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Michal Phelphs is a very good & famous at swimmingHe has won many Olympic gold medals.
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Where is Michale graves?

he is currently on an acoustic and spoken word tour across the u.s. but he lives in new jersey.. he is currently on an acoustic and spoken word tour across the u.s. but he li

Who is michale Phelps?

Michale Phelps is a gold medalist in the summer Olympic games. He swims for the USA team. Even though he has a commercial about him swimming on the subway commercial, he is to

What are Michael phelphs jobs?

He just swims. He gets money through endorsement deals. Companies pay him to promote their products because he is a famous swimmer.

Where does Fred Phelphs live?

\nFred Phelphs lives in Topeka, Kansas...sadly.....and for all of those haters out there, Fred Phelphs house got vandalized this weekend, they did a lot of damage to it, it's

Where is Shawn michales?

\nHe asked for a break so he could take care of his kids but he said he will be back as soon as summerslam

Where is Michal Musso?

First of all, it's Mitchel Musso, and second- probably in California, but nobody knows for sure. Why do you ask, hmm?

Who is Michal from the Bible?

i am a female and my whole life i wondered why my parents gave me Michal as a middle name.. after reasearching this it actually pretty interesting. check it out . http://en.w
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Is michal dead?

As of 2013 there are over 9,000 people with the first name Michal. In order to know if someone with this first name is dead one would need to know a last name.