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What are Roman Numerals?

Roman Numerals are what Romans used to use for numbers. Differentsymbols have different numeral values. For example, I = 1, V = 5,and X = 10. When these symbols are combined in different ways theother numbers are formed. There are several rules for the placementof the symbols. . You may place up to ( Full Answer )

What is 2004 in Roman numerals?

2004 = MMIV MMIV MMIV MMIV Super Bowl MMIV 2004 written in roman numeral is MMIV 2004 in roman numerals is MMIV MMIV

Why Roman Numerals?

The Arabic (0-9) number system did not reach Europe until about 900 AD. Roman numerals date back to 1000 years BC and were the marks made on tally sticks and in stone. Their style was influenced by the Etruscan number system. They were originally quite different symbols from those in use today. In t ( Full Answer )

How do you do Roman Numerals?

Roman numerals.... 1 = I 2 = II 3 = III 4 = IV (or IIII on old clocks, watches and sundials) 5 = V 6 = VI 7 = VII 8 = VIII 9 = IX 10 = X 20 = XX 30 = XXX 40 = XL 50 = L 60 = LX 70 = LXX 80 = LXXX 90 = XC 100 = C 500 = D 1000 = M 2000 = MM 3000 = MMM After 3000 thousand are written by either placing ( Full Answer )

21 04 1984 in roman numeral?

XXI-IIII-MDCCCCLXXXIIII (1984) or XXI-IV-IVXMM (2000-16). Note that 1984 in Roman numerals is not MCMLXXXIV as you might have been told or read.

What is Roman Numerals?

Roman numerals are a numeral system of ancient Rome based on letters of the alphabet, which are combined to signify the sum of their values.

How many numerals are in Roman numerals?

Virtually all numbers can be made from various combinations of the 7 Roman numerals. I (1) V (5) X (10) L (50) C (100) D (500) and M (1000). -- further -- Adding a bar above any of the standard numerals (other than i) had the effect of multiplying that numeral's value by 1,000, so that a v w ( Full Answer )

Who won the Stanley cup in 04-05?

noone did cuz the srewed NHL (gary bettman) didnt pay the NHL players enof chedda" so they got mad and refused to play.

What is 27-04-1969 in roman numerals?

Another way to write:27-04-1969 in Roman numerals is: XXVII-IV-MCMLXIX Because X=10, XX=20, IV=4, M=1,000, CM=900, LX=60, IX=9

What is 05 03 1994 in roman numerals?

According to today's rules 05 03 1994 in Roman numerals is V-III-MCMXCIV . . But there is evidence to suggest that the Romans themselves would have written 1994 as MDCCCCLXXXXIIII.

How is 05 11 1991 written in roman numerals?

V xi mdcccci . Another contributor's answer: . Today's conversion of 05 11 1991 into Roman numerals is V-XI-MCMXCI . . The Romans themselves would have most probably chose to write 1991 as MDCCCCLXXXXI.

04 06 1987 in roman numerals?

Today's conventional way of writing 04-06-1987 into Roman numerals is: IV-VI-MCMLXXXVII . . But the Romans themselves would have preferred these numerals to be written as: IIII-VII-MDCCCCLXXXVII.

What is 05-08-1990 in roman numerals?

In today's terms 05-08-1990 converted into Roman numerals is V-VIII-MCMXC. But in the times of the Romans themselves they would have probably wrote this out as V-VIII-MDCCCCLXXXX which can be simplified to V-IIX-XMM in the same way that the Roman numerals IIII and VIIII (4 and 9) are simplified to ( Full Answer )

July 05 2009 written in roman numeral?

Nonas JER MMIX, or Nonas Iulius, MMIX July is Iulius. The abbreviation was JER. The fifth of each month was called Nonas. But that's Roman numeral V if you prefer.

In Roman numerals what is I?

One is I in Roman numerals. This is two II , but four is IV , V is five, and six is VI.

What is 12-04-1984 in roman numerals?

December is the twelth month and would be XII. The 4th is represented by IV. And the year would be MCMLXXXIV. So it would normally be shown as XII-IV-MCMLXXXIV.

What are the Roman numerals for 14 5 2004?

14 = XIV 5=V 2004 = MMIV 14 = XIV 5=V 2004 = MMIV 14 = XIV 5=V 2004 = MMIV 14 = XIV 5=V 2004 = MMIV 14 = XIV 5=V 2004 = MMIV 14 = XIV 5=V 2004 = MMIV 14 = XIV 5=V 2004 = MMIV 14 = XIV 5=V 2004 = MMIV 14 = XIV 5=V 2004 = MMIV

What is 25 06 2004 in roman numerals?

We don't normally represent dates in Roman numerals, only the year. However, the following would be the literal equivalent: XXV VI MMIV

How did the Romans invent Roman Numerals?

They didn't because this numeracy system was conceived by the Etruscans who once ruled the Romans. First of all, let me note that the theory that Rome was ruled by the Etruscans has now been challenged. Its evidence base was flimsy and its key tenets were based on unproven assumptions. More recent ( Full Answer )

How do Romans use Roman numeral?

The Romans used "Roman Numerals" the same way that we use our Arabic numerals. They were used for all things mathematical, accounting, adding, subtracting, etc. The difference was just in the writing of the numbers, such as V for a 5 or X for a 10.

What are these Roman numerals?

Romans numerals are the number of the Romans. The were I (1) V (5) X (10) L (50) C (100) D (500) and M (1,00). Numbers were created by putting these letters together in a variety of orders.

What is 10 04 1985 ib roman numerals?

On converting between Arabic and Roman Numbers ,we get : . 10 04 1985 IN ROMAN NUMERALS is written as : . X-IV-MCMLXXXV

What is the roman numerals for 2004 2005 2006 2014?

In todays modern usage of Roman numerals they are: MMIV MMV MMVI and MMXIV respectively. But the ancient Romans would have wrote the equivalent of 2004 and 2014 quite differently than we do today.

Why do we have roman numerals?

For the same reason why we still use the Latin language andRoman numerals are the numerical aspect of it. . +++ . Roman numerals rarely used nowadays. They occur in publishingand in clock-making, but not otherwise because the Arabic system isfar simpler and lends itself readily to mathematics. The ( Full Answer )