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Where are the primark stores in Madrid?

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There are 1 Primark store in Madrid at the moment.

Calle de Aracne s/n, N-II (Centro Comercial Plenilunio)

It`s close to Coslada.

there are actually two stores, the other (much bigger, larger selection) is in xanadu shopping centre, there is a bus that goes from principe pio there and back, i think 1.50 each way

Third one: A big Primark in CC La Gavia (metro L1, station Las Suertes). A very good shopping centre anyways, easily reached with metro.
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What is the Metro nearest to the primark store in Madrid?

Take metro line number 5 to Canillejas, then bus emt number 77 to central commercial PLENILUNIO There is one primark at the centro commercial La Gavia, metro line 1, Las Suer