Swimming is a popular sport that requires the use of the hands, legs and the abdomen to propel oneself forward in the water.

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Math and Arithmetic

How many laps to swim one kilometer in a 20 yard pool?

Assuming laps means two lengths (there and back in a lane):

1yd = 0.9144m

20yd = 18.288m

2 lengths = 36.576m

1km = 1000m

= 1000m / 36.576m

~= 27.34 laps

(just over 54 2/3 lengths)

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Can you go swimming if you just got your toenail removed?

It is not a good idea to go swimming when one has just had their toenail removed because it might become infected. It also depends on where you are swimming. Swimming in chlorinated water can be painful as the chlorine will "burn" your wound and you will be in pain. Rivers, lakes, and other open water bodies contain bacteria and parasites that can infect your wound.

Oceans and Seas

Why do people get thirsty after swimming in the ocean?

The ocean is very salty and salt dries out your mouth giving you the feeling that you are thirsty.

Actually, the reason is two fold:

(1) As with any exercise, you sweat while you swim, as a way to help cool your body, as exercise has increased the body temperature. It may seem amazing, but a typical competitive swimmer can easily lose several pounds of water weight during a typical day's 2 hour swim practice. This loss of water means you feel thirsty, in the same way that you would after an extended run. Look at most swim practices - swimmers will actually keep bottles of water at the end of the pool, and drink from them periodically.

(2) The human skin is not a waterproof barrier. The ocean, which contains a high concentration of salt, is out-of-balance with the water inside of the human body. As two adjacent volumes of a liquid with difference concentrations of a solute will try to balance themselves out, the low-salt water inside of the human body attempts to balance itself with the high-salt ocean water. Unfortunately, salt cannot be absorbed through the human skin, which means that the water inside the human body attempts to "balance" out the ocean water by diluting it (which, given the volume difference, is impossible). In effect, the salty ocean water "sucks" out water from the inside of the human body, as the two volumes attempt (futilely) to balance the salt concentration. This processes is slow, but not that slow. Thus, it is easy to become dehydrated while swimming in salt water, as the ocean literally sucks out the water from your body. A human being will die of dehydration while stuck swimming in the ocean far faster than they would by being in the middle of the hottest desert on earth.

Exacerbating (2), most people in the ocean manage to swallow a non-trivial amount (a pint or more) of ocean water if they spent any amount of time in anything other than completely calm water. The extremely high salinity of said water accelerates the dehydration process, as it sucks out water from the body into the digestive tract (to be eventually excreted in a couple of hours).


What is a cannon relay swimming race?

The cannon relay is the last race in a gala. The fastest boy and girl in each year group come together as one swimming team and race the other teams.


Is speedo a good brand for swimming?

The question similar to, "Is Ford a good brand of car?". People have favorites for variuos reasons. Speedo as a brand would fall into this category. They have a wide range of styles and colors of swimsuits as well as apparel and accesories and traing equipment. The vast majority of their products are good quality but not everything. For example, I like their swim goggles because they fit me well. Others prefer different brands because they fit their eyes better. Speedo makes a great nylon "Endurance" brand racing suit that lasts long in chlorinated pool water and fits me well. I have used other brands and had good results as well. Speedo is a competative company with good products and good support for their vendors. I do not own any Speedo stock and I am not a sponsored athlete. I have been involved with competative swimming of and on for 40 years and Speedo is still a top choice of competative swimmers.

Math and Arithmetic

How many laps in 25 yard pool equal one half mile?

Well, presuming that you equate a "lap" with "one length of the pool", a mile is 1760 yards, which means that you would have to swim 70.4 laps to swim a mile.

Thus, a one-half mile is equal to 35.2 laps or, more practically speaking, 35 laps plus 5 more yards.

However, in competitive swimming, the 1650 Yard Freestyle and 1500 Meter Freestyle races are colloquially referred to as "the mile."

The 1650 Yard Freestyle is only swum in swim meets that take place in non-metric, 25 yard pools. (There is no 1500 Freestyle in meets taking place in these yard-denominated pools.) The 1650 Yard Freestyle is 66 laps. One half of that race is 825 yards, which is 33 laps.

The 1500 Meter Freestyle is only swum in meets that take place in pools denominated in meters (pools of either 25 meters or 50 meters in length). (There is no 1650 Freestyle in meets taking place in these meters-denominated pools.) In at 25-meter pool, the 1500 Meter Freestyle is 60 laps, and one-half of it (750 meters) is 30 laps. In a 50 meter pool (i.e. an Olympic-sized pool), the 1500 Meter Freestyle is 30 laps, and one-half of it is 15 laps.

Math and Arithmetic

Can you convert swimming laps into walking steps?

no, within your muscles are slow and quick twitch muscle fibers, activities such as running and walking use quick twitch muscle fibers while swimming uses slow twitch muscle fibers


What is a 200 medley relay?

A medley relay consists of four teammates doing a 50m of each stroke (backstroke followed by breastroke followed by butterfly and finally freestyle).

This differs from the 200 Individual Medley, which has a different order for the strokes: butterly, backstroke, breastsroke, freestyle. The primary reason for the change in order is that backstrokers start in the water as opposed to on the blocks. This makes it difficult (if not downright impossible) for a backstroker to start in the middle of a relay when another swimmer is trying to finish his/her leg. So, for relays, backstrokers are moved into first position.

Length and Distance

How many swimming laps is 2000 yards?

The correct term is length but there are 60 lengths in a 2000 free


How do you make synchronized swimming headpieces?

Our group uses plastic canvas as a base for our headpieces. They are cut to the desired shape and then covered with fabric, sewn on sequins, or glued on rhinestones. Because the plastic canvas is very flexible it can bewrapped around the swimmers head or bun and attached using bobby pins through the spaces in the plastic canvas. Additional loops can be added around the edges of the canvas to help secure the headpiece as well.

Oceans and Seas

Can people float on the ocean?



Can you swim with cut on foot?


Probably, it depends on how bad the cut is, and the cleanness of the water you are swimming in.


What are the Spanish names for swimming strokes?

freestyle: snicff

backstoke: nakoce

butterfly: buttarfli

breaststroke: brstsko


Can you go swimming if you have chlamydia?

There are no activity restrictions when you have chlamydia, except for sexual activity.
Yes, you can swim during chlamydia treatment.

Swimming Pools

Where can you get starting blocks for school swimming pools?

The top-of-the-line starting block is the Omega OSB11. Omega timing products are manufactured by Swiss Timing and are the 'gold standard' in competitive swimming equipment. For example, the OSB11 is the starting block used in FINA meets such as the Olympics and USA Swimming meets such as National Championships and the U.S. Open. It comes in a simple version and also a more complex version that includes "relay break detection" which can detect false starts in both the beginning of a race and also at the point of exchange between relay swimmers. To find out where to purchase Omega swimming equipment, including blocks, touch pads, starting systems, high speed cameras, scoreboard displays, and much more, go to the Swiss Timing website's products page.

However, there are many types of starting blocks. Some of them have the ability to incorporate starting/timing systems into the blocks themselves (such as horns and flash bulbs in the individual blocks to allow synchronized starts from all lane positions). There are also differences in terms of the placement of steps and handles and the surface and construction materials. Some blocks accomodate rear foot anchors for swimmers using track starts. Some have side handles for swimmers using handle starts. Some are just basic blocks with a platform and backstroke starting bar. Obviously, the more bells and whistles you desire, the more expensive the blocks will be. They can run from hundreds of dollars per block to thousands per block.

Besides Omega, there are very good starting blocks from the following sample of companies:

-Spectrum Aquatics

-Paragon Aquatics



Amy Van Dyken when did she retire?

In the fall of 2000 after the Summer Olympics in Sydney.

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What does fina stand for?

Federation Internationale de Natation

Olympics Swimming

What is the peak age for swimming?

it varies on your training skills and how your body develops im on the swim team and theres a 14 year old girl that went to state, it truly depends on how you work and if the good lord gave you the body for it.

Looking at Olympic swimmers to judge where the best people are, the peak performance of men and women differs a bit.

Men, due to the significant amount of additional muscle growth that occurs in the late teens and early twenties, find they're peak swimming years are roughly 21-28. that is, before 21, men will find that they can make substantial year-on-year improvements in speed, while at 21-28 they peak and can only make very small year-to-year improvements, then only decline after 30 as muscle mass decreases.

Women, on the other hand, have two things working in opposition: the teenage years encompass a significant physical growth period, but increased hormonal influence decreases strength:weight ratios. Thus, top women performers usually peak in their mid-to-late teens, and can hold that until their mid-twenties at best. Thus, for women, they tend to peak at 17-24 or so.

Note, of course, these are generalizations, and there are always exceptions. But, for virtually everyone, their best speeds come during their college years (and shortly afterwards).


What is the correct swim attire?

Recreational Swimming:

There is no truly correct swimming outfit. Usually, though, a swim suit is worn by women/girls and swim trunks are worn by men/boys.

Competitive Swimming:

Competitive swimming on the other hand is much more strict. Unlike regular swimsuits, which are usually designed for their aesthetic appearances, Competitive swimwear is designed specifically for racing. The suits are usually made out of special low resistance fabrics. These suits help reduce skin drag.

Within Competitive swimming, there are still two different times where you would wear different suits. They are while practicing and while racing.

When Participating in a Swim Practice A swimmer usually will wear a lesser quality swim suit and maybe a drag suit. A drag suit is a loose swimsuit worn over the swimmer's primary suit. It is usually made out of mesh and is designed to increase drag which in turn, builds up the swimmer's endurance.

When Racing A swimmer will usually wear a very high quality swimsuit that they would not normally wear for everyday practicing. Racing suits are very commonly worn. They are made out of technologically advanced fabrics designed with a surface such as that of a rough shark to reduce drag along the body. It improves shape retention, increases muscle compression to reduce vibration, and retains muscle shape to reduce fatigue and power loss. Some more competitive swimmers wear partial and full bodysuits.


  • Swim Suit (Swim Briefs, Racing Briefs, Speedos, Competition Briefs, Bathers, Racer Bathers, Jammers, Square Leg Suits, Leg/Knee/Body Skin, LZR Racer)
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap (Silicone or Latex) : Optional
  • DON'T wear: baggy swim trunks or Board Shorts


  • One-Piece Swim Suit (Racer Back, Leg/Knee/Body Skin, LZR Racer)
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap (Silicone or Latex) : Optional but recommended
  • DON'T wear: Two-Piece, Bikini

Insect which shares its name with a game?



Why is swimming good for your lungs?

well compared to other sports its more relaxing and it clears the lungs out so it improves your breathing that why swimmi8ng is a GREAT SPORT AND THERE IS MANY MORE REASONS WHY SWIMMING IS A GREAT SPORT


Name something you'd learn to do in your first swim class?

Float, hold breath, doggie paddle, blow bubbles, head underwater


1.5k swim how many laps?

Assuming that you're swimming in a standard 25m pool, 1.5k, or 1500m, would be equal to 60 lengths of the pool.

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What some common slang words used in swimming and what do they mean?






IM (individual medley) = fly back breast free all in one race.


flutter kick= freestyle/backstroke kick

dolphin kick= butterfly kick

frog kick= breastroke kick


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