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Swimming has been a sport at every Olympic games and has the most events of any Olympic sport. Well known Olympic swimmers include Michael Phelps, mark Spitz, Ian Thorpe and Dara Torres.

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Olympics Swimming

How many different styles of swimming are there?

There are Front crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.

There are 4 different styles of swimming. And they are Butterfly, Backstroke, Breastroke, and Freestyle.

Olympics Swimming

What size of semi Olympic pool?

50m for full Olympic pool. 25m for half of a Olympic pool

Olympics Swimming

What is the peak age for swimming?

it varies on your training skills and how your body develops im on the swim team and theres a 14 year old girl that went to state, it truly depends on how you work and if the good lord gave you the body for it.

Looking at Olympic swimmers to judge where the best people are, the peak performance of men and women differs a bit.

Men, due to the significant amount of additional muscle growth that occurs in the late teens and early twenties, find they're peak swimming years are roughly 21-28. that is, before 21, men will find that they can make substantial year-on-year improvements in speed, while at 21-28 they peak and can only make very small year-to-year improvements, then only decline after 30 as muscle mass decreases.

Women, on the other hand, have two things working in opposition: the teenage years encompass a significant physical growth period, but increased hormonal influence decreases strength:weight ratios. Thus, top women performers usually peak in their mid-to-late teens, and can hold that until their mid-twenties at best. Thus, for women, they tend to peak at 17-24 or so.

Note, of course, these are generalizations, and there are always exceptions. But, for virtually everyone, their best speeds come during their college years (and shortly afterwards).

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Olympics Swimming

What is the value of an Olympic gold medal?

According to the Olympic Charter, the gold and silver medals must each be made of at least 92.5 percent pure silver and the gold medal must be gilded with at least six grams of gold.

The price of gold changes daily. Assuming there's six grams of gold in each medal, at 31.1 grams per troy ounce, that is about 0.2 troy ounces. With gold at $1100 per troy ounce, the value would be about $212.

The remainder of the gold medal is made out of silver. The price of silver also fluctuates, but at an average of $14.50 per troy ounce, and assuming the entire medal weighs 500 grams, the remaining silver in the gold medal hovers around $230, bringing the total value to around $450.

Additional facts: The Beijing 2008 medals also include Jade for the first time, which could impact the value. The 2010 Vancouver medals are the largest in Vancouver history, weighing at about a pound each.

See related links for a Wall Street Journal article on the worth of Olympic medals.

Olympics Swimming
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Is Kirsty Coventry competing in the Olympics from Zimbabwe in swimming?

Yes. She competes for Auburn University, and has won a Silver and Bronze medal for swimming, in the 2004 Olympics. These are Zimbabwe's 2nd and 3rd medals ever. The first was for field hockey, in 1980 (a boycotted Olympics). Fambai zhakanaka! Her events were: 100-meter Backstroke (SILVER) 200-meter Individual Medley (BRONZE) Tatenda! Personal: Full name is Kirsty Leigh Coventry ... Parents are Rob and Lyn Coventry ... Born Sept. 16, 1983 ... Hometown is Harare, Zimbabwe ... First Zimbabwe swimmer to win an Olympic Medal... Kirsty Coventry hopes the swimming medals she won for Zimbabwe at the Olympic Games will lift people's spirits in a country engulfed in political and economic chaos. Don't forget, there's still the 200-meter backstroke (on August 20), where she is also a medal contender! Definitely she is a represantative of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a multi - racial Country and Kirsty is a native of Zimbabwe. She is just studying in the USA but that does not make her an American. People should appreaciate the good from our nation and avoid treating every good thing from Zimbabwe in negative terms. Is Gatlin competing from America? Absolutely. VIVA Zimbabwe Long Live our motherland - VIVA Kirsty

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Gold medal winners from ceylon at british empire and commonwealth games?

Ceylon, or as it is now known Sri Lanka, have won a total of 10 mdeals at the commonwealth games of which 4 have been gold:

* Ansdale William Henricus at 1938 British Empire Games: Boxing - Mens Featherweight Division (57kg) * Duncan M. White at 1950 British Empire Games: Athletics - Mens 440 Yard H * 1994 Commonwealth Games: Shooting - Womens Air Rifle (Team) * Chinthana Geetal Vidanage at 2006 Commonwealth Games: Weightlifting - Mens 62kg Combined

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What are the smallest countries competing in the Olympic games?

I'm not sure which of these countries are actually participating in the olympics. I know the Vatican is not, but Barbados and Andorra are. Here are the twenty smallest countries in the world. Rank Country Total Area (sq km) 1 Vatican 0.44 2 Monaco 1.95 3 Nauru 21 4 Tuvalu 26 5 San Marino 61.2 6 Liechtenstein 160 7 Saint Kitts and Nevis 261 8 Maldives 300 9 Malta 316 10 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 389 11 Barbados 430 12 Antigua and Barbuda 442 13 Seychelles 455 14 Andorra 468 15 Bahrain 620 15 Saint Lucia 620 17 Singapore 647.5 18 Micronesia 702 19 Kiribati 717 20 Tonga 748

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What is the barracuda pike position in synchronized swimming?

a barracuda pike is a submerged pike position at 45 degrees or less. If you don't know synchro terminology it means that your legs are perpendicular to the surface of the water with legs straight and toes just under the surface. Your body should be bent up towards your legs as far as possible with the goal to get your chest to your knees and your hands should be sculling just behind your heels. The vertical alingment (what should be straight up and down) is toes, ankles, knees, hips.

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Olympics Swimming

Who is the fastest guy runner in the world?

Usain Bolt

Olympics Swimming
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Can you wear swimming goggles for snorkeling?

Snorkeling and diving masks include a place for the nose. This allows you to blow out and relieve the vacuum created by water pressure when going deeper. Swimming goggles should only be worn on the surface. Prolonged time spent underwater (5+ feet) can lead to tiny blood vessels in the eyes popping leaving your eyes VERY red for a few weeks. This also happens to divers who forget to breathe into their masks as they descend.

Actually higher pressure pushing against goggles does not create a vacuum, you would have to suck the air in the goggles through your eyes to extract air creating lower pressure, and thus a vacuum.

But on the surfaceI have used goggles snorkeling many times. It is tricky as your nose is in the water (with a mask, if you breathe in through your nose by mistake, nothing happens). I developed this technique when I would bring swim goggles to places like the Virgin Islands so when I was swimming "laps" I could see the interesting bottom. It was only a matter of adding a snorkel that made me realize that if you aren't going to snorkel much at all, goggles take alot less space in the suitcase than a mask. But if the purpose of the trip is to snorkel, bring a mask!
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Olympics Swimming

How many lanes are there in an Olympic size swimming pool?

The definition of an Olympic size swimming pool is 10 lanes each 2.5 meters wide, however to prevent the outside lanes being disadvantaged by having to compete with the waves bouncing off the sides of the pool only the middle 8 lanes are ever used.

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Olympics Swimming

Where does Rebecca Adlington train?

she trains at Nottingham pool but lives in Mansfield

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A swimming stroke named after a insect?

butterfly :)

Olympics Swimming

How is the swimmer's name and country flag image displayed at the end of each lane in the Olympic swimming events?

The answer to this question can also be found here:

How do the Olympics make the flag images appear in the swimming pool

It's done just like with Football games. The technology we have today is awesome, huh?

It is video overlapping. It was used for the Sydney games as well.

Im Pretty sure that it is projected because if you sort of look closely when the divers dive in you can see the light go on there back!

Also, they have very high technology that is set so that when the pad gets hit the projecter turns on but only for the first person that hits the touchpad!

It is computer generated.

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Which country did Ian Thorpe represent?


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When where fast-skin suits banned?

Fastskins (as in the Speedo FS Pro or FS II) are currently legal according to FINA regulations.

Full body suits and polyurethane suits such as the old LZR Racer and a bunch of others were banned in 2009 after the FINA World Championships in Rome, but the ban didn't take full effect until 2010.

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Olympics Swimming

What are the measurements and dimensions of an Olympic-sized swimming pool?

Length -- 164 feet or 50 meters

Width -- 84 feet or 25 meters

Lanes -- 8 to 10

Lane width -- 8 feet 2 inches or 2.5 meters

Depth -- At least 6 feet 7 inches or 2 meters

Temperature -- 77-82.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 25-28 degrees Celsius

Volume -- At least 88,287 ft3 or 2,500 m3, 660,430 US gallons or 2,500,000 liters, but varies depending on the depth of the pool.

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How much would it cost to build an Olympic-sized pool?

A common misconception is for people refer to a 20 x 40' residential pool as an Olympic pool. It is not an Olympic pool size pool and nowhere near it. The 20 x 40' pool would fit several times inside an Olympic.

A rough estimate would be $500,000 at the absolute minimum. A figure closer to $1,000,000 (or even several times higher) would not be unreasonable depending upon the requirements for the overall facility (lockers, showers, reception area, etc...)

Pools of this size and complexity are a significant construction undertaking.

By the way it's 50m = 164.042 feet X 25m = 82.02 feet


A junior olympic, either 25 yards (SCY) or 25 meters (SCM), would probably be a more realistic option for a residential pool. Whether you decide on a short course or long course pool, there's no need to make the pool several lanes wide. Much of the above cost assumes you want an 8 lane pool. For a residential lap pool that would be insane!

A 25-meter two-lane pool should cost no more than $50k. A 50-meter two lane pool should cost no more than $100-150k.

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Why did swimming start?

i think because it is good for you heath and your fitness

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Does swimming help bones?

It dosent help bone structure ,,,nooooo,

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How many lengths must you swim in an Olympic pool to swim 1 mile?

An Olympic-sized pool is 50 meters long by 25 meters wide and runs to a depth of 2.0 meters. A mile is 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards, which is the same as 1,609.344 meters.

1600 meters would require 32 lengths of the pool. To get to a full mile, an additional 9.344 meters would be required.

AnswerThe above is true, technically. However, if you are asking how many lengths the Olympic event "the mile" is, it's actually 30, because it's the 1500.

No offense intended but "technically" and in all actuality there is no swimming event currently in the Olympics called "the mile" but instead there is the 1500 meter freestyle mens (refer to Swimming | Olympic Sport | London 2012 Summer Olympics| 1500m freestyle men - Olympic.org )

AnswerThese are both true, but, if you're swimming in a 25 yard pool it's 66 laps- that's a 1650.

When you're swimming in a 50 meter pool, like in the olympics, it's just a little bit over 30 laps if you want to be exact, but the swimmers only swim 30 laps.

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How many laps in an Olympic size pool equal one mile?

16 laps or 32 lengths if you were in a 50 meter Olympic size pool.

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Is swimming laps such as the backstroke breaststroke and butterfly stroke a good fat burner?

No matter what stroke you do, you will be getting great exercise, but it's important to vary your workouts and to challenge yourself - avoid sticking to slow lap swimming, or you wont burn much at all!. Try to swim 3-4+ times a week and eat enough carbohydrates to fuel your muscles (e.g. pancakes for brekky, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner).

Try and swim 1-3km per session.

Also, the more you move your body and work hard, the more you will burn. However, it is important to keep good technique with each of your strokes.

Olympics Swimming
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How old is Jaycie Phelps?

Jaycie Phelps is 34 years old (birthdate: September 26, 1979).

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How many meters is one Olympic sized pool lap?

the lenght of an olympic sized swimming pool is 50 meters from one end to the other


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