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There is nothing missing... other than possibly a period at the end.

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Q: 'I play the piano' what punctuation mark is missing?
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How old was Tchaikovsky when he learned how to play the piano?

Tchaikovsky was 6 when he learned

Did Albert Einstein only play one instrument?

No he did not play one... He played two! he played the violin and the piano

What does precocious means?

Precocious means unusually able at a very young age. We're talking about children who can translate from the Greek at the age of four or play piano concertos at the age of six.

What is agonsa?

Norma spends her free time playing piano. Each day she spends ¾ hour. When a visitor came in, she has already played for ¼ hour. To complete her schedule, how much longer does she need to play?

What are minor and major keys?

Major keys tend to sound happier and minor keys tend to sound dark or sad. Major keys have different patterns than minor keys if you start on the first note of the scale and play up the scale. I like to use C major because on a piano, you can start on a C and play up the scale without using any black keys...meaning it has no sharps or flats in the key signature. If you play from C to C on the major scale then you will see that each step is either a half step or a whole step. No matter what note you start on, it will have that same pattern if it is a major key. Now go down two white keys on the piano to the A. If you start there and play up the scale to the next A without playing any black keys on the piano, you will be playing a A natural minor scale. Your notice that it is very similar to the C major scale. It has the same key signature but starts and ends on a different note. As you play up the scale, notice that each step will be either a half step or a whole step. Every natural minor scale has the same combination of half and whole steps no matter what note you start on. Also, A minor is the relative minor of C major because they have the same key signature. Try to think about a piano keyboard when thinking about music theory ideas. The great trumpet playing stated in his autobiography that everyone should learn the piano no matter what their primary instrument is.

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What punctuation mark that is missing from this sentence 'I play the piano'?

I can play the piano

What is the name of the punctuation mark that is missing from this sentence you play the piano?


Write the name of the punctuation mark missing from the sentenceI love chocolate?

It should be--- I love chocolate.

What has the author Mark Hambourg written?

Mark Hambourg has written: 'How to play the piano'

In each of the following problems a word is missing. choose from the alternatives lettered to A to E the word that most suitably completes the problem. Play and piano - and crop. A. soilB. eatC. harvestD. farmerE. fertile?

Play and piano. ______ and crop. Answer: C. Harvest

How do you play happy on piano?

How to play happy on the piano

How do you punctuate the title of a play?

you usually don't unless it should be aexponation mark or quiestion mark

What instrument can Louis Tomlinson play?

he can play piano

How do you play the Yamaha piano?

The Yamaha piano is no different to any other piano, apart from the brand name and the writing 'Yamaha' on the piano. So the play it, just learn to play the piano!

Does Kris Allen play piano?

yes! he does play piano.

What is piano in French?

Piano Jouer du piano - to play piano

What instruments does Mark Isham play?

Mark Isham is an American trumpet player who plays jazz, electronic, and works on film soundtracks. Mark Isham also plays a little bit of piano on the side.