06 Grand Prix -- What is the secret to compressing the rear calipers The C clamp will not do it what gives?

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The rear calipers are not just compressed, there is a special tool you need. What this tool does, is it allows you to tighten the piston back. Its actually is threaded, so instead of just pushing it back in, you must screw it back in. I think Autozone loans this tool out w/ a deposit, or you can buy a socket adapter for around 10 bucks.
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How do you compress the rear brake caliper piston in a 1994 Pontiac grand prix?

Rear calipers are threaded and have to be "screwed" (because parking brake uses rear calipers) Tool available at Sears or auto parts--not expensive. Answer . Get a 4 inch C clamp, put the old brake shoe back in place on the piston side and screw down the C clamp. This should do it. If not open t ( Full Answer )

How to compress rear calipers 2004 grand prix?

Answer . If parking brake uses these calipers - they are threaded special tool (not expensive) is required, availlable at Sears or auto parts to thread piston fully into caliper body

How to compress dodge neon rear caliper?

Answer . A special tool is required (not expensive available at Sears or auto parts) because piston is threaded to operate the emergency brake

How do you compress rear vw beetle calipers?

If the parking brake is connected to these calipers a special tool is required (not expensive) because piston is threaded. Tool available at Sears or auto parts store

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How do you compress rear calipers on a 1995 Maxima?

If they are the same as a 97 Maxima then you twist them, don't compress them.. To compress the piston you do it with a 'Disk Brake Piston Tool'. You can get this at Pep Boys for $12. To compress the piston on the passenger side you turn the piston clockwise. To compress the piston on the driver sid ( Full Answer )

How do you compress rear caliper piston on 06 VWpassat?

You will need a rear brake caliper tool kit. These calipers do not press in. They turn in like tightening a screw. you will notice 2 notchs in the caliper piston this is where the tool head fits in. . Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not try to screw back these calipers else you will break them. Im guessing th ( Full Answer )

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How do you compress rear brake caliper?

Chances are when a brake caliper wont compress it is the type that must be turned and compressed at the same time and requires a special tool that you can borrow from a local chain auto parts like Auto Zone. That was the case on my 96 Buick Riveria rear disk brakes. Hope this helps.

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How do you compress caliper on impala rear brakes?

You can use a c clap and a piece of wood, put the wood in between the clamp and the round contact area of the caliper and slowly clap it, make sure the brake gluid cap is off, this will allow the fluid to be forced back up out the system, when u go for a test drive, screw back opn the cap, and pump ( Full Answer )

Compress rear calipers on 2002 Mazda?

u need special tool for that go to murrys and ask them for it just make sure to tell them it's for the rear calipers it's very cheap couple of bucks

What is procedure for compressing rear disc brake piston on 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Screw the piston puck in clockwise. There is a tool for this (KN or KY) that is a box with little dowel pins to fit the slots in the caliper piston.. What you are actually doing is resetting the parking brake. As the pads wear and you set the parking brake, each actuation of the parking brake foot ( Full Answer )

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How do you compress Jaguar rear brake calipers?

The caliper piston is screwed in by using a tool that locks into the 2 slots. The left hand is screwed anti clockwise and the right hand is screwed clockwise. Make sure the bottom slot matches the raised section an the replacement pad when it is assembled.

How do you compress a rear brake caliper?

Chevy came up with the brilliant idea of turn in calipers a numberof years back. Check the inside of the caliper piston cup. If yousee a square depression in the center, it is a turn or twist incaliper. DO NOT try to compress it. You'll damage the caliper andincrease your brake job costs. Chances a ( Full Answer )

How do you compress the rear caliper on a Toyota auris?

Disk brakes? they push in or twist in clock wise This applies to all disk brakes. If the piston is a hollow cup, it pushes in. If the surface is flat with a line across it or a hourglass or some other figure on the surface, it screws in.

On the front caliper of a 97 grand prix do you compress the piston with a c clamp or do you need to turn it in?

I did my own brakes on a '98 model very easily. A large C-clamp is the perfect tool for the job. Use a small block of wood between the pot and clamp so that you don't crimp the pot by accident. Removing the master cylinder cover will release back pressure. You might be able to compress the pot by ha ( Full Answer )

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