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Why does Craig Sager dress so crazy?

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He is one of those people that falsely thinks that any publicity is good publicity
He has terrible taste
He enjoys being made fun of, a good therapist might help that one
He is insecure and therefore needs to be the center of attention
He enjoys making a fool of himself
He's colored blind
He's rebelling, a good therapist could help with this
He's really a nerd and thinks this is cool
He has not a clue about what it means to dress tastefully
Someone else forces him, at gun point, to wear that stuff
He has no one who loves him enough to tell him how ridiculous he looks
He is able to say, look and laugh at me, I don't care, he should care
He has too much money to spend foolishly, donate it
The clothing store is in the family and business is slow
He doesn't know he can hire a personal shopper
He doesn't care that this is inappropriate for the NBA
He thinks he's in Vegas
He's new to the big city
He likes his own bling, yuck
He thinks that stripes and plaids and flowers and checks all look spiffy together
He never bought the basic black/navy/charcoal/brown/gray/tan suit
He doesn't want to hear, "That's a nice suit"
He likes to mix and not match
He doesn't care
He tries too hard and steps over the line
He gets paid to dress like that
He doesn't care what anyone else thinks
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What movie and television projects has Craig Sager been in?

Craig Sager has: Played Himself - Host in "Sports Tonight" in 1980. Played himself in "TBS College Football" in 1982. Played himself in "Inside the NBA" in 1988. Played Sideli