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Hong Kong S.A.R.

It's not China. Hong Kong and China are different, even Hong Kong is part of China.

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The airline Cathay Pacific is based in Hong Kong SAR of China

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Q: 'cathay pacific' is the airline of which country?
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Which country does the airline ''Cathay Pacific'' belong to?

Cathay Pacific is based in Hong Kong China

Which county does the airline cathay pacific belong to?

Cathay Pacific; China Hong Kong

What services does Cathay Pacific UK provide?

Cathay Pacific is an airline. They service the South Pacific, UK and European areas. The main office for the airline is in Hong Kong and was founded in 1946.

What airline has the most airbus a330's?

Cathay Pacific

How long has Cathay Pacific been operating?

Cathay Pacific is operating for about 67 years. Cathay Pacific was founded in 1946 and is still operating today. Cathay Pacific was established in Hong Kong.

Where are the head offices of Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific is the world's largest international cargo airline. The head offices as well as the main hub of Cathay Pacific are located at the Hong Kong International Airport in Lantau, Hong Kong.

What type of transportation does Cathay Pacific specialize in?

Cathay Pacific specializes in airline transportation. They are based out of Hong Kong International Airport and fly to various destination around the world.

Is Japan Airlines JAL the best airline in the world?

Currently the holder for the worlds best airline (as of 2010) is Cathay Pacific

Where does the Cathay Pacific airline fly to?

Cathay Pacific is a major international airline based in Hong Kong, and it operates flights to numerous destinations worldwide. The airline serves a wide range of cities across Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and Africa. Some of its popular destinations include Hong Kong, London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Vancouver, and Dubai, among many others. With its extensive route network, Cathay Pacific offers travelers the convenience of flying to various global destinations for both business and leisure purposes.

What is the name of Hong Kong's national airline?

Hong Kong does not have a specific national airline although Cathay Pacific as a Hong Kong based airline is perhaps the closest to this role.

What is the best airline to work for as a pilot?

I would prefer Cathay Pacific Airlines. You can work with asians, europeans, and americans. You can also fly cathay's fleet, which is both luxurious and camfortable!!

What is the world's first airline to use blofuel lufthansa or delta airline or cathay pacific or virgin airline?

lufthansa is Germans international airlinehope this helps :)please help answer my German Aussie rules question :)