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What is the example of prose?

Prose is anything that is not poetry. So, nonfiction, novels,speeches, and formal letters are all examples of prose.

What is an example of slanting?

Slanting is presenting an argument in a way that ignores opposingpositions. A slanted argument in favor of higher taxes would ignorethe negative effects.

What are examples of weathering?

Acidic rainfall dissolution of limestone (chemical weathering), exfoliation caused by onion skin weathering in granite, frost wedging in rock fissures and cracks, oxidation of metallic minerals, plant root growth in rock fissures and cracks, and windblown abrasion of rock surfaces.

Examples of parable?

stories that give lessons old testament 1. the walls of Jericho fall 2. dividing of the Jordan river 3. staying of the sun and the moon 4. death of uzzah when he touched the ark of the covenant 5. houses on rock and sand the list goes on new testament 1. the barren fig tree 2. t ( Full Answer )

What are examples of weaknesses?

My weakness is that i can stay in peace 'ONLY' after completing my work/job well. Also, sorry.........i can't do any work individually since i love team work.

What is an example of xenocentrism?

Xenocentrism is a preference for another culture rather than yourown. An example of this would be Americans who think that Francehas the best wine.

What are examples of heat?

One example of heat is the energy that the sun gives off. Otherexamples include the heat that is given off by burners and ovens. Alightning bolt also carries heat energy.

What is an example of treason?

The most famous traitor in American history is Benedict Arnold. He was general for the colonial army during the Revolutionary War but had a dispute with the Continental Congress and decided to switch sides and work for the British. That is called treason.

Example of cadence?

There are many different types of cadence. Cadence can be definedas being a beat or measure of that is rhythmic. It can also be afall that occurs in the pitch of the voice. An example of cadencein literary work is the Raven which was written by Edgar Allen Poe.

What is an example of a nucleolus?

An example of a nucleolus would be a peach pit. However, a chemicalnucleus is much different from a biological nucleus.

What is an example of a denotation?

The explicit or direct meaning or something as in Poodle, which is the denotation of a certain breed of dog.

Example of mass?

An example of mass can be pretty much everything. Here are a few examples: . Trees. Lamps. Desk. Computer/Laptop. Chair.

Example of hacking?

The tall bloke with the red shirt on that was in the fourball in front of me on Saturday morning. You know who you are!!!

What is an example of Holocaust?

When the Jews were treated really badly by the Germans, and it was so bad it was called The Holocaust.

What are examples of adaptations?

Adaptations are functional products of Natural selection; they are solutions to recurrent evolutionary problems. Most, but not all features of organisms are adaptations (some are byproducts- this is especially important to remember when considering behavioral adaptations). If you are trying to decid ( Full Answer )

What are examples of a tracheophyte?

\n. \nflowers and trees, basically anything plant that can grow, has a vascular system (transport tubes that allow water to flow) and has a well-developed root system is a tracheophyte

What is an example?

Something that illustrates or explains what something else is ordoes. An example is a term used to describe something relative tosomething else. If I try to tell you what a software is or any suchterm and you are not able to understand it, then I may take the useof an 'example' to explain to you wh ( Full Answer )

What are the examples of example?

Resources available to you along with the specific topic at hand will help determine the kinds of examples you will provide. Examples can be specific physical objects that are representative of groups or classes of things. If you are giving a lecture on gems and minerals, it would be very useful ( Full Answer )

What is an example of an example?

When some one asks to see something that is green and you show them grass, that would be showing them an example. This is an example of an example.

What are five examples of example?

An example of a fruit is a banana. An example of a type of computer is a desktop. An emaple of a vegetable is asparagus. An example of a type of dog is a Terrior. An example of a word that describes a student is studious.

Can you give me an example of how to write an example?

Giving an example is easy! the word example can be found in most compo examples,for example,'your friend,jack,can be used as a example for the science research.' How is the above helpful? Furthermore, how does it answer the question? Consider: When giving an example, for example, the exam ( Full Answer )

What are examples of electronigativity?

In water H binds with 2O H has the smaller nucleus and thereforehas less ability to attract the electrons in the covalent bond andtherefor the H becomes slightly positive [denoted as delta+] andthe O becomes slightly negative [denoted as delta-]. . There will be electronegativity where any two elem ( Full Answer )

What is an example of a function?

Functions basically establish relationships between expressions.Many common Algebraic functions are expressed as functions of x: f(x) = x2 + 4 Which could also be written as y = x2 + 4 However, this just scratches the tip of the universe. Not only domathematical functions vary in complexity and off ( Full Answer )

Is an example of of a rhetoric?

rhetorical question are essentially questions that dont need to be answered. like if a teacher asks you a question where he/she knows the answer to, or he/she knows that you know the answer but does not ask you to answer A 'rhetorical question' as described above is a rhetorical device (often c ( Full Answer )

What is a example of organs?

a organ is a group of tissues such as your heart,brain,liver,kidney and even your stomach

What is example of URL?

The Example of URL is : URL means Uniform Resource Locator It is the address to a website. Example for URL is http://www.google.com - Servers are always need a specify URL to request it from servers. Hope Answer is useful Thank You!

What is an example of a dickweed?

An example of a dickweed would be Rick Selles because as the definition says : He is a stupid and ineffective male

What is an example a domain?

There are several examples of domains... Domain Bacteria Domain Archaea Domain Eukarya which consists of different kingdoms: Protists Plantae Fungi Animalia

Examples of a stereotypes?

canadians live in igloos ride their polar bear or moose to school/work eat beavers only eat poutine and real maple surop. i am canadian i dont live in an igloo ive never even seen a polar bear or moose outside of a zoo nobody eats beavers. theyre our national animal i love poutine, but its super u ( Full Answer )

What is pseudoscience an example of?

Astrology, intelligent design (creationism), homeopathy, miracle healings, ghost hunting and documenting, parapsychology thus far hasn't turned up any scientific results, many 'new age' claims such as crystal healing or magnetic therapy among others.

What is an example of scienter?

Generally "scienter" is legal/Latin for having some basic understanding that what one is doing, will do or has done, is wrong in some way. So an example would including holding a loaded gun by the trigger with the safety off pointed at a person knowing that if it fires the person could be killed. It ( Full Answer )

What is example of algorithm?

Go to the library and borrow this book: Are you Smart Enough to Work at Google? It's filled with them.

What is an example of a phototroph?

A phototroph is an organism that carries out photosynthesis to acquire energy. So any green plant is a phototroph. a plant

What are examples or chemiluminescent?

Glows sticks are a common type of chemiluminescent. When the glass vial of hydrogen peroxide reacts with the phenyl oxalate ester (oxidizing it), a glow is produced; the color based on the fluorescent dye also in the stick. Another example is luminol, which is used in crime scene investigation do de ( Full Answer )

Chewing is an example of?

a. absorption b. chemical digestion c. elimination d. mechanical digestion The answer is: d. mechanical digestion

What is rust an example of?

it is an example of dirty stuff...just kidd'enit could be found on pipes, bikes, and tin..........usually tin. it is a sceintific word, i do know it's about carbohydrates, and calcium....maybe. example.. i was ridin mah bike.... it started to rain, i put out a tin pipe(lol), i brought it inside for ( Full Answer )

I you he she and it are examples of?

I , you , he , she , and it are all examples of pronouns. Pronouns are words that take the place of proper and improper nouns. For example, instead of saying " Mary opened the door ," one could say " She opened the door. " Or, " Mary opened it. "

Adjective example and explain the examples?

adjectives describe things (nouns). A large dog. The adjective is large it describes the dog (noun). A big black dog. The adjectives are big and black they describe the dog (noun). She is hungry . The adjective is hungry it describes she (pronoun). Your dog is bigger than ( Full Answer )

What is an example of a counter example?

A counter example occurs when somebody makes a claim that all members of some category of things have a particular property, and then someone else proves that the claim is not true by showing an example of a thing in the category that does not have the property claimed. For example, if someone cl ( Full Answer )

What is an example of contagious diffusion why is it an example?

The spread of Islam from Mecca to all the other countries around it. That's an example because Contagious Diffusion is The distance-controlled spreading of an idea, innovation, or some other item through a local population by contact from person to person..

What is an Example and non example of compound?

A compound is two or more different elements bonded together. A molecule is two atoms bonded together. C0 2 is a compound and a molecule. H 2 is only a molecule, as there is only hydrogen in the formula.

What is an example of comparative example?

Comparative is a term for an adjective, a word that describes a noun. Some examples of adjective comparatives are: good; comparative = better; superlative = best short; comparative = shorter; superlative = shortest happy; comparative = happier; superlative = happiest modern; comparative = more mod ( Full Answer )

What is an example of an example of metallic bonds?

any piece of metal. Copper wire. The atoms of copper are holding the wire together with metallic bonds. Bend the wire and the metal bonds let the shape change without breaking the wire.