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Where is the Davis Cup played?

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Throughout the world, depending on the participants.
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What team did Ernie Davis play for?

  Ernie Davis played college ball at Syracuse University. He was drafted (1962) by the Washington Redskins and subsequently traded to the Cleveland Browns but never played

In which sport do they compete for the Davis cup?

Tennis. It is the most important annual competition in mens tennis played between teams of male tennis players representing their country. Dwight F Davis purchased the ori

What role did Jefferson Davis play in the Confederacy?

He was its only president, and acted as general in chief until  January 1865 when he gave Robert E. Lee that position. His  political and military background made him a perf

When did miles Davis play at ravinia?

Check the books, but I believe it was 88/89. Somewhere around then because I was working the main lot at the time.
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Who is the captain of the Davis Cup team?

The Davis Cup is an international tennis event played between male players of those countries entering. Therefore, each country will have its own captain. In the US, for the
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Why is a Davis Cup match called a 'rubber'?

According to Bill Kellogg - a committee member on the USA DAVIS  CUP- the International Tennis Federation came up with another term  to distinguish between a "match between