06 Grand Prix -- What is the secret to compressing the rear calipers The C clamp will not do it what gives?

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The rear calipers are not just compressed, there is a special tool you need. What this tool does, is it allows you to tighten the piston back. Its actually is threaded, so instead of just pushing it back in, you must screw it back in. I think Autozone loans this tool out w/ a deposit, or you can buy a socket adapter for around 10 bucks.
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How do you compress the rear brake caliper piston in a 1994 Pontiac grand prix?

Rear calipers are threaded and have to be "screwed" (because parking brake uses rear calipers) Tool available at Sears or auto parts--not expensive. Answer . Get a 4 inch

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Answer . If parking brake uses these calipers - they are threaded special tool (not expensive) is required, availlable at Sears or auto parts to thread piston fully into c

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You will need a rear brake caliper tool kit. These calipers do not press in. They turn in like tightening a screw. you will notice 2 notchs in the caliper piston this is where

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I did my own brakes on a '98 model very easily. A large C-clamp is the perfect tool for the job. Use a small block of wood between the pot and clamp so that you don't crimp th

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