Why is Charles Babbage considered the father of computers?

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Father of Computers
Babbage invented a 'counting machine' called The Difference Engine. This thing was spectacular. In those days it took a lot of people to count thing...taxes, bankers, areas of finance and markets...all about counting large amounts. Charles Babbage created his Difference Engine and it actually worked. He could put a couple of number in it and it would do any of various mathematical equations and serve him up the answer. It was a mass of cogs and wheels. A London museum constructed an original, working model from Babbage's blueprints.


Here is more input from others:
  • John Vincent Atanasoff (ataˈnasɔf) (October 4, 1903 - June 15, 1995) was the inventor of the modern computer. See "Atanasoff, Forgotten Father of the Computer" (1988) by Clark R. Mollenhoff.
  • Charles Babbage never gave up. In 1833 he created another machine.
  • Charles Babbage considered the father of Computers because he invented Difference Engine and then Analytical Engine, which can store the information on Punched Cards during 1800's ( Year ). Storing of Information on Punched Cards is done by Charles Babbage on those days, this is the reason - why he is so called as "Father of Computers". His sons like Wilkes called Babbage as "Grandfather of Computing".

To see a photograph of the museum's Difference Engine, check the resources under Related Links, below.
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