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Ice Hockey

Developed mostly in Canada, ice hockey is a team sport using skates, sticks and a puck with the goal of getting the puck in the net. Ask questions about the hockey's rules, teams and records here.

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How many periods are in a hockey game?

Three 20-minute periods are in a regulation Hockey game, and a possible 5-minute to 20-minute overtime. ...
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What is the stat PIM in ice hockey?

It stands for Penalties In Minutes. Each penalty is assigned a certain amount of minutes - most minors are 2 minutes; double minors are 4 minutes; majors are 5 minutes; and game misconducts are 10 minutes. This stat keeps track of the total amount of minutes the player has accumulated for the year. ...
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How was ice hockey invented And why and where.?

In 1885 in Kingston; there was a group of British soldiers that were bored and decided to play a sort of hockey that we use today. That's how hockey was invented. Hockey wasn't invented by on specific person or is played with a stick. for hockeyHowever, it is generally accepted that Scottish settlers were the first to play it in Nova Scotia in the late 1700s. At this time there was mass emmigration into Canada of people from the Highlands of...
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Who invented hockey when where and why?

Hockey wasn't invented by on specific person or group. However, it is generally accepted that Scottish settlers were the first to play it in Nova Scotia in the late 1700s. At this time there was mass migration to Canada of people from the Highlands of Scotland who imported many of their traditions, culture and pastimes. Ice Hockey became a Winter version of a game known as Shinty which has been played in the Highlands of Scotland for centuries. There are many similarities,...
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What team had the longest winning streak in NHL history?

The longest win streak is held by the 1992-1993 penguins with 17 games. The longest home win streak is held by the 2011-2012 Detroit Red Wings at 23 games The 1979-1980 Philadelphia Flyers hold the longest undefeated streak (wins and ties) at 35 games. ...
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Last time toronto maple leafs made playoffs?

It was in 2003-2004 , they lost to the flyers in the conference semi-final ...
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Where can you find a list of junior hockey team tryouts in one place?

A good place to start is: Some leagues have compiled lists, and others require you to look into team sites. EDIT: Go to the webpage of the league you want to play in and there should be a link somewhere that gives the date and place of the tryouts for each team. Do not go to a tryout that is supposed to be for multiple teams from the same league. These tryouts really serve no purpose other than making money...
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How do NHL playoffs work?

The NHL is divided into 2 conferences and then 3 divisions per conference. The teams with the most points in each division are seeded 1-3 and the next highest teams are seeded 4-8 for each conference. 16 teams make the playoffs and each round consists of a best of 7 series. Round 1 (quarterfinals): 16 teams (8 per conference). 1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6, 4vs5. Seeds 1-4 have home ice advantage*. Round 2 (semifinals): 8 teams (4 per conference). After the first round, the teams...
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How long is a hockey match?

Field Hockey: A regulation field hockey match at international standard consists of 2 halves of 35 minutes, with a halftime of up to 10 minutes. Timestops can add a lot to this - sometimes up to 20 minutes, but normally around 5 - for a total of around an hour and a half on average. For playoff games, after a 5-minute rest from full time, golden goal time is normally either 7.5 minutes or 15 minutes (2 x 7.5 with no break between)....
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Who invented the first hockey helmet?

Charlie Patterson, a Canadian, invented it in the late 50's to prevent concussions. ...
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When does the NHL season start and when is it over?

the nhl season usually starts in october and ends in April
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Why is hockey equipment so expensive?

Hockey equipment is like any other manufactured product. Manufacturers have to factor in their overhead ( salaries, maintenance, cost of materials etc) and then sell their products at a price that will make them a profit. Also, manufacturers charge what they think the market will bear and as long as people are willing to pay these high prices the cost of equioment will remain high. ...
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How do you do a line change or ice hockey?

There are two ways to make a line change. 1. The coach can change his skaters at any stoppage in play,except if it is on an icing call against his team. The visiting team must make its line change first, and then the home team can respond to the visitors' line change. 2. You can change lines "on the fly", meaning that while the skaters currently on the ice enter the bench through the players gate, the new players jump over the...
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What does pp mean in NHL standings?

The NHL doesnt list PP on their official standings, but some standings might list PP as the Power Play %. This basically means what is the percentage of power plays that a team scores a goal on. If you have 10 power plays and only score on 2 of them, then your PP% is 20% (sometimes this number is displayed as a decimal number instead of a whole number, but it means the same thing). ...
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Why is it called the five hole in hockey?

The "five-hole" is a nickname for the space between a goalies's legs in hockey. If a player scores by shooting the puck or ball into the goal between the goaltender's legs, he is said to have scored "through the five-hole," or to have "gone five-hole." ...
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Where do Vancouver Canucks stay in Boston?

They stay in the Embassy Suites on Main Street
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What kind of hockey equipment do NHL players use?

They wear helmets, chest gaurds, skates.
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How much force does it take to break hockey glass?

It's not in the actual force but where you hit it, and how you hit it. I have a friend that shattered hockey glass from a fairly weak slapshot but he hit it in just the right place to make it shatter down. ...
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Can you trade an injured player in the NHL?

no because you cant its just not possible because i like chocolate and he doesn't and thats it. ...
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How did hockey changed over the years?

An answer to this question could be covered only in a book of about 500 pages here's a few big changes since the early 20th century 1. Legalization of the forward pass 2. legalization of a one-line pass 3. phasing out of the sixth skater "Rover" position 4. positional goaltending 5. butterfly goaltending 6. the soviet system of coordinated team offense and team defense and larger reliance on horizontal play 7. an increase in offensive responsibilities for defensemen 8. bigger pads, sturdier helmets, visors 9. the instigator...