'What is a piano classified as?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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It depends actually. There are 3 possibilities here.

1) percussion because the hammers in a piano hit the strings to make the music

2) strings because the hammers hit the strings so it's not the hammers making the music but the strings

3) keyboard because now not all people can agree on percussion or strings so they gave it its own category. Also they have keyboards which don't have strings or hammers

Personally though, I like calling it a percussing or a strussion. :)

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A piano is a percussion instrument.

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Q: 'What is a piano classified as?
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What class is a piano?

A piano can be classified as a chordophone and a percussion instrument.

Is a piano string?

No. Even though it has strings, it is not classified as a string instrument.

What sizes do piano lamps come in?

There are several different piano lamp sizes. They are classified by the type of piano they are for: Grand Piano, Upright Piano, LED Piano, Counter Balance Lamps, Clip-on Lamps, and Piano Floor Lamps. The wattage goes anywhere from 40-150 watts.

How is the piano a percussion instrument?

Because when you strike a key (press it down) the mechanism strikes a felt tipped hammer against the string to produce the note.A Piano can be considered as Percussion instrument because whenever you press down on a key, A little hammer on the inside hits a string causing the string inside the Piano to vibrate. The vibration of the strings are what causes it to produce the sound the piano makes. Furthermore, a piano can be classified as a Idiophone because the hammers that hit the strings are what causes the string to vibrate. Piano cannot only be classified as a Percussion Instrument but also a stringed instrument.

Why does the piano belongs to a percussion instrument?

Piano belongs to a percussion instrument family. in order to produce a sound strings has to be struck by hammer. The striking action defines piano as a percussion instrument. Pianist is unable to produce the sound directly, like violinist or guitarist, for that reason piano can not be classified to string instrument family.

Where can one go to purchase used pianos?

Used pianos are a cost effective choice to a brand new piano. Used pianos can be found at most local piano stores, through classified ads, or through web retailers.

How is fur elise usually classified?

The piano piece widely known as Für Elise (For Elise) is actually Beethoven's Bagatelle no. 25 in a minor.

How would this instrument be classified Piano.?

The piano is a stringed instrument, as it is very similar the the harp, but on a piano the strings are attached to keys and when you press down on the key, a hammer strikes the string and plays the note. You can see this in action if you lift up the piano's lid

What classification is a piano?

Piano is from the Percussion Family. Other instruments in that family are:oCelesta oHarp oTimpani oSnare oSymbols oGlockenspiel The Percussion Family is more international than any other section in the orchestra. Just look at the variety of instruments! With most instruments in the Percussion Family people don't know who invented them or when. In ancient drawings it shows a timpani or African drums being played. But still, no one really knows.

What are the instrument played by the strings?

In an orchertra, the strings instruments are the violin, viola, chelo and the double bass. The piano has strings but it is not classified as a string intrument. It is a keyboard instrument such as the spinet, clavichord and the organ.

Why is the piano known as a stringed and a percussion instrument?

i didn't think it wounld.... percussion instuments work on vibration and usually have only 1 pitch. All instruments work on vibration so the piano does but the piano has many different notes and pitches so i don't see why it would be classified as 1.

Piano in french?

le piano I play the piano = Je joue du piano