04 envoy iddles up and down with the air conditioner on?

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you might have a hole in your vacuume hose

Why does your air conditioner freeze up?

There are a couple of things that cause your AC to freeze up. If your indoor coil is icing up you: 1. Have a dirty filter 2. Have a system low on refrigerant 3. You have a blower that is not providing enough air across the coil 4. You have set the thermostat too low (below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, (MORE)

Why does the central air conditioner not cool down the top floor of your 3-story house?

Answer . Colder air is more dense than the warmer air. Warm air will tend to go up and the colder air will tend to go down. To get the upstairs to cool down, you may need to adjust the heat registers, closing or partially closing some of the downstairs registers. Sometimes it just takes a little (MORE)

Why would a window air conditioner keep freezing up?

Answer . \nMost 2 probable answers are the filter or coil the filter is suppose to keep clean is dirty - shine a light in the coil and see.\n(2) It is low on refrigerant and has a leak.\n. \nThere are other conditions but I am assuming you are hot and the outside temp is also.

Why does the air conditioner cause the engine to rev up?

Answer . air conditioning compressors put a load on the engine causing it to slow down, vehicles have an idle compensator which when the air conditioning is on speeds the engine back up to normal idle speed or" compensates" for the added load.

Where is the air conditioner drain hose on a 2004 GMC Envoy?

AC drain line for Envoy . The drain hose is located to the left of the engine compartment just below the AC lines coming out of the firewall. There is a rubber tube about 1" diameter and it has a small plastic tube coming out from the bottom side of the larger tube. This sometimes gets blocked an (MORE)

Why does 2004 gmc envoy stall when turning on the air conditioner?

Answer . This is probably related to a dirty throttle body. In order to clean it properly you must disconnect the battery and remove it. Not very difficult to do but it will make a big difference in the idle smoothness and fix the stalling. The PCM will reset after you disconnect the battery for (MORE)

Change air filter on Envoy?

its hidden under black plastic cover, three srews holding it down. its on top of windshield washer tank. so look for the fill cap for ww. pasanger side and might have a brace you need to remove to lift off cover.

Why is the central air conditioner iced up?

A central air conditioner is different from a window or wall unit in that it cools the whole house or business. The most common reason for ice to be forming on the air conditioner is that the filters are clogged. In an air conditioner for your home, the filter is the same one as the burner for your (MORE)

How do you up grade air conditioner on 1991 mercury topaz?

Just change the dryer, and make sure the system has no leaks via a nitrogen test, and before it is filled with 134, you need to add oil for the specific change, in other words the oil will say for upgrade from r12 to 134. Add the correct amount then the 134 can be added.

Where to get an air conditioner?

Air conditioner is a perfect device that helps to control the home environment. As hot summer days are approaching, owing air conditioner is essential for any private housing. The initial purpose of air conditioner is to cool. Today, we are witnessing revolutionary changes in air conditioning system (MORE)

Why does my 2002 envoy idle up and down when you turn the heat and ac on then turns off?

you need to clean the throttle body...sounds crazy but it worked on my 04...everytime we would turn on the ac or defrost the engine would want to stall out,,,but if the floor heat was selected it would run fine....buy a can of throttle body cleaner and spay a rag with the cleaner and wipe down the b (MORE)

What the air conditioner does?

An air conditioner uses refrigerant to transfer heat from one placeto another, such as from inside the home to the outside.

How do you top up the air conditioner in a Ford Focus?

Assuming that all else is OK ---- go to Wal mart and buy a kit that includes the refrigerant and tools with complete instructions ---- I think mine was less than $30 a year ago. If you are a tinkerer it is not difficult. Or go to a auto AC shop and they will do it for you , checking for leaks et (MORE)

Why do air conditioner coils ice up when the refrigerant is low?

Any refrigeration or AC evaporator coil has a tendency to ice up when they get cold. Water condenses on the coil when the air is cooled. That water can then freeze. If an AC system is operating correctly it will cool the air and eventually when room temperature reaches the set point the AC unit will (MORE)

Why does my 91 Chrysler air conditioner fan shut down on a hill?

More than likely a vacuum leak. The vents are controlled by vacuum. When you go up hill it should downshift causing the rpms to raise. The manifold vacuum is lower the closer to wide open throttle, which causes enough of a difference to close your vents.

If you want colder air do you turn air conditioner up or down?

it depends i would say down because if you go up you turn the heat up. Most air conditioners as single speed. It's on or off. A residential A/C will usually provide a 15 degree temperature drop. 85 degree air returning will be 70 degree air out the register. The only way to get colder air out, woul (MORE)

Where is low side port on 2002 gmc envoy air conditioner?

The low pressure port of the A/C system usually has a blue or black dust cap and is located either on the larger diameter metal tubing typically found between the evaporator and compressor, on the compressor itself, or on the receiver drier (orifice tube systems only). The high pressure service port (MORE)

Why do room air conditioners ice up easier that central air conditioning system?

Generally the thermostat setting is too low with the fan speed set at minimum or low, this results in the ac unit operating continuously and not cycling . The room ac unit may be undersized resulting in the ac cooling mode operating continuously so that the compressor does not cycle. Another reaso (MORE)

What causes the outside hose on air conditioners to frost up?

The return hose or the cold line (different pipes) will both get very cold due to the operation of the Air Conditioner. This causes water to condense (condensation) on the portions that are cold, If the part is cold enough the water freezes into frost that you see.

Why is the central air conditioner not keeping up?

There are many possible issues with the most simple being you need to change out your filter/s and blow out your vents or you need a freon recharge, or it could be a more pricey fix such as a failing pump. It will take a professional check up to figure it out. It's easy to get one free or very reaso (MORE)

Why would an air conditioner in a 2002 Cavalier blow heat when I go down hill?

This is a pretty strange symptom, especially as air conditioning relies on the ram air effect from air moving across the condenser in order to exchange heat from the refrigerant to the ambient air. I'd check the condenser for leaves and other debris causing blockage of the fins, and I'd check to ens (MORE)

Why is the central air conditioner iced up and not blowing air?

It is sufficiently cold outside (where the outdoor unit sits) that the coolant returned to the indoor unit is freezing condensed moisture from inside. The ice will build up and probably freeze the condensation pump an you may end up with a little flood on your hands.

How do you get up to the air conditioner on Game Show Island?

The air conditioner is not in the Club. You need to get a fan to use on the club owner. Go left to the factory, and go up the elevator to fix the circuit box and restore the power. The factory worker will give you a powerful fan (you can fly with it, and do, later).

How does an air conditioner cool down air?

The refrigerant absorbs heat from whatever area is being cooled, whether it be the passenger compartment of a vehicle or the interior of a building. The refrigerant is then pressurized and superheated. Once superheat is achieved, the heat from the refrigerant is rapidly exchanged with the ambient ai (MORE)