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The Newburgh Mutiny helped established compensation for soldiers after the Revolutionary War.

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Newburgh Mutiny

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Newburgh Mutiny

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Q: . What event helped establish compensation for soldiers after the Revolutionary War?
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Who helped the patriot soldiers in the Revolutionary War?

the french were our allies!

What personal quality did Continental soldiers possess that helped them in winning the Revolutionary War?

The Continental soldiers possessed die hard grit that helped them in winning the Revolutionary War. They were also very smart in the tactical part of the war.

Maryland farmers and ship builders help Revolutionary War effort in what way?

maryland farmers and ship builder helped the revolutionary war because the farmers helped produce food for the soldiers and the ship builders helped the soldiers by building them ships to fight on and a place for them to shoot there canyons to the other ships.

Who helped George Washington regain control of Boston during the Revolutionary war?

american soldiers i think

What were the ways women helped in the revolutionary war?

They collected food, raised money, and made clothing for the soldiers.

How did Sarah bache actions change history?

she helped provide the materials needed for soldiers in the revolutionary war:)

What were the revolutionary war soldiers jobs in their encampments?

Me and my friend think that some of the soldiers might of been trained to be a docor and could of helped other soldiers wounds. ( If they were not hurt themself )

How many soldiers fought in the revolutionary war?

More than 27,200 hope that helped a good site is

Mary Molly Pitcher hays?

She is a women who helped the soldiers in the revolutionary war. She was the washer women and she gave them water.

What was the name of the woman who helped carry water to the soldiers during the revolutionary war?

Here name was Molly Pitcher.

Did the daughters of liberty fight in the revolutionary war?

The Daughters of the American Revolution was formed in 1890 and did not come from any other group.

What did sarah Franklin bache do in the revolutionary war?

Sarah Franklin Bache was a hostess for her father Benjamin Franklin. She helped supervise the making of 2,200 shirts for the Continental Army. She was the leader of The Ladies Association Of Philadelphia, who were the ones to make the shirts for the soldiers.