07-08 NBA free throw percentage?

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i think 63 %?
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Was there ever a rule where you could shoot 3 tries for 2 free throws in the NBA?

Yes, in the 70's 1976 Three for two rule introduced to allow players fouled in the act of shooing to attempt a third fouls shot if either of the first two attempts miss.. There was also a 2 for 1 rule during that time. All defensive fouls were awarded a free throw or free throws. If a one shot fou (MORE)

What players have the top 5 all time NCAA free throw percentages for their career and for one season?

Answer . NCAA Division One single season record: 1- Blake Ahearn of SW MO State .975%. 2- Craig Collins of Penn State .959%. 3- JJ Redick of Duke .953%. 4- Rod Foster of UCLA .950%. 5- Clay McKnight of Pacific .949%. Career records (players who are not still playing as of Jan, 2005): 1- Greg (MORE)

What are the top 10 all-time NBA free throw percentage leaders?

1. Mark Price- 2,135/2,362- .904. 2. Rick Barry- 3,818/4,243- .900 . 3. Steve Nash- 1,258/1,409- .893 . 4. Calvin Murphy- 3,445/3,864- .892 . 5. Scott Skiles- 1,548/1,741- .889 . 6. Reggie Miller- 5,987/6,758- .886 . 7. Larry Bird- 3,960/4,471- .886 . 8. Peja Stojakovic- 1,373/1,551- .8 (MORE)

What percentage of NBA players have tattoos?

"Now, more than 70 percent of NBA players have tattoos, according to In the Paint: Tattoos of the NBA and the Stories Behind Them, by Andrew Gottlieb, published in 2003. The 112-page book shows pictures of tattoos from todays hottest NBA stars, and quotes players about why they chose the images they (MORE)

Who is the best clutch free throw shooter in NBA history?

Steve Nash, plays for the Phoenix Suns, born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is the best clutch free throw shooter in NBA history. However, Dirk Nowitzki has emerged as a very clutch free-throw shooter, making more than 95% of his free-throws that he shoots in the fourth quarter.

07-08 NBA worst salaries?

Stephon Marbury(Knicks)-arounnd $20 million. Wally Sczerbiak(Cavs)- $12 million. Theo Ratliff(T-wolves/Pistons)- $11 million. Jerome James(Knicks)- $7 million. Eddy Curry(Knicks)- $10 million. Raef Lafrents(Blazers)- $11-12 million. Darius Miles(Blazers)- $8 million. Erick Dampier(Mavs)- $10 (MORE)

Best NBA free throw team?

For the 2007-08 season, the Dallas Mavericks were the most accurate team in free throws in the NBA at 81.4%. The Toronto Raptors were second at 81.2%. They were the only two teams in the league over 80% accuracy.. The league average for free throw accuracy in the 2007-08 season was 75.5%.

What is the percentage of Americans that make it to the NBA?

What % of Americans make it to the NBA? . 0.0015% (of the men in the 20 - 35 age group) . U.S. Population -- 300,000,000 (about). Men in U.S. population aged 20 - 35 -- 10% or 30,000,000. Number of players with NBA contracts now -- 450 (30 teams, 15 per team). 30,000,000 / 450 = 0.000015 (MORE)

What are the top 10 all-time NBA free throw players?

Mark Price 2,135 2,362 .904. Rick Barry 3,818 4,243 .900. Steve Nash 1,258 1,409 .893. Calvin Murphy 3,445 3,864 .892. Scott Skiles 1,548 1,741 .889. Reggie Miller 5,987 6,758 .886. Larry Bird 3,960 4,471 .886. Predrag Stojakovic 1,373 1,551 .885. Ray Allen 2,199 2,486 .885. Darrell Armstro (MORE)

How far is half court from the free throw line in the NBA?

Half court is 32 foot away from the free throw lines ... Here's the math 94 foot court and the free throw line is 15 foot from the base line ( out of bounds) times by two (there are two free throw lines) gives you 64 foot dived by two ( there are two half 's of a court) gives you 32 ... REFER T (MORE)

How do you shoot free throws in NBA 2K10?

It takes timing and depending on who you're shooting with, because everyone has different release, some are slower than others. You have to use RS (right stick), move it back and watch their arms move back and release the stick just when they're about to shoot. It takes getting use to, as I said bef (MORE)

Was it ever legal to dunk a ball from the free throw line in the NBA?

It has and always will be legal to dunk from the free throw line. No one has ever attempted to do so in a non NBA dunk contest, as the odds of doing so with about 7 people in the way is very unlikely. Most people get a head start, as well, and there is little chance of that happening in an NBA game. (MORE)

What percentage of whites in NBA?

58% Last year there was 48 white players in the NBA out of a possible 450. That number included european and asian players. That is about 10% or 1.5 white players per team.