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Q: 'What is the prices of coin of British India 1939 Half Anna'?
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What is the value of a India 1939 one quarter Anna?

What is the cost of Victoria Queen Brass Coin 1862 (One Quarter Anna INDIA 1862)

What is an anna?

An anna is a unit of currency in the former British India, equal to 12 pies, and one sixteenth of a rupee.

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Is 8 Anna coin of KG of British India Rare?

8 Anna coin of KG of british India was minted in 1919 and 1920. 1920 one is considered scare (can cost 3x the 1919 one). they were minted in calcutta, Bombay mint. the Bombay minted 1920 is scare than calcutta mint 1920. calcutta mint 8annas have no mint mark. Bombay mint 1920 8 Anna has a dot at the bottom on the reverse.

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