Why were tombs filled with art jewelry and other treasures?

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The Egyptians filled there tombs with art, jewelry, and other treasures because they believed that their king would need them in the afterlife and sometimes brought along slaves too
  • The ancient Egyptians wanted their dead loved ones spirits to have everything they would need in the afterlife.
  • Jewelry, makeup, and clothing was placed in tombs so they would have something to wear in the afterlife.
  • Especially the wealthier Egyptians could afford jewelry and other things in their tombs.

Tombs were filled with treasures because the Egyptians believed that the dead would enjoy them in the afterlife.

They would put them in the tomb because they wanted to give it to the gods in order to have a good afterlife. The jewelry and gold and stuff made them happy, so they would let the person have a good afterlife.
The ancient Egyptians believed that the things that you where buried with you would take to the after life with you.
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Why did Egyptians fill tombs with jewelry?

Because they thought that when people died, they would bring with them in the after world (paradise) everything they had in their tomb. That is why they buried furniture, jewe

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The Egyptians believed that their king(s) would return to life and so they buried all of their belongings with them. These belongings include but not limited to; jewelery, clo