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Michal Phelphs is a very good & famous at swimmingHe has won many Olympic gold medals.
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Where is Michale graves?

he is currently on an acoustic and spoken word tour across the u.s. but he lives in new jersey.. he is currently on an acoustic and spoken word tour across the u.s. but he lives in new jersey.

How old is Bret michals?

He is 44. He says it at the start of ROL2. . Now 45~~Born March 15, 1963

What year was michale Jordan born in?

Michale Jordan was never born, he hatched. He hatched in 1927. His shells can be viewed in the Basket Hall of Fame in East India. Michale is the son of Sarah Palin of Turkey, and Sir Elton John of England.

How old is Michal Wolff?

Michael Wolff was born on September 19, 1954 so currently he is 53 but will be turning 54 on September 19, 2008

Did michale bleach himself?

NO Michael Jackson did not bleach himself. He has a skin disease called vitiligo. It turns your whole body porcelain white. That's why he carries an umbrella everywhere he goes because the sun could kill him.

Who is michale Phelps?

Michale Phelps is a gold medalist in the summer Olympic games. He swims for the USA team. Even though he has a commercial about him swimming on the subway commercial, he is tough as that.

What are Michael phelphs jobs?

He just swims. He gets money through endorsement deals. Companies pay him to promote their products because he is a famous swimmer.

How old Michale J Olaskey?

Considering how old he looks in the movies he is 10 and his birthday is right after Ariel Pollard October 6 is his birthday.Him and Ariel have known each other since preschool and are now finally dating.How cute is that there even both ten years old.SO,there you have it people.

Where does Fred Phelphs live?

\nFred Phelphs lives in Topeka, Kansas...sadly.....and for all of those haters out there, Fred Phelphs house got vandalized this weekend, they did a lot of damage to it, it's very wrong, but maybe it was the doing of God!!!

How old is michale Jordan?

if you meant MICHAEL jordan then he is 48 but his age might change over the years so.......... this was made on August 21, 2011.

Why did Michal despise David?

Michel was displeased with David's display of dancing when the Ark of the Covenant was brought to Jerusalem. She considered that David had been inadequately clad, or possibly she did not share his joy at the Ark's return.

Where is Shawn michales?

\nHe asked for a break so he could take care of his kids but he said he will be back as soon as summerslam

Is Shawn michals retired?

no,he hasn't came to raw since wrestlemania 25.But he is not retired or he would tell mr macmahon

Did Shawn michales die?

Shawn Michaels is alive and well. He currently lives on a ranch near San Antonio Texas with his wife and 2 kids. He has his own hunting/conservation show on the outdoor channel called Shawn Michaels, McMillian River Adventures. He has also been seen on WWE television 3 times in the last several week ( Full Answer )

Where is Michal Musso?

First of all, it's Mitchel Musso, and second- probably in California, but nobody knows for sure. Why do you ask, hmm?

Who is Michal from the Bible?

i am a female and my whole life i wondered why my parents gave me Michal as a middle name.. after reasearching this it actually pretty interesting. check it out . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michal

Who is Jillian Michales boyfriend?

Are you talking about Jillian Michaels, the fitness instructor on The Biggest Loser? Because if you are, she's a lesbian.

Is Shawn michals in WWE?

no Shawn Michael lost a career vs streak match against Undertaker in wrestle mania 26 with two tombstone pile driver

Is Shawn Michales really retiring?

yes HBK, has retired. though like most other wrestlers he will probably return. i have a feeling that he will return for Wrestlemania 27 possibly to fight Triple H, who WWE have been considering turning heel. there was a lot of talk prior to Wrestlemania 26 of turning Triple H heel on Shawn, bef ( Full Answer )

Did david marry michal?

Yes. 1 Samuel 19:11 "Saul sent men to David's house to watch it and kill him in the morning. But Michal, David's wife , warned him, "If you don't run for your life tonight, tomorrow you'll be killed."

Will Shawn michales return to the WWE?

No, the deal at his Wrestlemania match was that if he won, the Undertaker's streak is over, but if he lost, his career is over. He lost, but he will come back for his 2011 Hall of Fame induction.

What does Michal mean in Hebrew?

Brook, I'm pretty sure. Or you could go for the regular "Who is like God?" If you pronounce it as Michael...

Why was michale Jackson taking drugs?

Micheal Jackson took a estrogen pill to make his voice higher but it had became to be his disease that made him loose him pigmentation called Vitiligo and that caused him to under eat and over dose on Oxycontin because of his pain and that overdose caused him cardiac arrest and he died because of it ( Full Answer )

When did King David marry Michal?

Michal was a daughter of King Saul, the first king of Israel. David was one of King Saul men and fought enemies of King Saul. David and Michal married when they were young. We do not know their ages. This was before David became King of Judah and then the combine kingdoms of Judah and Israel. Saul b ( Full Answer )

Is michal a good name?

Any name that you like is a good name! Your characters are yours - you don't have to ask some anonymous person on the internet about them. Here is a LINK to a name website so you can look up the meaning of this name.

Why Shawn michales left the WWE?

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, better known by his ring name, Shawn Michaels, retired from wrestling because he lost a career vs. streak match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI.

Is michal dead?

As of 2013 there are over 9,000 people with the first name Michal. In order to know if someone with this first name is dead one would need to know a last name.

Does michale have a long or short a?

The spelling Michale is a variant spelling and may have various pronunciations. The usual spelling, Michael, has a long I and a schwa sound (uhl). The Russian spelling, Mikhail, can have a short A/long E, or an Anglicized long A (ale).

How do you get michale Jordan in 2k12?

you go to nba ledgends and find MJ then you do the challenge to beat the neworleans hornets than you get the chicago bulls with michale jordan

How old was Michale Jackson when did thriller?

he was24. he was kicked out of his church for that song. we all loved him. so sad the day he i don't like to say that word but you know what i mean. thank you for joining me to night talk to you later.

What is Michal Negrin known for?

Israeli artist Michal Negrin is known for her vintage jewelry, fashion, and home decor design. Her Victorian inspired stores are throughout the world and a Visitors Centre and Gallery Cafe opened in Tel Aviv in 2009.

What is Michale Medved known for?

Currently Micheal Medved is known for being a right-wing fanatic. Before that he was a very popular and successful radio and talk show host, which he still does.

When was Michal Adamczewski born?

Michal Adamczewski was born on September 15, 1914, in Posen, Prussia, Germany [now Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland].

When was Michal Caban born?

Michal Caban was born on September 5, 1961, in Prague, Czechoslovakia. [now in Czech Republic].

When was Michal Choromanski born?

Michal Choromanski was born on June 22, 1904, in Yelizavetgrad, Kherson Governorate, Russian Empire [now Kirovohrad, Ukraine].

When was Michal Danecki born?

Michal Danecki was born on September 4, 1903, in Baczki, Poland, Russian Empire [now Baczki, Mazowieckie, Poland].

When was Michal Lesniak born?

Michal Lesniak was born on July 5, 1913, in Krakau, Galicia, Austria-Hungary [now Krakw, Malopolskie, Poland].

When was Michal Michalesko born?

Michal Michalesko was born on November 26, 1884, in Nikolayev, Kherson Governorate, Russian Empire [now Mykolaiv, Ukraine].

When was Michal Znicz born?

Michal Znicz was born in 1888, in Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire [now Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland].

What has the author Michal Oklot written?

Michal Oklot has written: 'Phantasms of matter in Gogol (and Gombrowicz)' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Neoplatonism in literature, Russian literature, History and criticism

What has the author Barbara Michal written?

Barbara Michal has written: 'Holzwege in Plastikwelten' -- subject(s): Social aspects, Social aspects of Wood, Social aspects of Woodwork, Social aspects of Woodworking industries, Wood, Woodwork, Woodworking industries

What has the author Michal LeVasseur written?

Michal LeVasseur has written: 'Finding a way' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Geography, Study and teaching, Women in the professions, Minorities in the professions