Saint Bernards

Saint Bernard is a Swiss alpine working dog used as a rescue dog. Saint Bernards are large powerful dog with thick coat. They are famous for their size and stories of alpine rescues.

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Saint Bernards

What is the scientific name for st bernards?

The answer is Canis Familiaris. This applies to every breed of domestic dog.

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Saint Bernards

Where could you see Saint Bernard in Baguio?

you can see at mines view park.

Saint Bernards

What do you call a st bernard in the middle of august?

A hot dog.

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Saint Bernards

How deep under the snow can Saint Bernards smell?

Their nose is so accurate as to scent a person eight feet under the snow. ... Their size and deep bark will discourage most, however, do not be surprised if he holds the ... The longhaired Saint Bernard doesappear heavier usually. ... dogs, it is thought these humans emit an odor that is readily picked up by Saint Bernards

Saint Bernards

Monastic reformer Bernard of Clairvaux became upset at?

it is NOT

the large number of pilgrims interfering with monastic devotionsOR

the interference of civic leaders in church affairs

Saint Bernards

Which is better st bernard or great Dane?

Great Danes.

Which is better, a BMW or a Mercedes? The best one is the one which appeals to you the most.

Saint Bernards

What is the average lifespan of a sparrow?

from what ive heard and read about sparrows, they live 5 years adverage in the wild and longer in captiveity, give or take

Saint Bernards

What is the average lifespan of a baseball?

Apparantly it is only 2-3 pitches. This was a trivia question on a fruit juice drink a little bit ago. Don't know how valid it is. I've heard 7 pitches.

Saint Bernards

What is the wettest type of kiss in the world?

An underwater dog kiss.

An underwater Saint Bernard dog kiss.

Saint Bernards

Which is bigger saint bernard or kangal?

I don't know, but to give you some idea, our St. Bernard is about 7 mo old, and weighs around 100 # already.

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Saint Bernards

What is the motto of St. Bernard's School?

perge sed caute or procede with caution

Saint Bernards

Biggest Saint Bernard dog?

I saw a Saint Bernard that was owned by an elderly woman who fed it these huge cinnamon rolls and said that he also liked Domino's pizza, but the dog weighed 275 lbs. He was huge. The RECORD (Guinness) was 295 lb. "Duke"

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Saint Bernards

What animal has breeds called golden retriever St. Bernard and Dalmatian?


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Saint Bernards

4m old st Bernard has problems with hind legs vet says its nerves how can that be treated i dont trust the doc and theres no one else for the time being has anyone had a similar experience?

Damaged nerves is a serious thing to happen to a dog. A lot of dogs have had nerve damage and have made progress to regaining mobility. The pup is young so that is in its favor. The vet knows things that should be listened to, trust in what he sais and let time show the results.

Saint Bernards

Is it too hot in memphis for St Bernards?

NOPE! they love it here adding to this a saint bernard can live in any climate as long as you take care of them properly

Saint Bernards

How did the Saint Bernard dog get its name?

The name "St. Bernard" originates from traveler's hospice on the often treacherous St. Bernard Pass in the Western Alps between Switzerland and Italy, where the name was passed to the local dogs. The pass, the lodge, and the dogs are named for Bernard of Menthon, the 11th century monk who established the station. (Wikipedia)

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Saint Bernards

Do Saint Bernards have webbed feet?

No, but they're good swimmers.

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Saint Bernards

How do you beat the heat in summer?

If you aren't lucky enough to have air conditioning then get a spritzer bottle and put tepid water in it and mist yourself with it. You can also put a cool rag on the back of your neck or run the undersides of your wrists under cold water and your temp will go down. People seem to feel that icy cold drinks make them cold, but in actuality a cup of coffee or tea will cool you off faster. If you can't sleep at night then puta lot of ice in a medium plastic basin and run a fan over it so the fan is pointed just over your body. It cools you right down! Wear ONLY COTTONand nothing with synthetics in it as synthetics hold the heat in. If you wear nylons in the summer, don't! Get some of those new lotions from your drug store than give your legs some color.

Saint Bernards

The largest dog in the guiness book of records is the st. bernard?

The heaviest Breed of Dog is the St. Bernard and the Mastiff. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the 2011 World's Biggest Dog is George, a purebred Great Dane. He weighs nearly 18 stone and stretches 7 foot long from nose to tail. He is nearly 4 foot high at the shoulder.

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Saint Bernards

Can you send a letter to Leavesden Studios in advance for the Lavender Brown role?

The Lavender Brown role has already been assigned to someone else.

Saint Bernards

How did Saint bernards come to the us?

St Bernards were bred by the Monk in the Alps to locate lost people during snow storms or avalanches. They are from a cross of the German Mossler (mastiff) and the Great Pyrenees. Excerpt from the History on the Website

During the following centuries, these dogs were widely used in the valley farms and Alpine dairies for a variety of guarding, herding, and drafting duties. Referred to as Talhund (Valley Dog) or Bauernhund (Farm Dog), they were apparently well established by A.D. 1050, when Archdeacon Bernard de Menthon founded the famous Hospice in the Swiss Alps as a refuge for travelers crossing the treacherous passes between Switzerland and Italy.

Just when dogs were first brought to the Hospice is debatable, since the Hospice was destroyed by fire in the late 16th century, and, soon after, a large part of the Hospice archives were lost. The first notation concerning the dogs was not until 1707. This, however, was merely a casual reference to dogs at the Hospice and carried the implication that their rescue work at the Saint Bernard Pass was a fact well known at the time. From a digest of early references, it appears that the dogs were first brought to the Hospice sometime between 1660 and 1670. It is likely that large dogs were recruited from the valley areas below to serve as watchdogs for the Hospice and companions for the Monks during the long winter months when the Hospice was almost completely isolated.

This isolation of the Hospice no doubt resulted in inbreeding of the original stock which soon produced the distinctive strain of "Hospice Dog." It also follows that only those animals with the strongest instincts for survival in the extremely adverse conditions at the Hospice were to leave their genetic imprint upon the breed during those early years.

The lonely Monks, who took the dogs along on their trips of mercy, soon discovered the animals were excellent pathfinders in the drifting snow, and the dogs' highly developed sense of smell made them invaluable in locating helpless persons overcome during storms. Thus began this working together of Monk and dog which made many of the world's most romantic pages of canine history.

During the three centuries that Saint Bernards have been used in rescue work at the Hospice, it is estimated that they have been responsible for the saving of well over 2,000 human lives. Although the building of railroad tunnels through the Alps has lessened foot and vehicular travel across the Saint Bernard Pass, the Monks have continued to maintain these fine dogs for companionship and in the honor of the Hospice tradition.

Saint Bernards

Where does he live Bernard?

every where

Saint Bernards

What do saint bernards eat?

Regular dog food. Sometimes it might try to eat wild animals, but they wont catch it.
try a natural large dog dog food, stay away from the really cheap stuff, its just filler, his coat will be shiny and hell be in good health if you freed him well

Saint Bernards

What is bigger a Great Dane or a St. Bernard?

i would say great dane

Saint Bernards

What is the lifespan of a St Bernard?

about 12 years


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