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Who has the worst record in NHL history?

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The Washington Capitals 8-67-5 in their first season (1974-75).
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The Red Wings finished with the best ever record in NHL history in which season?

1995-96 season. The Red Wings had 131 points on a 62-13-7 regular season record. Sorry, but that's wrong. The Red Wings had the most wins in a season (62) in 1995-1996 when t

Who is the worst goalie in NHL history?

Tim Chevelde, Detroit Red Wings 91-94, and also Attila Ambrus, the worst goalie in the history of professional hockey. Attila Ambrus once gave up 23 goals in a game, and 88 in

What are the longest games in NHL history?

  Regular season games are of a finite time limit in terms of actual playing time , so the longest games in NHL history are playoff games as they feature unlimited overtim

Which team had the worst record in NCAA history yet went on to make it into the tournament?

In 1961 the Colonials of George Washington University made the NCAA tournament with a 9-16 record. George Washington holds the distinction of having the worst regular season r

Best record in NHL history?

The Detroit Red Wings in the 94-95 season they were 64-13-7

What was the worst volcanic eruption in recorded history?

Mt. Tambora, Indonesia April 10 - 15, 1816 Death Toll: 92,000 The eruption of Tambora killed an estimated 92,000 people, including 10,000 from explosion and ash fall, an

Who is the winningest coach in NHL history?

  Scotty Bowman won 1,244 regular season and 223 playoff games while coaching the St. Louis Blues, Montreal Canadiens, Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Detroit Red

Who is the worst team in the NHL?

This is kind of an unusual question because the answer is very subjective and it also depends on when the question is asked. Statistically, at the end of the 2009/2010 season

Who has the shortest NHL name in history?

Orr is one of many three-lettered last names that players have had as NHL players. But the shortest name overall is that of Ed Kea who played for the Atlanta Flames (now the C