What was the cost of the new roof on the Center Court of Wimbledon?

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Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/tennis/8125151.stm
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Can you get snacks at Wimbledon Center Court?

Although nobody sells food in the stands on Center Court at Wimbledon, spectators are permitted to bring food in from the grounds' restaurants and food kiosks. The same is tru

What is the cost of a new roof?

It depends on the size of the roof over the house, the damage underlying the roof and the materials, as well as quality of labor used to replace the roof. Therefore, the cost

How much did the new Wimbledon roof cost?

The retractable concertina-style structure, made of recycled waterproof material, has taken three years to build, weighs 3,000 tons and is estimated to have cost £20million

What is the cost per square for a new roof?

It depends on the choice of the roof you want to put on. You mightcontact your insurance company to find out the best roofers in yourtown. Otherwise, interview three and choos
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How far back is Row ZB of the center court at Wimbledon?

The seats are in the "nosebleed" sections, so to speak. It is located in section 506 in the top left hand corner if you are looking from the royal box. View the related lin