Which kicker ended the 1998 Minnesota Vikings season with a 38 yard field goal in the NFC championship game?

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Atlanta Falcons kicker Morten Andersen
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Who did the Vikings loose the NFC championship in 1998 to?

The 1998 NFC Championship Game was between the 15-1 Minnesota Vikings and the 14-2 Atlanta Falcons. Everybody in the world went into the game thinking the game would be a blow

How many NFC championship games have the Minnesota Vikings played in?

Here they are: . 12/30/1973, @ Dallas Cowboys (Won) . 12/29/1974, @ L.A. Rams (Won) . 12/26/1976, @ L.A. Rams (Won) (About.com calls this "NFL Championship," but this is
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What is the name of a barefoot NFL field goal kicker who played with the Minnesota Vikings?

Rich Karlis kicked barefoot for the Minnesota Vikings in 1989. Heset a then-NFL record with seven field goals in a game against theLos Angeles Rams. The Vikings won the game o