rest of the team. If you want to consider the first player to come to bat with a uniform number as the first then it would be Earle Combs of the New York Yankees. Although the Cleveland Indians were the first team to experiment with wearing numbers on their sleeves in 1916, it was not until 1929 when the Yankees were the first team to wear numbers on their backs on a regular basis. I cannot find any information on the numbers the Cleveland Indians wore. Numbers were first given out to players as to their position in the batting order. For example Babe Ruth batted third in the line up, and wore number 3, Lou Gehrig wore number 4 as he batted fourth. Earle Combs batted first, and wore the number 1 .

Why do you have to wear uniforms?

School Uniforms should be worn because it prevents people from using clothing as signage to represent their chosen lifestyles or gang affiliations. Also, many kids in urban neighborhoods do not have a large variety of clothes and/or designer brand cloths, so the uniformity that uniforms provide is a comfort for those kids who would otherwise feel left out.

Why do you wear uniforms?

Uniforms are worn for a number of reasons. Here are a few: . So all students look smart, . So no students are bullied about the clothes they wear, . So that pupils are identifiable to the school, . So all students look the same, . So that children have something practical and sensible to wear to school, . So that everyone looks respectable, . It makes people feel important and have pride in themselves. Hope I helped:)

Do teachers have to wear uniforms in school?

It is not necessary for teachers to wear uniforms. After all, their schooling days are over and relief of not having to put on another boring standard uniform would definitely be extinguished. However, it is of utmost importance that teachers dress appropriately and within certain guidelines. Their dressing potrays their personality and also tends to affect how seriously they are taken by the students. In addition to that, they are setting an example for the students to follow. Students who observe a particularly innappropriately dressed teacher will follow suit and neglect their own dress code or uniform. Therefore, the topic of whether teachers should wear uniforms is highly debatable and there are both pros and cons to this subject. But for teachers the safest thing to do would be to ditch the tight, short, transparent, revealing attire and dress professionally for students to admire respectfully.

Why should you wear school uniforms?

school uniforms stink and they are lame schools think we shouldd wear them because they think its cool but we should be able to express our self

What schools wear uniforms?

Boston New york Chicago Washington and many more . Most private and public schools in countries of the Commonwealth have uniforms. This includes the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

What uniform number did Babe Ruth wear with the New York Yankees?

Batting Third for the New York Yankees number 3 Babe Ruth The Yankees did not start wearing uniform numbers until 1929, and Babe Ruth was issued number 3 because he batted third in the line up. Babe Ruth would wear the number 3 from 1929 - 1934 with the New York Yankees, and in 1935 with the Boston Braves. In 1938 serving as a 1st base coach Babe Ruth wore the number 35 with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Babe Ruth's number was retired by the Yankees in 1948.

Why do nurses wear white uniforms?

It is generally believed that the reason a nurses uniform is white,is because it represents cleanliness and purity. Most places todayhave done away with white uniforms and use scrubs in differentcolors.

What uniform number did Andre Dawson wear?

Andre Dawson wore uniform numbers 10 and 8 . From 1976 - 1986 playing for the Montreal Expos Andre Dawson wore uniform number 10. From 1987 - 1992 playing for the Chicago Cubs he wore number 8. 1993, and 1994 he wore number 8 for the Boston Red Sox, and back to number 8 his final two seasons with the Florida Marlins 1995, and1996.

Where does Jon Lester live?

I recently found out that Jon Lester lives on my street in Newton. Out of respect for his privacy, I won't name the street but I will say that he lives in Newton Highlands, very close to Needham Street.

What king of glove does Jon lester have?

Jon lester owns a Nike gloves that was given to him from live strong due to the fact that he survived and defeated cancer. There is only two gloves of that model made, one given to espn, and one that Jon uses.

Do soccer players have to wear a number on their uniform?

There is no requirement in the FIFA Law of the Game for the jerseys to have numbers on them. However, most leagues do implement requirements that players be uniquely identifiable by their jersey. Numbers are usually mandated for this purpose because of potential language difficulties.

Did Connie Mack ever wear a number on his uniform?

No, Connie Mack never wore an uniform number at any time between 1886 and 1896 with any of the three teams that he had played with which were the Washington Senators between 1886 and 1989, the Buffalo Bisons in 1890 and the Pittsburgh Pirates between 1981 and his last season which was in 1896.

Do you have to wear uniforms for cheerleading?

It depends on weather you are in school or not. if you are out of school, no, you can just practice with your friends in shorts and a t-shirt. if you are in school, yes for practincing, but you dont have to where it when you are practicing, though most girls would want to. it shows your body off, shows school spirit, and you should especially wear it if you want to be popular, because for some reason, (i dont know why) being a cheerleader makes you popular...i would wear my uniform to practice unless your coach/instructor tells you otherwise. Hope this helps!!!

Why sholud't students wear uniforms?

Because it doesn't let kids and teen express theselves and their own personalities. Wealthy parents should be allowed to spend as much money on clothes for their kids as possible. It's good for the local merchants, and good for the economy. Only the poor should have to wear uniforms to save expenses for their parents.

Why should students not have to wear uniforms?

students need to express individuality. you may think that people may get picked on according to what clothes they were, but bullies are always going to find a way to pick on them no matter what. also students from others schools are likely to pick on that school because of their uniform

Should student wear uniforms?

Whether or not students should wear uniforms is merely opinionated. On one hand making students wear uniforms could be a good idea and on the other may not be. By wearing what the student chooses (following dress code) students are able to express his or her own originality. Students who wear uniforms can not do this. I enjoy being able to wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt instead of a uniform. Other may enjoy knowing exactly what he or she will wear on a daily basis. Wearing uniforms could save parents money on buying their children "the latest fashions" but the price of uniforms may be too costly for most families in this economy. The tables can go both ways on whether or not students should wear uniforms. Being a high school student, I would say students should not have to wear uniforms to school.

Can you learn better when you wear a uniform?

omf\g i so dint hinkyou can learn better. i mean i guess if you have a uniform on you dont think as much about what youre wearing or how you lookbut then you are comparing yourself to other peoples uniforms and its crap!! hope this helps1 write bak

Why do player wear uniforms in sports?

So it is easier to identify which team the player is on and so you won't get confused. Also it tells you their number and last name so you can tell who the player is.

Can a company require you to wear a uniform?

Yes, they can. Company uniforms are important in some circumstances, as a means of identifying legitimate employees who have access to areas that are not open to the general public or have other special privileges. They are also a means of strengthening a company image. For example, the employees of the United Parcel Service wear uniforms. You can't deliver parcels for them if you refuse to wear the uniform.

Can a vet wear his uniform?

(in the US) Yes, they may, but not as everyday routine clothing wear, and they may NOT hold themselves out, or represent themselves as members of the active military.

What uniform do Japanese students wear?

Commonly, for the girl's uniform they usually wear "sailor" outfits that are called "seifuku" in Japan in any possible color. Middle School and high school girls in Japan are given to wear two separate uniforms: the winter uniform and the summer uniform- long sleeve uniform and short-sleeve uniform. For the boy's uniform they have to wear jumpsuits that are usually navy blue. Middle school and high school boys in Japan are also given to wear separate uniforms summer and winter. For summer, Boys wear a white polo shirt and black or navy blue pants. In elementary, kids in Japan usually or don't have to wear school uniform. But the time their in the third grade, they actually have to. Girls wear the seifuku school uniforms and boys also do, too. For the shoes, middle and high school students are required to wear two sets of shoes: brown loafers and indoor shoes that are plain white. That's what students are supposed to wear in Japan!

Why do kids have to wear school uniform?

So nobody envys you because of your clothes and it will take to long to decide what to wear.(unless you planned it the night before). And it will help you learn better.

Can Jehovah's Witness wear uniforms?

It actually depends on what uniforms that you are talking about. 1. Schools uniforms are allowable 2. Military uniforms are not because a Witness would not be part of the military

Is wearing a uniform better than not wearing a uniform?

It is no better and no worse. There are pros and cons to it. . Arguments in favor of children wearing uniforms: . Students experience less pressure in deciding what to wear eachmorning. . Uniforms cost less overall. . Student attendance improves. . Encourages discipline. . Students takes less time to get ready in the morning. . Children are free to concentrate on lessons. . Uniformity promotes a reduction of violence in schools. . A decrease in peer pressure to wear trendier brands. . Uniforms can be reused and recycled. . School intruders are more easily identified in a school ofuniformed children. . As in every debate, there are two sides to the argument. Here'swhat those who are against uniforms say. . Uniforms detract from a child's individuality. . Students will always find ways to express themselves, leadingto less desirable forms of expression such as tattooing andpiercing. . Schools should be a place where diversity is celebrated. . The cost of uniforms is prohibitive, especially when a familyincludes more than one school-aged child. . An unfair additional cost to tax-payers sending their childrento a public school. . A financial burden to lower income families. . A child in a uniform may be the target of bullies from adifferent school. . Uniforms may lessen the child's comfort level while attendingschool. . Enforcing rules about uniforms is difficult.